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The first Dracotops_Harry Fest starts on March 3!

The first dracotops_harry Fest
starts posting on March 3!

Draco tops Harry
Art and banner by veridari

Fest Update and Pimping Banner

By now we have heard from everybody who claimed a prompt, apart from two people who are MIA. That's beyond amazing, as the usual fest drop-out rate is 20 to 30%. You guys are simply awesome!! *flails*

We have received more than 20 fic and art submissions so far, with another 20 or so still coming in. Start scheduling some quality reading time in March, for there is epic stuff already submitted or in the works, like several loooong - 35 to 50K - H/D top!Draco novellas. *more flailing*

Which means: the dracotops_harry Fest will post all through the month of March, starting March 3 (next Thursday). There will be one story posted every day, some days two stories. There will be top!Draco art at least twice a week. ♥

If you want to promote the dracotops_harry Fest, please grab the code below and pimp away!

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