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3 Drabbles: Stuck Between Floors

Title Stuck Between Floors
Rating: NC 17
Other pairing/s but D/H (if applicable): Nothing but H/D
Summary:Getting stuck in a lift can be very lucky indeed
Word Count: 300
Warnings:  Explicit Sex,Explicit Language, Elevator Sex(public), Quickie Sex
Notes: written for fandomwords100 Prompt: Luck

Stuck Between Floors by HPFangirl71

As the lift doors closed behind them, Harry let out a frustrated sigh. Defeating the Dark Lord had turned out an unlucky thing for him since he now had little to no privacy. He was about to grab his boyfriend’s hand when there was a sudden loud clanging and the lift came to a complete stop between floors.

“Just great…” Harry groused.

“How lucky…!” Draco said.

Harry looked at him as if he were crazy.

“Since when is getting stuck in a lift a lucky thing?”

“It became lucky soon as I got trapped alone with my very handsome boyfriend.”


Draco pushed Harry up against the lift walls. Pulling at the gold belt buckle of Harry’s trousers, he soon had his boyfriend’s cock trapped within his hand. Harry let out a stifled moan at the sudden contact. His mouth sought out Draco’s and they merged amidst a tangle of tongues and lips. They were both panting heavily when they finally parted.

“So you’re hoping to get lucky on this lift?” Harry said in a playful tone of voice.

“Oh there’s no hope about it, I know I’m getting lucky on this lift.” replied the smirking Slytherin with a cocky air.


Draco pulled Harry’s trousers to the floor as the buzzing of the alarm filled the lift. Whispering a quick lubing spell, he had Harry ready to take his cock. He pulled his erection out and turned Harry around to face the celery green walls. Draco quickly thrust into the handsome hero’s tight heat, eliciting a moan with his intrusion. With every thrust from Draco‘s thick cock, Harry felt an adrenaline rush pulse through his body. Finally, they both came careening over the edge, cumming profusely.  Yes, it seemed being trapped in a lift had been a very lucky thing indeed.

Tags: fic length: drabble, genre: smut, rating: nc-17, type: fic

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