Vaysh Swiftstorm (vaysh) wrote in dracotops_harry,
Vaysh Swiftstorm

Pink Unicorns Made Them Do It!

Last weekend, marguerite_26 and ella_bane hosted the "Make Them Do It" Comment Fest. In honour of Draco who, so we heard, will only top Harry when pink unicorns fly through the sky, two ficlets were written:

dysonrules, Pink unicorns flying through the sky made them do it [250 words, NC-17] with pink unicorn art by star_sailor13

vaysh, Pink unicorns made them do it! [1030 words, NC-17]

Do enjoy!

If anyone feels inspired to write more top!Draco comment fic for the "Pink unicorns made them do it!"-prompt, post it here!!!!
Tags: artist: star_sailor13, author: dysonrules, author: vaysh, contains: pink unicorns, fic length: ficlet, rating: g, rating: nc-17, type: art, type: fic

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