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FEST FIC: A bed full of Draco helps the medicine go down

Title: A bed full of Draco helps the medicine go down
Author: piglet76
Prompt: #150 submitted by kitty_fic
Summary: Hogwarts era set in 5th year, strictly speaking, due to OCs but really it’s up to your imagination. A quidditch injury leads to the boys being in the hospital wing. Arguing ensues but one thing leads to another, as they say, and a bed’s a bed... Experienced!Draco reassures Harry that this does not really constitute misuse of hospital facilities!
Rating: NC-17
Pairing(s): Harry/Draco
Warnings: Just a little bit of swearing
Word Count: ~5,800
Author's Notes: Thanks to cello_of_doom for the very quick and thorough beta. I have tinkered with it a bit since, so any mistakes are mine.
kitty_fic - I loved this prompt - I hope this is the kind of thing you had in mind!

For non Brits: the ‘V sign’ is a British version of ‘the finger’ gesture, beloved of schoolboys. With palm facing inwards it means ‘f*ck off’ and not ‘victory’, an important and significant difference!

A bed full of Draco helps the medicine go down

Harry had been looking forward to this game all week – Gryffindor vs Slytherin. It was going to be challenging but Harry always liked a challenge. Playing against Hufflepuff, as they had the previous week, was just no fun; also he was fresh from potions class and still seething with resentment against Snape who had picked on him all through the class, as usual. He was looking forward to working the adrenalin off on the pitch and took satisfaction that it would be directed against Snape’s own house. Harry grabbed his broom and followed Fred and George out of the changing rooms towards the quidditch pitch.

Fred turned as he approached them. “Hey, Harry. This should be a good match. You up for it?”

“It’s gonna be tough, but we do tough pretty damn well, eh, Fred?” chuckled George, hefting his bat.

Harry grinned. “Yeah, I’m looking forward to kicking some arse today. I just had potions with Snape and he’s pissed me right off.”

“Nothing new there then,” laughed Fred.

“Git!” added George.

They walked on to the pitch, where the cheering of the spectators was loud already. Harry glanced around and smiled at the sea of red and gold in front of them, not focusing on the silver and green at the opposite side of the pitch.

“Oh, and there’s his little pet, Malfoy,” said Fred, indicating with his broom where Draco stood with the rest of his team, smirking as usual, not a single silver hair out of place.

“Don’t get me started about him!” muttered Harry, returning Malfoy’s glare. He hated the way that, whatever they both did, Snape always treated Malfoy with something approaching paternal benevolence, while directing unwarranted bile at Harry. And Draco always looked so…well groomed. It was so bloody…unnecessary. Perhaps Snape gave out House points for it? Harry wondered, as a wave of intense feeling rose inside him. Irritation, he decided; what else could it be? He forced it down, not wanting it to interfere with his game. Something about Draco always got under Harry’s skin. He tried to channel it into determination to win. He must have been staring at Malfoy all the while, though, because the Slytherin’s sneer suddenly broke into an evil grin.

“Like what you see, Potter?” he called.

“What are you talking about, Malfoy?”

“You can’t take your eyes off me, can you? Stop leering at me. You’re making me feel quite uncomfortable.” Malfoy looked anything but uncomfortable as he sniggered with his team mates.

“I’m not sure I want to play - with Potter the rampaging lust beast on the same pitch!” he laughed to the rest of his team with a mock shudder.

“Shut up, Malfoy, you tosser!” called George, as Harry blushingly turned to join the Gryffindors.

“Boys! That will do!” hollered Madam Hooch crossly. “Sort yourselves out, quickly; we need to get this match started on time.”

Angelina beckoned the Gryffindor team into a huddle. “Right you lot, we need to play a little bit clever. Slytherin are technically good and they also play dirty. Keep that in mind and expect the unexpected.”

“But if we expect it, then surely it won’t be unexpected, will it?” joked Fred.

She ignored him and continued. “This is no time to be messing about! We all need to focus, but especially you two!” She pointed at the twins. “You’re all good players and you’re a great team and we can do this. Just don’t let their dirty tactics put you off your game.” She gestured upwards. “The weather isn’t looking too good. It might well rain which will make everything harder, though not just for us. But that will be when the Slytherins can use their trademark dirty tricks; if the visibility gets too poor, Hooch won’t have a clue what’s going on up there. That’s especially important for you, Harry. As seeker, you’re could well be up out of Hooch’s sight.” She looked round the group. “Right, let’s do this!”

Madam Hooch blew her whistle and the two teams took to the air.


Around half time, it had started raining. Now, towards the end of the match, it was really coming down. Harry clung to his broom, squinting through his goggles as he sped through the rain which was blowing in sideways.

The two teams were level on points, and they were running out of time. Harry knew he had to catch the snitch before Malfoy to ensure a win for Gryffindor, but he couldn’t see a thing. He circled the pitch at a low level as fast as he could safely manage, looking out for a hint of golden wings through the driving rain.

Several minutes passed and there was no sign of the snitch. Harry was freezing in his soaking robes and he shivered as he clung to his broom, streaking through the air desperately scanning for the snitch. There was no time to even think about performing a warming charm though, as his entire being was focused on the game. His heart beat in his throat; he couldn’t face a draw against Slytherin. Please let me see it soon, he prayed silently as he risked speeding up. As if in answer, he caught a glimpse of golden wings above him. As he turned his broom to go after it, the breath was knocked from his body when someone slammed into him from the side. He saw a flash of green and silver, and pale hair through the spray as he gasped and choked for air, before losing his grip and falling about 10 feet to the ground with a sickening crunch.

Harry lay on his back, gasping, his vision swimming. With a thump, someone in Slytherin green landed hard next to him and the crowd roared as they realised what was happening. A pale face looked down at him, rain darkened hair now plastered to his head. Draco looked almost concerned. Harry managed to draw the first gasp of air back into his lungs, and clutched at his pounding head as Draco dropped to his knees beside him.

“Potter, you idiot! What happened? I didn’t see you! Where the hell did you come from?”

At the use of the word idiot, on top of the fact that Malfoy had caused him to fall, anger shot through Harry and he attempted a swing at Draco. It was a feeble, wild swipe as he was still recovering from his crash landing, but it almost hit home.

“What the fuck?” gasped Draco. He ducked and overbalanced, lashing out wildly as he did so, and glanced Harry sharply on his cheek as he landed in the mud next to him. Harry rolled over and instinctively grabbed Malfoy’s wrists to prevent him being able to inflict any further damage, and they struggled on the wet ground.

Madam Hooch’s whistle cut through the roar of the crowd, as their team mates began to land around them.

“Boys! Stop that this instant!”

Harry let go of Draco’s wrists and flopped back into the mud, breathing hard, his head spinning. He didn’t really know what had happened; it was all over so quickly, he just knew that Draco must have knocked him off his broom deliberately to ruin Gryffindor’s chances.

“Potter!” Are you alright? Can you get up?” asked Madam Hooch briskly. “That was a nasty fall you took.”

“I…I don’t know.” He forced himself to sit up and then scrambled unsteadily to his feet. “It wasn’t a fall. Malfoy pushed me, the dirty little git!” He glared at Malfoy, who scowled back.

“That’s enough! Some of the other players saw it. It was an accident. Draco, are you alright?”

Draco stood up. He had a livid red mark on his cheekbone where Harry had struck him, which was rapidly darkening into a large bruise.

“I want you both to go to the hospital wing to be checked over by Madam Pomfrey. Potter, you might have concussion. Angelina will take you there. And stop all this nonsense!” she barked, as Draco quickly tried to hide the V sign he had been making at Harry behind her back. She gave them both an impressively hard stare.


When they arrived at the hospital wing, Madam Pomfrey wanted to see to Potter first as he had a head injury. Angelina returned to the pitch, leaving Draco sitting on a bed looking bored, while Madam Pomfrey examined Harry behind a screen. Eventually, she drew the curtains back to reveal Harry sitting up in bed, with a large bruise across his forehead.

“Is he OK?” Draco asked, alarmed, forgetting himself for a moment.

“I can speak, you know!” muttered Harry crossly from the bed.

Madam Pomfrey smiled. “He’ll be fine, but he’s had a nasty knock to the head and I need to keep an eye on him for a day or two. Let’s have a look at you now, Draco. Where are you hurt?”

Draco held his arm out and flexed his wrist, wincing. “I think I twisted my wrist when I landed. I was in a hurry to check that Potter was alright after he crashed. Not that he appreciated my concern, of course.”

There was more annoyed muttering from the bed.

Madam Pomfrey smiled as she examined him. “Your wrist doesn’t seem too bad; it’s a mild sprain. I think you’ll be OK.”

“But it really hurts!” Draco complained. “If it doesn’t heal properly it could interfere with my game. My father wouldn’t be very impressed if you allowed that to happen.”

“All right, you stay here overnight too. Its getting late, anyway, and it wouldn’t hurt to examine you again in the morning. I can cast a charm for the pain,” she said with a flick of her wand. Draco visibly relaxed. “Get some rest now. I don’t expect you to be talking all night. Ring the bell if you’re feeling ill, otherwise I’ll see you bright and early tomorrow morning.”

As soon as the door closed behind her, Harry turned to Draco. “What the hell was that, knocking me off on purpose?”

“For Merlin’s sake, are you really that stupid, Potter?”

Harry had heard the descriptions of the incident from the rest of his team, and it did sound as though Draco could be telling the truth, but Harry had a hard time believing it. That would mean that Malfoy’s concern after their collision was genuine, and since when had Malfoy had anything but contempt for him? He glared at Malfoy and snapped back “It was obviously an attempt to cheat! I could have been killed!”

“Precisely, Potter, you could have been. I know we haven’t always seen eye to eye, but I’m not about to murder you, especially not in front of the whole school.” Draco rolled his eyes. “Don’t be such a dickhead!” he said, but there was no malice in the words.

Harry humphed and crossed his arms. Reluctantly, he supposed that Draco had a point.

“Is your hand really that bad?” he asked, by way of a sort of apology.

Draco flexed it experimentally. “Not really. But I didn’t see why you should get all the attention – after all I crashed as well!”

“You faked it?” Harry exclaimed, surprised and irritated. “Oh great! I’m supposed to be resting, and instead I have to spend the night with a hypochondriac wanker, who’s whining about a fake injury!”

“I didn’t ‘fake it’ I just…exaggerated a little. Anyway, calm down, Potter, you’re supposed to be resting!” Draco mocked gently.

Annoyance surged through Harry again. “Don’t ‘calm down, Potter’ me, I know what you Slytherins are like!”

Draco stepped closer. “What exactly are us Slytherins like, Potter? Enlighten me.”

Harry tensed at Draco’s approach. “You’ll stop at nothing to get what you want!”

Draco leaned in close and narrowed his eyes. “For once, Potter, you’re exactly right. I go after what I want, and I don’t stop until I get it!”

Harry realised that Draco’s face was now very, very, close to his. Draco’s ice blond hair, still slightly damp from the rain, fell forwards across his eyes as he leaned even closer. Harry’s heart thumped with annoyance. That’s what it was, definitely annoyance, the tension that had crept into his stomach and was twisting its way up his spine.

“What are you up to, Malfoy?” he muttered.

“Having a closer look at that bruise. Gods!” he said softly, a worried look flitting across his face. “You really took a fall, didn’t you?” Draco’s hand brushed Harry’s hair lightly off his face, as if to better examine the bruise.

That’s definitely what he was doing, thought Harry, slightly desperately. Malfoy’s proximity was making him nervous and he couldn’t stop himself from blurting “Like you care!”

“Oh but I do care.” Draco’s lips brushed against Harry’s very lightly. Merlin! He smelled so good.

“What are you doing, Malfoy?” he croaked, his throat dry.

“Getting what I want.”

Then those soft lips were crushed against Harry’s, followed by a tongue stroking insistently, and Harry’s eyes closed. Somehow, somehow, he was kissing Malfoy. Oh, but hell it was good! He was kissing Malfoy. In the hospital wing. On a hospital bed! His eyes flew open again in shock and he turned his head to break the kiss.

They stared at each other, breathing hard, for a long moment.

“What are we doing?” Harry whispered.

A smile crept on to Draco’s lips. “I would have thought it was obvious, Harry!”

Harry! He called me Harry! A spark of something ignited inside Harry and his head spun as he tried to take it in. Draco took advantage of his hesitation, stroking his hand through the rumpled black hair on the pillow again as he closed the gap between them; leaning down and softly, softly, sucking Harry’s lower lip into his mouth and biting gently. It was all the encouragement Harry needed to surrender to the kiss, and he did so, making a little moaning noise. Somehow, as if of their own accord, his hands reached out and grabbed at the back of Draco’s neck, pulling him closer, and down.

Now leaning at an almost impossible angle, Draco leaned his weight on to his arms and wriggled up on to the bed beside Harry, without breaking off the kiss. The narrow hospital bed didn’t give them much room so he was forced to lie almost on top of Harry. He twisted his fingers into the damp, scruffy, gorgeous hair, deepening the kiss further. Harry moaned again into his mouth, Draco licked and nibbled along his jaw and mouthed against his throat, teeth scraping against skin.

It was so good, so unlike anything Harry had ever experienced before, but…Merlin, what the hell were they doing? Harry was ricocheting between want and uncertainty, need and confusion, and he couldn’t think straight. All those amazing things that Draco was doing were short circuiting his brain and he couldn’t work out what to do; whether he wanted to stop, or to keep going and see where this ended up. This was Malfoy, right? In the hospital wing? He just needed a minute to untangle his thoughts, just a minute, oh god – he shuddered as Draco licked and then bit softly at his ear lobe. With an effort, Harry moved his head away.

“What’s wrong? Is your head hurting?” Draco whispered, with a look of concern.

“No, I’m fine. Nothing’s wrong. I just. I don’t…I’ve never…” Shit, now he couldn’t seem to string a sentence together.

Draco smiled gently, a look that Harry had never seen before on his face. “You’ve never what? Kissed anyone? I can’t believe that, you’re pretty good at it!” He grinned wickedly.

Heat prickled its way up Harry’s face. “Of course I’ve kissed someone before! It’s just that…” He trailed off again, unable to find the right words, then took a breath and tried again. “You’re a bloke.”

“Last time I looked! It’s okay, relax. If you want to, then nothing else matters. No-one can see us.“ Draco started stroking his hair again, and Harry tried to suppress a shiver. “Don’t you want to? Only, you seemed to be enjoying it.”

“No, I do, I do want to…Its kind of weird though, isn’t it?”

Draco shifted, shuffling his arm under Harry’s neck and pulling Harry over to face him as he lay down next to him.“ Why is it weird? I think it’s perfect. You, me and no-one else here. When are we likely to get this kind of opportunity again?

Harry thought for a moment. He was so confused. His mind was having trouble catching up with the events of the afternoon. Draco began nibbling on his earlobe again and it was hard, very hard to think rationally with that hot tongue licking and…but really? Here?

“We’re in a hospital. It’s supposed to be for sick people.”

Draco broke off from nibbling to reply. “Harry, you spend so much time in here with random injuries that it’s practically your bed anyway. I bet no-one’s been in it since your last quidditch injury. It’s really just like being in a hotel. Or the closest we’re going to get to one, anyway.”

Harry thought about this. It sort of made sense. And he really, really didn’t want to stop kissing Draco. Not just yet. But what if they were discovered?

“What if Madam Pomfrey catches us?”

“She said she wanted us to rest and that she’d be back in the morning. She isn’t going to come in during the night. All indications are that you’re not that ill!” Draco slid a hand around Harry’s waist and started to gently stroke his buttock.

Harry’s breath hitched. “I…uh…what if she wants to check on you?” he managed.

“Check on a sprained wrist during the night? She said it was fine - in fact, I’m surprised it worked and that she allowed me to stay. I nearly had to invent something drastic!”

Harry’s eyes widened in surprise. “You mean you exaggerated so that you could…you could…stay with me?” he stuttered, as the realisation hit him.

“Keep up, Potter!” Draco sighed. “Yes, I wanted to stay here, with you. I hope you’re not going to turn me down after that spectacular bit of blagging, are you?” His hand started to squeeze Harry’s arse and he nuzzled against Harry’s neck. At that point Harry lost the battle for rational thought and pressed his lips hard against Draco’s.

Hell yeah, he wanted this. Once Draco had given him permission to give in to the desire building inside him, he wasn’t going to hold back. He tousled and grabbed the blond hair above his as he gloried in their kiss. It was hot and desperate and brilliant. How had he never realised that this is what he wanted, Draco was who he wanted? He tasted so sexy, so real and perfect, so unlike the girls Harry had kissed before. He needed more. He tore himself away from those gorgeous lips and kissed and nuzzled Draco’s jaw and pale throat, causing a moan to escape from Draco’s lips. Draco grabbed harder at Harry’s arse, pulling their bodies tighter against each other and Harry felt the hardness of Draco’s cock against his thigh…god, against his own! Even through his clothes the sensation was enough to make him gasp and jump.

Draco pulled away from nibbling Harry’s ear and stroked a hand down the side of his face. He coaxed Harry to meet his gaze as he slowly ground their hips together.

“You like that,“ he whispered, and Harry nodded, his eyes never leaving Draco’s, unsure if it was a question or a statement.

Harry heard a voice mutter “Too good, need more,” and was mildly surprised to realise that it was his own.

Draco smiled. “You want more? Oh, this is going to be so good, I’ll make this so good for you.”

A shiver of anticipation and nerves ran through Harry at his words.

Draco ran a hand down under Harry’s shorts and grabbed for his prick. Harry gasped, then managed hoarsely “You sure we can do this here?”

Draco chuckled as he began stroking up and down, and grinned as Harry bucked needily into his fist. “It’s probably against the rules, strictly speaking, but who cares? It’s fantastic. You’re fantastic. Trust me, we’re alone in here and no-one’s going to see us.”

That was all the encouragement that Harry needed to forget about their surroundings and concentrate on the body twining around him, and the hand wrapped around his cock, making him see stars as the intensity of what Draco was doing made him screw his eyes tightly shut. He grabbed Draco’s arse with both hands, grinding against him, just about leaving room for Draco’s hand to keep stroking between them.

“Draco, I’m gonna, you’d better stop or I’ll…I’ll…” he choked out suddenly.

He felt Draco shift away from him, terror that he would take him at his word and actually stop and then –

“Fuck! Merlin!”

Draco had dragged Harry’s shorts down further and taken him in his mouth in one smooth movement, and Harry was coming, hard and desperate as Draco sucked him.

Harry lay on the bed, brain blown and floppy limbed as Draco crawled up his body, kissing and licking his neck before crushing their lips together. Harry felt Draco’s tongue sliding between his lips and his hands grabbed Harry’s hips, pulling them together. They kissed harder as Harry started to recover from his orgasm and come down to earth enough to respond more readily. Draco was now needily rubbing his shorts covered cock against Harry’s naked thigh. Harry stopped suddenly, frustrated by the restricting fabric of the shorts that were now around his knees.

“Let me get these bloody things off!” He wriggled out of the irritating garment. He ditched his t-shirt as well and Draco took the opportunity to do the same. They stared at each others’ nakedness in fascination for a brief moment before lust overtook them, and they fell back on to the bed, limbs tangled with each other and the sheets, as lips and tongues met. Harry was getting hard again already at the vision before him of Draco’s perfect naked body, finely muscled from quidditch playing. He reached down for Draco’s cock and fisted it, touching him as though he was touching himself. He groaned with want at the wetness spreading beneath his hand, sliding it over the head with his thumb.

“Is that OK?” he asked, breathlessly.

“Oh, Merlin, yeah!” panted Draco in response. He had shut his eyes and was moving rhythmically, trancelike, against Harry. But after a few more strokes, he pushed Harry’s hand away.

“What’s wrong?” whispered Harry into his neck.

Draco opened his eyes and looked at him hungrily.

“I need you,” he murmured. He stroked Harry’s arse, fingers trailing towards the cleft. “Do you want me?”

Harry tried to respond but his mouth was too flooded with saliva and his throat wouldn’t work. Merlin! Draco wanted …he thought he would come just at the thought of what Draco was suggesting. He gulped and tried to breathe.

Draco stroked more insistently, and Harry shifted and moaned as Draco licked his neck.

“Do you want me to?” he repeated.

Harry finally found his voice and groaned “Oh god, yeah!” into his ear.

Draco whispered an incantation that Harry had never heard before, but he guessed what it was for as Draco’s fingers suddenly felt wet and slick as they slid between his cheeks to rub against his entrance. Draco groaned, and bit Harry’s neck softly, as he slowly eased a finger inside him. Harry’s eyes widened and he inhaled sharply at the unfamiliar sensation. Draco moved his mouth over Harry’s again and kissed him long and hard as his finger slid deeper inside him, circling gently. Slowly, Harry began to yield to the feeling and kiss back as electricity and nervousness and anticipation whirled in the pit of his stomach. Anticipation seemed to be winning and he reached for Draco’s prick again, stroking as teasingly slow as he could manage. Draco responded by carefully sliding another slick finger into Harry’s tightness, all the while still kissing him senseless. Harry clung to Draco with one hand, the other fisting Draco’s cock faster than he meant to.

Draco soon moved Harry’s hand away and broke the kiss to whisper “Don’t make me come yet! Relax, and kiss me hard!”

Harry couldn’t help doing as he was told. He tried to relax as much as possible as Draco pushed a third finger into him, rubbing and stretching, but fuck, it was so intense. Insofar as he had any capacity for rational thought left, he was starting to wonder how Draco’s hard cock would be able to take the place of those fingers, burning into him, branding him as Draco’s from the inside out.

“I’m…so full of you!” he gasped into Draco’s mouth. Draco shifted on the bed to rub his cock against each Harry’s thigh, earning a moan from Harry, and he ran his free hand through Harry’s hair, looking at him with a mixture of tenderness and lust.

“It’s meant to feel like that. I promise I won’t hurt you. If anything doesn’t feel good, just tell me and I’ll stop, I promise.”

His other hand continued to move very slowly, sliding his fingers into Harry, making him ready.

“I don’t want you to stop!” gasped Harry.

“Thank fuck for that!” Draco grinned, before kissing him.

They kissed hard, and thrust and rubbed against each other. Harry started to tentatively push back against Draco’s fingers. It felt weird, but fucking good, so good. Tentatively he started to move a little faster. He closed his eyes and groaned, lost in the feeling.

Suddenly Draco withdrew his fingers and Harry whimpered “Don’t stop!”

“Harry. Turn over,” he urged, and Harry felt a mixture of apprehension and want slam into him at the words, knocking his breath away. He scrambled over on to his hands and knees, panting, trembling as he felt Draco behind him, his burning erection pressing against Harry’s arse. He heard the incantation again and then “Relax, Harry!” as Draco ran a hand softly across his back. Harry felt Draco press against him, hardness sliding between his buttocks and rubbing against his entrance. His breath hitched as Draco eased the head of his cock in to him achingly, mind-meltingly slowly.

“Oh fuck!” panted Harry, as twin sensations of burning and pleasure gripped him.

“OK?” groaned Draco, shaking with the effort of not grabbing Harry’s hips and slamming into him.

Harry shuddered, sweat breaking out across his back as he tried to adjust to this new pleasure. Draco leant forward and hooked an arm under Harry’s belly, holding him tight.

Harry nodded, and groaning with relief, Draco slid the rest of his length into Harry’s welcoming heat, until he was completely sheathed as deep as he could be.

“Ah, god, you’re so big, I can’t do this!” babbled Harry, somewhere between panic and ecstasy.

Draco withdrew fractionally and thrust forward again, ever so slowly.

“You can. You are.” He waited a moment before slowly, slowly beginning to move rhythmically. As he moved, he leant forward and ran his tongue across the back of Harry’s neck, tasting the sweat droplets gathered there. “And you feel fucking amazing!” he panted.

As Draco thrust into him, slowly at first but then gradually faster, Harry almost forgot to breathe. His body was on fire, his hypersensitive nerves threatening to send him insensible with an overload of sensation. As the burn subsided and pleasure increased, Harry started to tentatively push back to meet Draco’s thrusts. Draco groaned and moved his hand from Harry’s belly to his cock, and started to stroke him in the same rhythm.

“God, yeah, please, please!” groaned Harry, desperately, as the electricity from the touch to his cock spiralled into the heat within him.

Harry’s begging destroyed the last of Draco’s self control and he clutched at Harry’s hip, pale fingers digging into the firm flesh as he pounded into him, harder and faster until electricity jolted through him and he groaned Harry’s name as came hard inside him. He slumped against his back, still fisting Harry’s cock.

Harry was flying on a whirlwind; all he could do was surrender to the feelings flooding him, the exquisite tension that he wanted to last forever, and yet, at the same time, couldn’t endure a moment longer. One more stroke and he groaned and spurted into Draco’s hand, coming with the incredible feeling of Draco still inside him. They collapsed together in a heap, panting against each others’ sweat-slick skin.

They lay heavily for a few moments until Harry realised that he was being crushed by Draco’s weight. He shifted uncomfortably.

“Draco, you’re squashing me.”

Draco gave a small contented sigh, and rolled off on to his side. A pang of loss shuddered through Harry as he felt emptiness inside him where a moment ago Draco had been. He compulsively reached out towards him, to close the distance that threatened to stretch between them, and his hand found Draco’s thigh and began to stroke it.

Draco wriggled closer and ran his hand through Harry’s now thoroughly messed up hair and settled his arm over his shoulders, holding him tight.

“Well, that was a surprising end to the match!” he smiled.

Harry nodded as Draco planted a soft kiss on his lips. After a few moments he looked into Draco’s grey eyes.

“I thought you couldn’t stand me. Why were you being so…such a…wanker this morning?”

Draco shrugged. “I couldn’t stand not having you. You really hadn’t guessed that I find you attractive?”

Harry shook his head and grinned. “You’ve got a funny way of showing it!”

Draco licked his ear. “I’ll show you again later, if you like! We’ve got all night.”

Harry squirmed against Draco’s body but looked away.

“What about after tonight? We aren’t going to pretend it never happened are we?” A cold chill crept through his stomach. The thought of having this warmth and closeness taken away after such an amazing night together was hard to bear.

Draco continued licking and nuzzling “I’ve got what I want and I don’t intend to give it up.” He grinned at Harry. “I’m a Slytherin, remember? I’ll think of something”


A quidditch practice was scheduled the following week for the Slytherins and Gryffindors. Harry hadn’t seen much of Draco since their experience the previous week, apart from in a few classes which they had in common, but surrounded by their friends they hadn’t had the opportunity to speak, let alone to be alone together. A tingle of anticipation ran through him as he walked on to the pitch. Had Draco thought of something? Harry’s heart thudded at the thought. But it had been over a week now, he reminded himself. Maybe it was just one of those things and they were going to go back to being…friends? They hadn’t actually ever been friends, he reminded himself. His stomach flipped horribly and he put the thought out of his mind. He wondered how it would be to play against each other after what had happened the previous week.

He stopped short when he saw Draco. He wasn’t sure whether he’d always looked so good in quidditch gear and he just hadn’t noticed, but hell! Did he always wear those tight shorts under his robe? And those leather gloves. Harry gulped. He could just imagine Draco running them over his naked skin…

Draco looked up and held his gaze for a moment. Harry’s heart felt like it would hammer its way out of his chest, and he gulped hard. He could have sworn there was the ghost of a smile on Draco’s lips as he turned away.

Harry wandered mechanically over to his team for the briefing, not hearing a word of it. His brain and his cock were only paying attention to Draco.

About two minutes into the match, he was circling the pitch when he saw Draco’s broom suddenly streak towards the ground. Instinctively he followed; he must have seen the snitch! But no, Draco was landing, and collapsing heavily on to the ground. Curiosity and concern filling him, Harry thumped down next to him at the same time as Madam Hooch.

“Malfoy!” she barked. “What’s the matter?”

“My head! It really hurts!” He clutched at his forehead. Harry felt a pang of anxiety.

“But what happened? You weren’t hit by a bludger were you?” she asked.

“No. It just started. Maybe it’s a migraine. Or someone’s hexed me, I bet it was Potter!”

Harry was just about to angrily defend himself – how could Draco accuse him like that, after what they had shared – when he caught an almost imperceptible shake of the Slytherin’s head. What the hell?

“I can’t see straight. I feel really rubbish!” grumbled Draco, all the while holding Harry’s gaze. Harry stayed quiet, waiting to see where this was going.

“I don’t know, you boys, if its not one of you injured or ill, it’s the other,” tutted Madam Hooch. “If you can’t sort yourselves out we’ll be looking for another two Seekers. Well, you’d better get off to see Madam Pomfrey.”

“I’ll take him, Madam Hooch,” improvised Harry. “You know, someone had better. To make sure he’s okay.”

She looked at him. “Thank you, Harry. It’s nice to see one of you can bury the hatchet and make an effort to get along!”

Harry grabbed Draco’s arm and steered him off the pitch in the direction of the hospital wing. His fingers tingled at the feel of the hard muscle under his robes. Draco didn’t look at him.

As soon as they were away from the pitch and out of sight behind the changing rooms he asked “Are you really ill or what? What’s going on, Draco?”

Draco shook his head and gave him a long, lustful stare. “You, me and that hospital bed again. I told you I’d think of something!”

Harry’s heart leapt and he grabbed Draco’s other arm and pulled him close into a crushing, teeth-knocking kiss.

“We’d better get you there as soon as possible, then!”


Additional note: I know you didn’t specifically request ‘first time’ but it seemed to fit nicely with the rest of the prompt. Hope it wasn’t ‘off brief’ and that you enjoyed it :D
Tags: [admin] fest-2011, author: piglet76, contains: first-time, fic length: medium, genre: quidditch fic, rating: nc-17, type: fic

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