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FEST FIC: Lover There By Lover

Posting early today because later, the mod is marching against nuclear power. Do enjoy

Title: Lover There By Lover
Author: lomonaaeren
Prompt: # 204 by alexis_sd
Summary: A magical accident brought Harry here. It might take only Draco to keep him.
Rating: R
Pairing(s): Harry/Draco, as well as past Harry-from-the-AU/Draco; Ron/Hermione and mentions of Snape/Lily.
Warnings: AU, flangst, sexual activity, romanticism.
Word Count: 28,200
Author's Notes: alexis_sd, this prompt was great! I couldn't stop thinking about it, and I hope you like the fic, although it's not as strict about keeping the worlds separate. I've also tried to get in your special requests; let me know if I've succeeded. The title comes from the W. B. Yeats poem "The Man Who Dreamed of Faeryland." Thanks to my betas, K. and L.

Lover There By Lover

Tags: [admin] fest-2011, author: lomonaaeren, fic length: long, genre: romance, rating: r, type: fic

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