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FEST FIC: Cat Got Your Arse

Title: Cat Got Your Arse
Author: enchanted_jae
Prompt: #115 by Kamerreon
Summary: Draco may be suffering from a hex, but he isn't going to suffer alone.
Rating: NC-17
Pairing(s): Draco/Harry
Warnings: Bestiality if you squint
Word Count: 1750
Author's Notes: I wish to thank my beta for the quick turnaround time.

Cat Got Your Arse

Draco made his way swiftly and silently through the corridors, relying on his hastily-cast Disillusionment charm to keep him hidden. After ascending from the Dungeons, he had battled moving staircases to arrive on the Third Floor. This is where he and Harry conducted their clandestine rendezvous. They had selected a dusty old classroom, cleaned it themselves and added pilfered and transfigured furniture. Their room contained a double bed in one corner, a sofa, an overstuffed chair, and a small table with two wooden chairs pushed under it. They had shagged on or over every piece of furniture in that room, including the worn rug on the floor.

Opposite the bed was a mirror, because Harry seemed to enjoy watching himself getting buggered. It was to the mirror that Draco gravitated before dropping his Disillusionment charm. As Draco scowled, his ears laid back, and his tail lashed side to side in irritation. "Pansy!" he spat. This was her doing, and Draco was going to avenge himself as soon as he thought of something suitably horrible.

Draco was tired of Pansy's constant attentions, which ranged from minor flirting to blatant offers of sex. She was unable to get it through her head that he wanted nothing to do with her. Today, Draco had had enough. "Stop prostituting yourself, Pansy!" he had snapped. "I don't like pussy!"

Pansy's quick and vicious hexes were legendary in Slytherin, which is why Draco was now sporting a cat tail and ears. He should have run as soon as Pansy's face twisted into an ugly sneer. Instead, Draco hadn't turned to flee until Pansy had drawn her wand and snarled, "I'll show you who's a pussy!"

Draco's ears flattened further as he recalled the sharp sting of the hex hitting him. He had tried everything to remove it, to no avail. His tail continued to twitch with irritation. Draco reached back and grabbed hold of it simply to still its movement. He pulled his new appendage forward to inspect it. The tail was gray, as were his ears. Draco gave it an experimental yank. "Ouch," he hissed. That had hurt. Apparently, the tail was well and truly attached to him. Scowling, he reached up to touch his ears. His normal, human ears had been transfigured into cat ears.

"I'll turn Pansy into a troll for this," muttered Draco. He was still holding his tail and stroking it absently. It was surprisingly sensitive. Curious now, Draco removed his clothing and pondered his naked reflection. He turned his back to the mirror and looked over his shoulder. The tail extended from his natural tail bone and dropped well below his knees behind him. Flicking it forward, Draco caught his tail again and petted it. It looked quite like a long, furry cock. Draco wondered what Harry would think of it.

As if Summoned, Harry burst through the door of their hideaway. "I got your owl," he puffed, "and I came as soon - bloody hell!"

The longer Harry stood, gaping at him, the more annoyed Draco became. "Cat got your tongue?" he snapped.


Harry didn't even register Draco's snarky comment. Instead, he was transfixed by his boyfriend's feline accessories. "Tail," he croaked, "ears...how...?"

Draco grimaced. "This is Pansy's doing," he said.

"Have you tried to fix it?"

"Yes, I've tried!" Draco snapped, but then softened. "Pansy's hexes are difficult to remove, although they don't usually last more than twenty-four hours. I'll have to stay here in the meantime. I certainly can't be seen like this."

"Good thing it's a Saturday, yeah?" tried Harry. He approached his boyfriend, fascinated by Draco's twitching ears and tail. "May I touch?" he asked, reaching for Draco's ear.

Draco scowled, but he lowered his head to allow it.

Harry gasped in wonder as he stroked Draco's ear. It was soft and warm and alive. He caught the flicking end of Draco's tail and petted it, too. "Can you feel that?"

"Yes," said Draco. "It's actually quite sensitive."

"I think it's sexy."

"Harry Potter! Are you getting hard?!"

Ashamed of himself, Harry dropped Draco's tail and took a step back. "Certainly not," he lied. Draco crossed his arms and glared. Harry's eyes were drawn to that lashing tail. "Alright, I'm getting turned on," he admitted.

"You have a thing for felines?" taunted Draco.

"No," Harry said, "but I do seem to have a thing for your ears and tail." As he spoke, he resisted the urge to touch himself through his jeans.

Draco smirked at him. "Would you like to shag?"

Harry grinned and began pulling off his clothing. When he was completely undressed, he jumped on the bed and lay back. He was gratified to see that Draco was sporting an erection to match his own. "Come shag me, cat boy," invited Harry.

"Cats are notoriously lazy," said Draco. "You'll have to prepare yourself."

Harry didn't mind. He sat up and reached for the pot of lubricant they kept stashed in the headboard. Harry dipped the fingers of his right hand into the pot and rose to his knees, facing his boyfriend. He'd done this before, and he knew Draco enjoyed watching. Harry pushed one finger into himself, followed quickly by a second. He worked them in and out, groaning and moving his hips back and forth as he worked himself open.

Draco approached, cock standing straight up, tail sticking straight out behind him,ears perked forward. "Are you ready?" he asked, voice almost a rumbling purr.

Harry quivered in reaction. "I am now," he said, withdrawing his fingers and beckoning Draco forward. When Draco joined him, Harry slathered the excess lubricant on his boyfriend's prick. He gave Draco a sly smile before turning his back and crouching on his fours in front of Draco, arse jutting out in anticipation. Harry wriggled when he felt Draco's hand grasp his left hip. He held his breath, awaiting the first prod of his boyfriend's hard cock. Instead, something soft stroked over his rim.

Harry craned his head over his right shoulder, crying out, "Draco, what are you doing?!"

Draco grinned in fiendish delight as he tickled Harry's anus with the blunt tip of his tail. "You like this, don't you?" he taunted. He had drawn his tail up between his own legs, giving it the appearance of an elongated, furry penis.

"Noooo," Harry said, although he made no effort to move away. He shivered as Draco continued stroking his cleft with his velvety tail.

"Shall I shag you with my tail?"

"What?! No!" Harry tried to lurch away, but Draco wrapped his left arm around Harry's waist and held him fast. Harry felt Draco's fingers reach for his cock, and his erection all but surged into his boyfriend's hand.

Draco chuckled. "You're still hard, Harry," he observed. "Admit it; you want me to fuck you with my tail."

"No, I don't," groaned Harry, thrusting himself into Draco's fist as he felt Draco's tail press firmly against his entrance. "Draco!" Harry shrilled when the tip of his boyfriend's tail pushed inside of him.

"Doesn't that feel good, Harry?"

"It's perverted!" Harry exclaimed, squirming to get away.

Draco clamped his arm tighter around Harry and forced his tail in farther. He then wiggled it inside of Harry, drawing a strangled cry from his boyfriend.

"Draco!" gasped Harry, tangling his fingers in the bedding. His boyfriend's tail wasn't as thick as his cock was, but Draco's cock couldn't move inside of Harry like that. He moaned at the sensation. It was wicked and depraved, but Merlin, it felt so good. Harry's face was hot with shame as his hips undulated of their own accord.

The short, sleek fur of Draco's tail dragged along Harry's inner walls, tickling and tantalizing him. When Draco's tail withdrew, the fur smoothed out. Harry's body trembled each time that wicked appendage thrust into him, and his rim spasmed as the fur bristled across his sensitive flesh. Draco would then flick his tail inside of Harry, stroking his prostate in much the same way as Draco did with his fingers when he prepared Harry before shagging him.

Resigned now to the fact that his boyfriend was debauching him with his tail, Harry surrendered to the perverse pleasure with a low-throated moan. He was embarrassed by his own lewd behavior, yet powerless to resist. Draco worked his tail into Harry's hole in slow, sinuous strokes. He continued twitching the tip of his tail, tormenting Harry as he did so. Harry's lower back tightened, and he squeezed his eyes shut, as if unwilling to face the inevitable. His bollocks drew up, and his cock swelled further an instant before Harry's climax overtook him in a rush.

Harry's prick jerked as he ejaculated, and his rapturous cries echoed in the small chamber. He all but wallowed on the bed, thrashing and undulating during his orgasm. Draco, that vile fiend, laughed and continued tickling Harry's prostate with the tip of his tail, prolonging Harry's pleasure until Harry begged him to stop.

"No more, Draco, please," he groaned.

The tail was withdrawn slowly, and Harry sighed in relief and collapsed on his face in the pillows. He heard a sound behind him that his muddled mind identified as Draco wanking. A moment later, Harry heard his boyfriend grunt, and he felt the hot splash of Draco's release spatter his back and buttocks.

"You're depraved," Harry muttered.

Draco stretched out next to him and snickered. "You're the one who came with a tail up your arse," he said.

A disgruntled snort was Harry's only response. He felt Draco's hand touch his head and sift through his hair.

"Harry, I don't know how much longer this hex is going to last, so would you-"


"You don't even know what I was about to suggest," said Draco.

"No, I am not going to suck your tail," Harry said, shuddering with disgust at the thought.

"That's not a bad idea," mused Draco, "although it's not what I was going to ask."

Harry cracked one eye open and glared at his smirking boyfriend.

"Harry, would you rim my ears?"
Tags: [admin] fest-2011, author: enchanted_jae, fic length: short, kink: bestiality, rating: nc-17, type: fic

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