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FEST: Guessing Poll

Guessing Poll of the dracotops_harry Fest
All fest participants are listed in this entry's tags.
Some participants wrote more than one story or created more than one piece of art. ;)

ETA: Fest participants, please don't "guess" yourself! Where would be the fun in that?

Poll #1725435 Draco tops Harry Fest: Guessing Poll
This poll is closed.

Who drew Loot?

Who wrote Alfama?

Who drew Hero?

Who wrote Awakening?

Who drew Bed?

Who wrote Phantom?

Who wrote Caress?

Good luck and have fun guessing who wrote and drew what! :)

The Big Reveal will be posted on April 6.
Tags: [admin] fest-2011, [admin] guessing poll, artist: astridfire, artist: moonlitdark, artist: naturegirlrocks, artist: sojiron, artist: wincest_drarry, author: b_o_w_a, author: bloodstrom, author: danikos_realms, author: emmagrant01, author: enchanted_jae, author: frayach, author: gwendy1, author: kamerreon, author: kitty_fic, author: kjp_013, author: leo_draconis, author: lomonaaeren, author: megyal, author: mijeli, author: nursedarry, author: optimouse, author: piglet76, author: radcliffe_bass, author: sashaminx, author: scarletladyy, author: scarysnapey, author: skriftlig, author: sksdwrld, author: talekayler, author: tigersilver, author: trippin_ziggy, author: valinorean, author: vaysh, author: white_serpent, author: winterstorrm

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