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FEST: The Big Reveal

The Big Reveal:
Masterlist of the dracotops_harry Fest

♦ ART ♦

astridfire drew Loot (PG-13)
astridfire drew Good Morning (PG-13)
naturegirlrocks drew Hero (R)
wincest_drarry drew I know it's you, I always do (PG)
sojiron drew Bed (PG-13)
moonlitdark drew In the Metaphorical Hay (PG-13)

♦ FIC ♦

trippin_ziggy wrote Turn and Face The Strange (NC-17)
danikos_realms wrote Alfama (NC-17)
Kamerreon wrote Inferior or Superior? (NC-17)
talekayler wrote Shadow of a Dream (NC-17)
tigersilver wrote The Clinical Trials [& Sundry Tribulations] of Case VLA-101 (Malfoy-Potter) (NC-17)
winterstorrm wrote Forging Reality (NC-17)
scarysnapey wrote And Then There Were Three (NC-17)
frayach wrote Blueprints for a Dream (NC-17)
piglet76 wrote A bed full of Draco helps the medicine go down (NC-17)
mijeli wrote Up Jumped the Devil (R)
kjp_013 wrote A Friend in Need... (NC-17)
lomonaaeren wrote Awakening (R)
b_o_w_a wrote I don’t have the strength (to resist or control you) (PG-15)
gwendy1 wrote Ron Schemes (PG-13)
sksdwrld wrote Worth Waiting For (NC-17)
scarletladyy wrote Damn The Consequences (PG-13)
emmagrant01 wrote Fast Forward, Two Steps Back (NC-17)
radcliffe_bass wrote The Foolproof Plan (R)
nursedarry wrote I Bet You Wonder How I Knew… (R)
vaysh wrote The Silent Auror (G)
valinorean wrote Hearts and Dreams Are Also Fragile Things (R)
white_serpent wrote You Can Have My Everything (NC-17)
skriftlig wrote For better, for worse (NC-17)
optimouse wrote Myrtle, Orange Blossoms, and Hibiscus (R)
bloodstrom wrote Nightmares and Daydreams (NC-17)
sashaminx wrote Phantom (PG-13)
Kamerreon wrote The Traveling Truffle (NC-17)
lomonaaeren wrote Lover There By Lover (R)
piglet76 wrote School Ties (NC-17)
enchanted_jae wrote Cat Got Your Arse (NC-17)
vaysh/Sergei Dovlatov wrote Agent Hopkirk Says I Love You (R)
kitty_fic wrote Caress (NC-17)
leo_draconis wrote Got You Where I Want You (NC-17)
megyal wrote Dragons With Silver Linings (or Harry Potter is a Treasure) (NC-17)

Thank you so much, everybody who promoted, prompted, claimed, wrote, created art, read, loved, squeed, commented and recced. It's been a blast!

We see you next year for the second dracotops_harry Fest. ♥

Your mods,
memphisgreen, winnett and vaysh
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