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FIC: Indago:Reborn 3/?

Title: Indago:Reborn
Author: LdDurham
Rating: ADULT, NC-17, MATURE
Warnings: written with no regard to HBP, D/s, violence, rimming, mpreg.
Archived at http://archive.skyehawke.com/story.php?no=10132 and http://www.livejournal.com/community/dracotops_harry/ and http://lddurham.livejournal.com

Disclaimer: This story is based on characters and situations created and owned by JK Rowling, various publishers including but not limited to Bloomsbury Books, Scholastic Books and Raincoast Books, and Warner Bros., Inc. No money is being made and no copyright or trademark infringement is intended.

This is a sequel to the story "Indago". If you haven't read that, you will be mightily confused while reading this.

Betaed by carvedwood and kitsune Thank you both so much!

Chapter One, Chapter Two

AN:I would like to dedicate this chapter to kim_04303542004, who pimped me at the yahoo groups. Thank you! That was awesome of you!

This is being posted without the final okay by my betas,
CarvedWood and Kistune. Any mistakes are completely mine and mine alone.

Chapter Three

How could he do this? How could he tell the world before Harry, his own husband? It was Harry’s life, too! Did Draco just expect him to follow blindly like a dog? Harry stomped through the main hall and down a corridor.

Of course he did! Draco thought that Harry would do and say anything Draco told him. It was Draco’s career that was first, Draco’s decisions that were followed. Harry was just along for the ride and was expected to like it! Well, Monsieur Supero was going to be sadly mistaken if he thought this sub was going to uproot to the wilds of Canada!

As Harry passed the gallery, he was overcome with the sense that he needed to be calm and stop being angry. He came to a standstill. Following his nose, he pushed open the slightly ajar door. The room was lined with portraits of past Malfoys, all of them with haughty arrogant expressions, looking down their noses at the lone occupant of the room. In the dim light, Harry saw russet-coloured hair on top of wide shoulders on a tall figure. The man’s back was to him, but as soon as he took several steps into the room, the figure turned. Deep brown eyes smiled at him. The face was broad and open. Very tan, with a wide nose to match the large eyes. The mouth was also wide with thin lips. He looked to be in his early thirties. All in all, a handsome man, in a very rugged way. Harry only glanced at those eyes before he dropped them and waited.

“Ah, I thought I sensed you.” The voice was very deep and accented with a slow drawl. “I’m surprised you’re here alone. But I’m glad for the opportunity to meet you.”

The man stepped closer until he was able to reach out a hand and press it against Harry’s cheek. The hands were rough with calluses, but gentle as they petted Harry’s face.

“My name is Daniel Muroch, and I am very happy to meet you, Harry.” The hand moved down to his throat.

“Strange, I’ve only smelled one other and she was so old it wasn’t much of anything. Strange.”

Harry was confused. He knew he should be pleasing this man, yet he wasn’t one of Harry’s Superos. He smelled different. His young may be in danger.

“Now see here, young man, you will not besmirch the Malfoy name by allowing yourself to be pawed at by a savage!” A Malfoy from the sixteenth century sneered down at Harry, but was ignored by both men.

“Don’t be afraid, Harry. I have no intention of hurting you.” The man smiled again and ran his fingers through Harry’s dark locks.

The gesture was comforting and the brunet instinctively moved into the caress. The man smiled wider. “I’ve traveled a long way to see you, you know.” The hand moved down until it rested about his throat again, the thumb running over Harry’s Adam’s apple. “And now you are breeding. Who filled your belly? The guy you married or the teacher?”

“Draco is the father, Mr. Muroch.”

“Ah,” Muroch said, nodding his head in thought. His head tilted up and he looked over Harry’s head towards the open door. “Our kin are here.”

The door was forcefully opened wider, causing it to slam into the wall, but Harry stayed where he was, leaning into the other man’s caresses.

“Harry, get over here,” Draco called. Harry heard the anger in the blond’s voice, but wasn’t sure what to do.

“We were only talking, Mr. Malfoy. I wouldn’t be so rude as to accost your husband at your anniversary party,” Muroch said with a laugh. He took his hand away from Harry’s throat with an apologetic shrug. “I haven’t met a subicio young enough to create that scent. I may have been a bit forward but not completely improper.”

“Then I suggest you back away from him or you will be challenging another Supero for breeding rights.” That was Snape’s voice, smooth and dark. “You are not part of us.”

“Well, then perhaps I want to be. There are so few of us, I think it only fair that we all have the chance to breed off of him. I’ll, of course, let you be next, if you like, Mr. Snape.”

“Harry is mine and only mine. No one is breeding off him.” Harry shivered when Draco’s voice had begun to drop into a growl. The blond must have stepped closer, because Harry now knew that he was in the middle of a fight. He began to move to the side, out of the way of danger. He had to protect his young. A hand closed around his arm and drew him close to a larger body.

“It is Professor Snape, and I suggest you make your excuses and take your leave. Now.” Snape’s cold voice came from above Harry’s head.

Muroch held up his hands and lowered his head to the side, showing his bare throat. “I have no intention to challenge. I was unaware of the dynamics of this relationship. I meant no harm or insult.” He raised his head and looked at Draco. “I knew that Professor Snape was still on his potion and had probably taken himself out of the running, but I had no idea you had fallen in love with the sub.”

“I married him, didn’t I?” Draco bit out. Harry could now see that the blond had become very aggressive in his posture. His arms were out away from his body to accentuate the shoulder breadth, his legs spread in readiness and his silver eyes had slitted like a cat’s.

“Yeah, sorry. I’ve been traveling all over, looking for more of our kind. There are just so few of us,” Muroch said sadly.

“That would be the definition of “rare”, would it not?” Snape said in his classroom tone. Muroch smiled.

“Yeah, it would. I’ve found a few other Superos and only one Subicio, but she was too old to bear young.”

“Not my problem,” Draco snarled, but the growl had left his voice.

“No, you have succeeded in keeping our race going, haven’t you? I congratulate you, I really do.” Muroch’s smile was open and honest. “I really meant no harm tonight. I only wanted to further our race. I didn’t mean to insult anyone.”

Draco studied the older man with narrowed eyes. “Very well, your apology is accepted. Please enjoy yourself this evening.” Draco stepped away from the doors. Muroch took the cue and inclined his head.

“Thank you. It was nice meeting you all.” Then he was gone, the door clicking shut behind him.

Harry barely saw the blond’s movement before he was ripped out of Snape’s grasp.

“Draco, think of what you are doing,” Snape cautioned. But Draco had already slammed Harry back against the wall, his enraged face in the sub’s.

“What the fuck was that, Potter?” the blond seethed. Harry kept his eyes lowered, his chest heaving in fear. If Draco hadn’t pinned him, Harry would be as low to the ground as possible. Draco’s rage was covering him, making it difficult to breathe.

“I’m sorry, Draco,” he whispered.

“I’m glad we got here before you began sucking him off! Otherwise my mother would have been pissed about the bloodstains. Because I would have killed him, Potter.”

“Draco, Harry is not often exposed to a dominant’s scent. It is reasonable that he would have been overwhelmed by the American’s.” Snape stayed back out of range as he spoke the calm words.

“Stay out of this. You’re neutered. This has nothing to do with you,” Draco said viciously. The blond’s hands tightened on Harry’s arms until he finally got a wince and whimper out of the sub. “If I ever catch you around that man again, I’ll make you pay. Do you hear me?”

“Yes, Draco.” Harry barely got the words out, he was so terrified. Draco was not happy. Draco was angry with him. He should never have left Draco’s side. The dominant shoved away from Harry and stalked out of the room, the gallery door slamming behind him.

Harry took several shaky breaths and slid down the wall until he landed in a heap on the floor. His mind was completely blank until a pair of black shoes came into view right next to him. A white cloth was shoved under his nose and he instinctively took it and held it in his lap.

“Wipe your face, Harry.” The softly-spoken words were enough to get Harry to comply. He absently wiped his face, surprised when it came away wet with tears.

“I hate this house,” he whispered. With eyes still wet from emotion, he looked up at Snape who was watching him with a blank face - which said a lot, since Snape’s normal expression was a scowl. “Who was that man?”

“Daniel Muroch. An American. He was born to a witch and a wizard, his mother being a full-blooded subicio and his father only having the recessive trait. Muroch has been searching the world looking for more of our kind. He has written me a few times in the past four years after my status as an Indago was revealed. He seems intelligent enough. I suspect that he invited himself tonight, as I would be highly surprised at Lucius welcoming his son’s competition.”

“But there isn’t any competition. I’m with Draco.” Harry grimaced. “Although I’m re-thinking that, the bastard!”

“Draco had his dander up due to the other testosterone-riddled fool being with you. It is natural for emotions and instincts to be exacerbated with you breeding. I am sure that you can expect a greater anniversary present than was originally planned, if he apologizes like his father.”

“I don’t care about that! Fine, he freaked out when that other bloke showed up. I can handle that. But what about just deciding that we are leaving the country, or announcing the baby without talking to me first? He’s just so… so…” Harry tightened his fist around the handkerchief in his frustration.

“Arrogant? Status-oriented? Pompous? Materialistic? Self-involved? Please do stop me when I’ve gotten it,” Snape drawled.

“He’s all of those things!”

“Yes, and he has always been those things. When exactly did you notice?”

Harry looked down at the crumpled and wet handkerchief. “I’ve always known. It never bothered me before, I was just … I don’t know,” Harry sighed.

“I swear, you two will never grow up. Granted, Draco does appear to be able to put on a very believable show for his family and colleagues, but not much has changed since you both were cluttering Hogwarts’ halls.” Snape put his hands on his hips and glared down at the brunet. “He is still spoiled and constantly trying to prove he is a grown up, and you are still wearing your heart on your sleeve and attempting to have everyone play by the same rules. That is not life, Potter. You have to learn to adapt. Not everyone is playing fair. Especially Mother Nature.”

“What the hell does that mean?” Harry bit out.

Snape rolled his eyes. “Just as dense as ever, as well. What it means, Potter, is that you are highly emotional due to your pregnancy. Draco is highly agitated by the pregnancy, and neither one of you had the sense to come to me about any of it.”

“Draco doesn’t want the baby?” Harry asked in a whisper. Snape rolled his eyes again at the increase of wetness in the green eyes.

“Idiot. I said he was agitated, not reluctant. His instincts are urging him to provide for you. In animalistic terms, which are highly degrading but fit you both, Draco is attempting to be the best hunter, drag in the biggest slab of meat. You are losing your emotional control as your body rearranges itself and uses all your resources. Therefore, in that light, can you not see what is happening?”

Harry stared across the room and bit his lip. “I’m being a ninny because of hormones and Draco’s being an arrogant prick because he’s trying to be a strong provider,” he said slowly.

“In the proverbial nutshell, yes.”

Harry sighed. Great, then they added in competition. Harry looked up at Snape as a thought occurred. “You said that bloke was challenging Draco for breeding rights. What did you mean?”

Crossing his arms in front of him, Snape looked down his nose at Harry. “In the age of our ancestors, the Dagodine, a Supero could steal a subicio from a rival pack as a breeding partner. When the subicio pack’s dominants wished to keep the sub, a challenge to the rival Supero would occur. Although, within a pack, a fight over a sub would rarely arise.”

“We’re a pack? You, me, and Draco?”

“Yes. We have formed an unwanted attachment to each other.”
“How do you know all this?” Harry asked harshly, annoyed at Snape’s disdain for their association.

“While you two have been playing happy home-makers, I have been conducting research which has been facilitated greatly by my revealed status as an Indago. I have been able to acquire a great many books and reams of information that had been previously thought lost during Grindelwald’s time,” Snape explained with no less than a hint of pride. “I have become somewhat of a noted expert on the subject, actually. That is why it would have behooved you to come to me.”

“Well,” Harry grumbled, “we didn’t know.”

“Correction, you didn’t know. Draco has been aware of my research for some time.”

Green eyes glared at a Malfoy ancestor in a gilded frame smirking at him. “Of course he’d have known,” he growled. “So then, why would the prat let us stumble about if you could have shined a bit of light?”

“As I stated before, Draco has a chip on his shoulder. He is desperately trying to prove how adult and capable he is. Whether he is attempting to convince his father or himself is up for debate.”

“Draco is very capable!” Harry said hotly. “He is a whiz at the ministry and is very knowledgeable about international trading laws. He’s the youngest assistant to the Department Head in half a century. He doesn’t need to prove anything!”

A smirk bloomed on Snape’s lips. “Spoken like a true supportive husband,” he drawled. “All this defense for the ‘arrogant prick’ who you may not want to be with anymore?”

Harry glared at the older man. “I’ve always hated you.”

Snape’s smirk grew and he started towards the gallery door. “I’d watch how high you go on your mood swings, Mr. Potter, or someone is bound to be kicked in the head.” The door closed behind him with a soft click.
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