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HDS Beltane: Top!Draco Save List

top!Draco recs from the [info]hds_beltane  Fest

art and stories are either gen/no penetration or top!Draco,
please note the


A Day of Solitude, Draco/Harry (PG)

Still Falls the Rain, Draco/Harry (PG-13)

Burned (Or: How Not To Grill Sausages), Draco/Harry (PG-13)


Sometimes the Best Gifts Come in Small Packages, Draco/Harry, brief OC/Draco and OC/Harry (NC-17)

Don’t You Know That People Change?, Harry and Draco gen (G)

A Kiss, Harry/Draco (PG-13)

Those Who Dwell in Realms of Day, Harry, Snape, Draco, gen (PG-13)

Around the World in Eighty Kindly Worded “Suggestions”, Draco/Harry (NC-17) Thank you, katay_chan!

No Other Superstar, Draco/Harry (NC-17)
top!Draco with bottom!Draco mentioned

The Door to May, Draco/Harry (NC-17)

A Few of My Favourite Things, Draco/Harry (NC-17)

The Pensieve Project, Draco/Harry (PG-13)

Probation Draco/Harry (PG-13)

I have not yet managed to read all the entries of the Fest. If you've read a top!Draco story from hds_beltane that is missing from the list, please let me know in comments, and I'll add it right away.

Also, if you see any mistakes, please send a Howler!
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