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My First Fic Here

Title:Clothes Make the Wizard
Author/Artist:hogwartsvixxxen formally harrysexmagick
Summary:Leather Top Draco bottom harry with a cock ring and with prompts like these… massage oil, whiskey,leather, feather and silk scarves does any1 really need a summary?
Squick/kink factor: AU, Master/slave Top Draco/bottom harry, BDSM, mild bondage, orgasm denial, illicit use of a Houwarts House crest scarf.
Notes:*BIG HUGGLES* mon_ami_runa for her Beta-ing and ideas. Remaining mistakes belong to me.No Sindget was harmed during the writing of this fic.
One-shot/chaptered One Shot
Disclaimer:JKR and WB own Harry Potter Characters.

“What could you possible want out of there Harry asked his lover.”

“That leather cap looks hot,” the blonde smirked, looking in the window of Eros’ Majick.

“It’s also looks Muggle, and since when do you like to wear Muggle clothes?”

“Since I know you be so turned on and so fuckin’ hot and ready for me to fuck you,” Draco said

“It would take more than just a leather cap…” Harry said hoping his lover would take the hint.

“Okay, what about the Leather trousers and the over the knee black and silver steel tipped dragon hide boots and the leather vest.”

Harry was suddenly finding it difficult to breathe, and his Muggle jeans were becoming increasingly uncomfortable.

“Oh, and don’t forget the leather gloves. I’ll need them to get a better grip on the Slythindor unity house whip.”

The Slythindor unity house whip was red and gold braided leather with a silver snake handle.

Harry had trouble swallowing as his mouth had suddenly gone very dry and the cool fall breeze did nothing to quell the raging fire in the Gryffindor’s loins.

“That leather cock ring looks like it just might be your size,” Draco smirked turning to Harry, but the brunette was already inside the shop having the wizard undress the mannequin and purchasing the items.

*~* *~* *~*

Harry shifted uncomfortably on their king sized bed waiting for Draco to come out of the loo. He was naked except for the red collar with gold letters that said SUBMISSIVE and the matching cock ring.

Harry was deep in thought when a voice that sounded like honeyed razors scorched his ears.

“Why aren’t you on your knees awaiting me?”

Harry couldn’t move. What his emerald eyes gazed upon had to be some leather-clad sex God.

Blond silk mane peaked out from under the black leather-silver studded cap that set off steel stormy bluish-gray eyes that promised wicked things. The leather vest lay open to expose creamy alabaster skin. Harry realized that he had taken Draco’s seeker body for granted. A silver Dragon’s head about the size of a Galleon seemed to float from a dark green silk cord over finely toned muscles.

The poured on leather trousers with heavy snaps around the groin, left nothing to Harry’s imagination. He knew exactly what beast lay in wait behind the leather prison and what it was capable of doing. Over the knee black and silver boots with steel tips hugged muscled legs that kept their balance on any surface even as the before mentioned beast would claim its prey in its cave.

Black leather gloves on hands that could bring the most pleasurable release or exquisite pain held the Slythindor whip.

Draco moved like liquid sex towards Harry, as the Gryffindor forgot how to breathe.

Grabbing a handful of brunette silken locks Draco plunged his tongue in Harry’s mouth sucking out his breath.

Harry hands grabbed Draco’s leather vest and held on like a drowning Muggle might hold on to a life preserver.

Harry began to feel lightheaded just as Draco released him from the searing kiss.

“On your knees.” the voice of his Master ordered.

Weak from the kiss Harry literally slipped from the bed to the white plush carpet.

Draco Accioed a bottle of Fire Whiskey and took a swig right from the bottle.

Watching his refined proper Slytherin do that made Harry’s prick ache in its leather restraint.

“Thirsty?” Came the soft question.

Harry licked his lips “Yes.”

Leather clad fingers shot out and twisted Harry’s sensitive nipples.


“Yes what!?” The blond growled.

“Yes, Master.”

“Good, my little Gryffinwhore. Now lean your head back and open your mouth.”

Draco took another swig and leaning over Harry allowed the whisky to spill into the brunette’s mouth.

Harry coughed slightly.

“More?” Draco asked almost lovingly.

“Yes Master.”

Draco spilled more of the whiskey down Harry’s throat from his mouth.

“I want you to lie down on the bed spread eagle.”

Harry went to get up and Draco twisted the brunette’s nipple again

“Did I say get up? Crawl over to the bed then crawl up onto it. Lay on your back.”

As Harry turned and began crawling over to the bed, (twhak), Draco brought the whip down on his buttocks. Harry flinched. “Crawl slower and with your legs apart, I want to watch your balls dance for me.”

With his balls exposed and swinging Harry crawled over to the bed, and when he reached it he crawled up and lay in an X shape in the dark green silk on his back.

*~* *~* *~*

Draco strutted over to the bed. Leaning down he bit Harry’s ear as he whispered, “I’m not going to restrain you, my beautiful pet. You are going to lay here, just like this, and you are not going to move or touch me, while I make your body sing for me.”

Emerald jewels questioned the blonde.

“Ah, I can see you’re wondering what the punishment will be if you move or touch me. The punishment will be… there will be no punishment. No punishment and no release for your beautiful body. No liquid passion spilled from your aching cock.”

Harry whimpered and bit his lip hard enough to taste blood.

Draco Accioed a Snidget feather.


Draco put his finger to Harry’s lips “Shhh. Lucius had this feather long before they became endangered. A little known fact as to why their feathers were so prized and why they were almost hunted to extinction… Their feathers are an aphrodisiac, they never wilt and feel like silk against the skin.” To emphasize his point Draco stroked the golden feather across Harry’s nipples.

Harry’s fingers bit into the palm of his hand and he almost grabbed for Draco.

The golden feather traced a line of soft fire across his chest and nipples, his cock aching in its leather restraint, but it wasn’t until Draco pushed the needle sharp part through Harry’s nipple and a small drop of crimson appeared that Harry cried out.

“Too much love?” Draco asked

Harry sucked in his breath and shaking his head panted “M-More.”

“More… what?” Draco asked smirking

“More p-please Master.”

Draco took another drink from the bottle of Firewhisky swallowed then bent his head and pulled Harry’s nipple into his mouth, licking and sucking the crimson liquid that had formed there.

Harry’s breath caught as the fire Whisky lived up to its name. His nipple was on fire as the small puncture was assaulted with the alcohol.

Harry’s hands were becoming numb due to his nails biting into them.

Draco gently gathered Harry into his arms. “Do you want more my Beauty?”

Harry looked at Draco and nodded “Make me cum Master, P-Please.”

*~* *~* *~*

Draco pulled a green phallic shaped glass bottle with a silver snake wound around it, from his leather vest pocket. The liquid appeared to shimmer. Draco laid Harry down. “Turn over, pet, on your stomach, and make that beautiful X for me.”

Harry lay face down and spread himself wide open for his blonde Master.

Draco stroked the snake and a glittering slippery liquid spilled forth from the snake’s fangs and into his leather clad palm. A faint scent of vanilla and lavender reached Harry’s nose

From the moment, Draco’s gloved hands touched Harry’s back; the brunette’s body came alive. The massage oil left a trail of tingling warmth. Everywhere Draco’s hands went seemed to hum. Harry’s nerve endings seemed to become an extension of himself.

The oil, the heat, and the leather mixed with the aroma of vanilla and lavender made Harry’s mind reel. His erect cock pushed into the silk. Harry wished for the brocade coverlets of the cold winter nights. The raised fabric of the lion, snake, or Hogwarts Coat of Arms, bringing him momentary release, as he gyrated his hips and ground his leaking prick on the rough design.

The cock ring made his leaking prick feel like it was dipped in molten lava.

Harry panted almost crying “I-I need to cum. Master p-please.”

Draco stopped, “Is it to much for you, Love?”

“J-Just turn me over.”

Draco turned Harry over as the Gryffindor’s reddish purple veined monster stood up and spewed a small amount of venom.

Draco bent his head and licked the head of Harry’s retrained monster.

Harry whimpered.

“Soon my pet.”

*~* *~* *~*

The colourful silk that the blond had Accioed was a scarf with the Hogwarts Crest on it.

Harry’s eyes widened as he tried to imagine what sensuous and erotic torture would befall him now.

Draco resumed his massaging on Harry’s front, but not before waving his wand and enchanting the silk scarf. Now everywhere the blonde’s leathered fingers went the silk scarf followed in their wake.

Harry moaned, cried, begged, and thrashed. He wanted to grab Draco and pull the leather clad sex god to him.

“Close you eyes and breath, smell. Smell the leather, the vanilla, and lavender. Smell my arousal and yours. Even the silk has a smell. Let them overwhelm your senses, as you overwhelm mine Harry James Potter.”

Harry closed his eyes and heard Draco utter another spell. The brunette then felt the signets feather.

“Even the feather has the smell of the Sindget it belonged to so many years ago. Inhale my love the different smells of what bring you pleasure.”

Tears spilled out of the corners of Harry’s eyes as the sensations overwhelmed him.

Draco brought Harry’s knees up to rest on his chest. It was then that Harry felt the silk caress his puckered hole

The Gryffindor gasped; as the silk began to snake, it’s way up inside his tight entrance.

Silk tickled the ring of muscles as the Sindget’s feather followed Draco’s leather clad hands.

Harry thrashed and opening his eyes panted. “F-Fuck bloody Merlin! What are you d-doing to me?”

“Bringing pleasure to my pet Draco smirked and raised his eyebrow. “Isn’t this the hint that you gave me?”

Harry felt the silk move inside his arse and it felt like it was tickling the nerves endings in his brain. His eyes began to twitch.

Leather clad warm fingers massaged his nipples tweaking them lightly. The golden feather always there.

Draco unfolded Harry and massaged his hips, squeezing them hard enough that Harry knew that come tomorrow; if he survived, he would have bluish purple marks.

The leather blonde continued to work his magick down Harry’s legs.

It was then that Harry whimpered again.

“Did you actually think that I would massage your lovely cock and let you spill yourself before I was ready for you to.”

“P-Please! Please,” it was almost a cry.

“You do beg beautifully but not yet.”

“Then restrain m-me. I c-can’t take it. I’ll wank m-my self off.”

Draco waved his wand and two silk scarves bound Harry’s wrists to the custom made snake and lion wrought iron headboard. One was a dark green with a silver snake on it, the other scarlet red with a gold rampant lion.

Once Harry was secure, Draco went back to his erotic torturous massage. Harry felt like he was loosing his mind. He was becoming incoherent with need and want. Nerve endings tingled and became alive.

Draco began massaging Harry’s feet while the Sindget’s feather swept over the Gryffindor’s blood engorged cock, but when Draco started sucking on Harry’s toes, a bolt of the purest pleasure shot straight to his balls. Harry screamed and brought his body inches off the bed. There was no rational part of Harry’s mind as he babbled incoherently for Draco to fuck him or kill him, just end this sweet erotic torture.

*~* *~* *~*

“Kill you my Love, Draco smirked before sucking Harry’s toes again.

“You’re b-bloody doing… OHHHH…”

Draco continued to suck and lick Harry’s toes as he slowly pulled out the silk scarf. The tip of the Sindget’s quill assaulted the eye of Harry’s cock.


After the scarf was removed from Harry’s arse, Draco ripped open the snaps on his trousers and while doing a very powerful lubricating spell, bent Harry in half and thrust into him, hard and deep.

Harry screamed, silk tore; iron screeched, and the cock ring snapped as Draco fisted Harry’s cock with one leather-clad hand while he hand fucked Harry’s mouth with the other.

Harry licked and sucked the leather fingers while his hands found their way under Draco’s leather vest and raked his back.

Draco was still dressed and the sweat poured off him and dripped onto Harry.

Now that Harry wasn’t restrained anymore, Draco stopped fisting Harry’s cock and hand fucking the brunette’s face and rocked backwards bringing Harry with him. Draco was now sheathed deeper inside Harry, as the Gryffindor was now on the Slytherin’s leather clad lap.

Taking off his leather cap, Draco put it on Harry, then resumed twisting and pulling the brunette’s cock.

The other leather-gloved hand went behind Harry’s neck and brought the Gryffindor to him in a searing kiss. Teeth clashed, tongues danced, lips were bit and as their release was swallowed up in a breathless kiss. Harry felt like he was dying. He was sure that his life’s force was spilling forth from his body. Draco’s hips thrust upward as his hands went to Harry’s shoulders and bore down on them. Harry felt like he was being split in two and Draco felt like he was going to pass out from the heat and the pumping that seemed to go on forever. There seemed to be no end to the Slytherin’s seed that was filling Harry arse.

Finally bathed in sweat and liquid sated passion their breathing slowly began returning to normal, although they stayed like that for several minutes too exhausted to move.

When finally they did move, Draco retrieved his wand from beside him and did a cooling charm first then a cleansing charm.

Harry winced when he moved.

“Are you alright love?” Draco asked removing the collar.

“Just a little sore.”

Draco raised his wand to do a healing charm but Harry stopped him.

“I’ll be alright. I want to be sore. I want to continue to feel you inside me.”

Draco went to fold Harry into his arms.

“Um, don’t you think you should get out of all that leather first?”

Draco nodded as he sat on the edge of the bed and began taking off his boots.

“Next time I want you to fuck me with only the leather cap on” Harry said his voice raw with desire.

Once Draco was undressed, he retrieved his leather cap from Harry put it on and brought his mouth down on the brunette’s unmercifully, as he pushed Harry back on the bed.
Tags: contains: bdsm, contains: d/s, genre: fluff, genre: romance, kink: bondage, rating: nc-17

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