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FIC: Indago:Reborn 5/?

Title: Indago:Reborn
Author: LdDurham
Rating: ADULT, NC-17, MATURE
Warnings: written with no regard to HBP, D/s, violence, rimming, mpreg.
Archived at http://archive.skyehawke.com/story.php?no=10132 and http://www.livejournal.com/community/dracotops_harry/ and http://lddurham.livejournal.com

Disclaimer: This story is based on characters and situations created and owned by JK Rowling, various publishers including but not limited to Bloomsbury Books, Scholastic Books and Raincoast Books, and Warner Bros., Inc. No money is being made and no copyright or trademark infringement is intended.

This is a sequel to the story "Indago". If you haven't read that, you will be mightily confused while reading this.

Betaed by kitsune Thank you so much!

Chapter One, Chapter Two, Chapter Three, Chapter Four

Betaed by the award winning Kitsune. All remaining mistakes are entirly my fault.


The sun was just peeking over the windowsill when green eyes popped open. Hands blindly reached across the sheets but found nothing, the linens cold. Slowly, Harry pulled himself up on his elbows and looked toward the bathroom. The door was wide open and the mirrors unfogged. The room was unoccupied.

Swinging his legs slowly over the side, he reached out for his glasses and slid them on. The room came into focus and Harry could see that Ably had opened the drapes again this morning letting the light in too early. He would need to ask him not to do that anymore. But he didn’t want to hurt the elf’s feelings, so maybe he wouldn’t.

Putting his feet down on the step, Harry balanced on his hands as he slid his rump off the bed. Gingerly he stepped down onto the floor and made his way to the toilet. He hated having to use the toilet, which seemed to be too often to count. It was embarrassing to have to sit down for everything now, and practically impossible to heave himself back up. He was afraid that eventually he would need to actually levitate himself up one of these days.

Once he had finished in the loo, he came back out and went to the armoire. He opened it and began touching all the well made and expensive suits and robes inside. He buried his head inside them and inhaled the smells; aftershave, shampoo, cologne, flesh. Harry had to restrain himself from putting fabric in his mouth. He figured Draco wouldn’t want his clothes gnawed on, and how would he explain it anyway?

Taking out a button-up blue shirt, Harry slipped it on over his pyjamas, which consisted of a huge cotton t-shirt and sweatpants with the waistband pushed under his stomach. He didn’t even try buttoning the shirt, just wore it open and breathed in Draco’s scent. Then, he spun on his heel as best he could and made his way out of the bedroom. He walked down the hall and held the banister tight as he managed to get down the stairs without actually seeing a step. When he reached the bottom he walked into the office. Draco wasn’t there.


There was a pop and Harry turned to see their house-elf waiting patiently. He really liked Ably. He was quiet and nice and always seemed to enjoy everything he was asked to do without the over-exuberance that Dobby would have exhibited.

“Ably, when did Draco leave?”

“Master Draco left nearly an hour ago, Master Harry,” the house-elf said quietly. “Would Master Harry like Ably to get him anything?”

“Oh, um, no. I’m fine. Thank you.” Harry wandered back out of the office and into the main hall. The clock on the wall showed just after seven-thirty in the morning. Draco hadn’t gotten home until late last night, after Harry had finally fallen asleep near midnight. Harry rubbed at the arm of the blue shirt and moved into the sitting room. He moved the drapes aside and looked out into the garden. It looked cold out that morning with the snow-covered ground. He wished spring would come sooner.

Harry wandered around the house most of the morning. He walked into the kitchen and looked through the pots. Then he went into the small conservatory on the back of the house and talked to the plants a bit. Then he went into his special room and rubbed his belly. Finally, as he was walking past the stairs he spotted a basket of laundry, which made him pause and stare. In the years he had spent in this house, he had never seen a basket of laundry. The clothes always just disappeared from the floor and reappeared in his dresser drawers. Intrigued, he stepped closer and saw Draco’s trousers on top. They would wrinkle if they weren’t taken care of. Draco would be mad.

Levitating the basket to the sitting room settee, Harry began taking each article of Draco’s clothing out, rubbing his face in it and then lovingly folding it. He made a stack for the shirts and one for the trousers. Harry especially liked rubbing his face in the silk underpants.

“Master Harry! Master Harry, sir, Ably will do that!”

Harry looked up from the crotch of one of Draco’s trousers and smiled at the distraught elf. “It’s alright, Ably. I don’t mind.”

“Oh, but Master Harry! It is Ably’s job to do these things,” the anxious elf squeaked.

“Well, that’s okay for just one day. I’m bored anyway, so you can fold them some other time.” Harry carefully placed the trousers on the stack. Ably twisted his hands and then disappeared with a pop. He reappeared five minutes later.

“Master Harry, guests have arrived,” he announced.

“Really? Great! Send them in. Oh wait!” Harry put his hand out to stop the elf’s departure. “It’s not the Malfoys, is it?”

“No, Master Harry. It is your friends from Hogwarts.”

“Oh, yes, then send them in!”

A moment later Ron and Hermione came in through the sitting room door. Ron was still looking out into the hall as he came in. “Uh, hey, Harry. You doing some remodelling?”

“Yes, Harry. Why are there several potted plants in the hall there. Did you just get a delivery?” Hermione asked as she came into the room and gave Harry a kiss on the cheek.

“Oh, no,” Harry said smiling. “It’s cold and dark out today and I thought Draco would need more light, so I moved Draco’s things into the conservatory.”

“Well, um, that was nice of you,” she said with a funny look on her face. “And the clothing?”

“I just thought I’d help out a bit. I’m a bit bored and I like folding Draco’s clothes.”

“No, Harry. I meant the clothing that is strewn about. On the staircase, the clock, the doorknobs, and that was just what I could see walking in here.”

Harry set socks down and picked up a pair of underpants and lovingly rubbed them across his cheek before setting them down in a folded pile. Without looking up, Harry began folding a shirt. “Draco’s armoire was full, so I thought it would be nice to put the clothes about so I could think he was here.”

“You emptied his armoire? Good one, mate. That’ll irk him.” Ron said as he flopped down in a chair. Harry continued folding.

“Harry, have you been getting enough sleep? You look quite haggard,” Hermione said, watching him closely.

“Yeah, and what’s with the outfit? It’s half past noon already,” Ron added. Harry looked down at his pyjamas and Draco’s shirt.

“I guess I forgot to change this morning.”

Hermione frowned harder. “You forgot? What did you have to eat this morning?”

“Geez, ‘Mione, lay off, yeah? We just got here. I was only ribbing him a bit. Harry’s a man of leisure now, ain’t that right, Harry?” Ron said with a laugh as he put his feet up on the table. Harry watched him and knew that Draco would be mad if he saw those shoes on the mahogany.

“What are you guys doing here?” he asked as he pulled another pair of Draco’s trousers out of the basket. He had finally found a use for his belly as he folded the cloth on top of the shelf it made. Ron rolled his eyes and shook his head as Hermione sat down on the settee and pulled a shirt out of the basket and started to help.

“We hadn’t seen you since the night you ran out on your Anniversary party,” she answered.

“Still don’t blame you, mate. It was a dead bore.”

“So we thought we’d come over and see how you were doing instead of our regular owls. I can’t believe how much bigger you’ve gotten in just a month,” Hermione said with a smile. Harry set the trousers down and rubbed his bulging stomach.

“Yeah, it’s really funny. You’d think I’d be freaking out but it just all feels really…”

“Natural?” Hermione supplied. Harry nodded and grinned. He reached for another pair of socks.

A pop alerted them to Ably’s entrance.

“Master Harry, please allow Ably to take those things for you. Ably will do this happily.”

“No, it’s okay.”

“But, Master Harry, if you would just-.”

“It’s alright. I don’t mind.”

“Ably would be more than happy to do it, Master Harr-.”

“I said it’s okay!” Harry shouted and threw the socks at the startled elf. The room became silent. Ably looked down at the socks at his feet, tears welled in the large round eyes.

“Please, Master Harry. Please do not release Ably. Ably will do better.”

“I’m not releasing you, you stupid, annoying elf. Leave me alone. You’ve been pestering me all day!” Harry glared down at the terrified elf. His hands fidgeted at his neck and he began mouthing the collar of the blue shirt.

“Ably is very sorry, Master Harry. Ably meant no offence,” the house-elf whispered with its head and ears low.

“Just go!” Harry huffed. The house-elf disappeared. Angrily, Harry stomped over to the thrown socks and bent down to get them. Or at least tried to bend down but was impeded by his belly.

“I’ll get it, Harry,” Hermione said quickly, jumping up from the settee. Ron was also getting up and reaching for them.

“Damn it! I can pick up a sock!” Harry shouted. His friends came to a standstill. “Merlin, all of you think I’m an idiot, don’t you? A lazy ponce who can’t do anything!”

“That is not at all what we think,” Hermione said gently. “You know that.”

“Don’t tell me what I know!” Harry tried bending down again but underestimated how top heavy he was and began to tip over. Ron’s arm reached over and grabbed him before he went down. The moment he was upright again, Harry shoved Ron away from him. “Don’t touch me! I never said you could touch me!”

“Easy, Harry.” Ron put a hand up in a settling gesture as Harry began to back away from both of them.

“Ably!” The elf appeared before Hermione had finished calling for him. “Can you please get us something sweet? Any biscuits or chocolate, anything?” she asked the elf. With a nervous look at his master he went to get the requested items. Harry had cornered himself near the fireplace with Ron slowly advancing.

“Harry, why don’t you come put your feet up, yeah?” Ron was asking in a gentle tone. “You’ve gone all weird and preggers on us.”

“Get away from me!” Harry’s eyes were wide and his teeth were pulled back in a snarl.

“Ron, step away.” The red head gave Hermione a disbelieving look. “I mean it! Move away from him. Now.” Ron backed away but Harry still stayed wedged against the stone.

“Harry,” Hermione called, “would you like me to get Draco? Is he at the Ministry?”

“No!” Harry stepped away from the fireplace and began moving toward the doors. “I have to make Draco his lunch.”

“What?” Ron’s face was nothing but confusion. “When does a snobby Malfoy brown bag his lunch?”

The two friends worriedly followed Harry as he moved through the house. With a slam, the kitchen doors opened. Ably squeaked around the platter of biscuits and tarts he had assembled. Harry ignored everyone as he moved about the kitchen with its low counters and cabinets. He began opening and shutting cupboards and pulling out an odd collection of items; an eggbeater, a soup pot, a colander, a cheese grater, an apple corer, all of it hitting the counters in a flurry.

“He’s barmy,” Ron whispered. Hermione moved a bit closer to Harry as he began pulling out onions and bread and marmalade.

“Harry? Why don’t we have a bit of tea and biscuits, hmm? You know Draco will eat lunch late.” She, of course, had no idea when Draco actually ate his lunch but it was a fairly safe assumption that Harry wasn’t thinking very clearly.

“You think I’m crazy, don’t you?” Harry asked calmly. He turned with a salmon fillet in his hand and looked right at Hermione. “The great Hermione thinks she knows everything, right? Well, maybe I enjoy making Draco’s lunch? Maybe he enjoys seeing me bring his lunch? In fact, Draco couldn’t be happier to see me!”

“I’m sure he would. In fact, maybe I should floo-.”

“Shut up!” Harry yelled. He threw the salmon into the sink. “Gods, do you ever shut up? Stop talking to me like I’m insane. I am perfectly fine. Is it my fault you both have nothing better to do than to barge into my home and try to run my life? To try to steal my baby?”

“Harry! Listen to your self!”

“I am! I was quite happy until you both showed up! You wait a whole month before you come to visit me? What friends do that?” Harry moved towards a drawer and pulled out a knife.

“Harry,” Ron said in warning and moved a step closer to Hermione, surreptitiously pulling out his wand. “Put the knife down,” he said in a firm and authoritative voice.

“Or what?” Harry scoffed. “I’m supposed to do what you say? Why? I don’t care if you become the best Auror there ever was, Ronnikins, you will never be better than me! You hear me? Never!”

Hermione glanced at the very frightened house-elf. “Ably, will you please-.”

“Don’t order him around!” Harry screamed. The knuckles wrapped around the knife were white. “This isn’t your house! This is Draco’s house! You don’t belong here!” Tears began to fall from the green eyes. “This is Draco’s house,” he said with a roughened voice. The knife clattered to the floor and Harry brought his hands up to cover his face. “It’s Draco’s,” he whispered.

“Oh, Harry.” Hermione’s eyes were sorrow filled as she slowly approached him. Ron stayed right with her, his wand still out. “Harry, please, come lie down. If you’re hungry, we’ll get you something to eat. Okay?”

Harry nodded behind his hands and allowed them to pull him slowly into the sitting room again. He was lowered onto a laundry-free section of the settee where he immediately pulled a decorative pillow over his face to hide the tears he couldn’t stop. Ably carefully set the tray of sweets down on the table and backed away.

Nodding her head towards the back of the room, Hermione led Ron out of earshot. “What the hell was that?” Ron whispered fiercely.

The young woman shook her head. “I’m not sure. A mood swing I could understand but that was more like a crazy dive. He doesn’t look like he’s sleeping much.”

“He looked like a homicidal nutter!”

“Shh! Let him sleep if he’s going to.”

“Uh, Hermione. Don’t think he’s going to get much sleep,” Ron said looking over her shoulder. “Not unless he sleepwalks.”

Hermione spun around and sure enough the settee and the sitting room was empty of one Harry Potter-Malfoy.
Tags: author: lddurham, contains: d/s, contains: violence, fic length: chapter, fic length: long, genre: angst, genre: creature, genre: mpreg, genre: romance, genre: smut, kink: rimming, rating: nc-17, type: fic

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