PhoenixAlone1 (phoenixalone1) wrote in dracotops_harry,

Help finding a fic?

If doesn't really fall into the Draco topping Harry category but I think it comes close enough. It takes place second year, right after Harry finds one of the petrified bodies Draco finds him first and drags him down to the Slytherin dorms excited because he thinks Harry really is the Heir of Slytherin. He's disappointed when he finds out Harry isn't but they end up talking and end up cuddled up together on Draco's bed to be found by a very indignant Snape^^

I can't remember anything else about it but I did read it a LONG time ago. If anyone knows of any other 1st or 2nd year Draco/Harry stories those would make me happy as well, as long as they stay in shounen ai territory(That young...@_@) First and second year Draco and Harry are so sweet^^

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