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Rec & Fic Recommendations: Spooky fics!

So I've just finished reading the amazing Closure by seatbeltdrivein and what an intriguing story it was. It takes AU to the extreme and yet so well done. I recommend it totally, it is a fantastic read and for those not too sure about the AU aspect, it's non-magic but I'd say it's worth taking a chance. Even though they're totally different people but their essence is still there I think.

That being the case, I'd love to be rec'ced fics like the above that has great or well done "mystery, suspense, (slight horror), and/or built-up creep factor". The kind where you can feel the same mounting fear the characters do. I like the idea of the unknown or them being caught in a world that's new and frightening. I'd love it if there is a nice build up where things start off strange or just slightly off-balance and end up being terrifying. I wanna be really spooked! On the Last Day of Our World also had an excellently done factor of eeriness or unnerving disquiet (also an excellent fic, totally recommended!). Maybe it's just me but I find there aren't enough mystery/"horror" fics being written and I'd love to read more. I'm craving them!

Don't think I need to specify bottom!Harry here but well, just in case...

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