Normal Is For The Boring. (darkyaoiangel) wrote in dracotops_harry,
Normal Is For The Boring.

Help Please!

Hello fellow Drarry lovers. I could really use all of you guys help right now. I'm looking for some good Drarry fics to read. My list of ficcage is running low and I need to refuel.

As a side-note I'm also looking for some Slytherin!Harry (not Dark!Harry), De-Aged Harry, and Veela!Draco fics if ya'll could rec some to me.

I just ask for:

- Bottom Harry Only (Of course)
- No mpreg
- No infidelity, threesomes, or heavy squick.

If you also have any rec lists available to you centered around what I'm asking for please could you mention those as well.

Most famous fics I've read already. If you're wondering if I've read your rec you might want to check out my almost completed tumblr page:

Thanks everybody!
Tags: rec, search: fic

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