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FEST: Prompts #50 - 99

Prompts # 50 - 99

Prompts # 1 - 49 Prompts # 100 - 150

Prompter: secretsalex
Prompt:Sub!Draco tops Dom!Harry. Established relationship--but maybe the first time Draco tops his Dom?
Special Request(s): I see this going one of two ways: either Harry desperately wants to get fucked and Draco is resistant at first and has to be coaxed into it, or Draco knows Harry would like to bottom if he would just give it a shot, so he takes a more proactive approach (subs can be very adept at getting their way without technically breaking any rules).
Squicks: Nah.
Maximum Rating:NC-17.
Anything else: Lots of little D/s details make me happy.

Prompt # 51
Prompter: valinorean
Prompt: Draco Malfoy does not mind bottoming, but he is a natural top. A very good one at that. Enter Harry Potter, who is new at being gay. He doesn't do bottom (why = author's choice). Draco teaches Harry that sometimes, bottoming can be very rewarding.
Special Request(s): Bonus points if you can turn Harry into a pushy or demanding!bottom in the end.
Squicks: the usual suspects (scat, watersport, gore in sex) and girly men (mpreg, crossdressing)
Maximum Rating: as high as you want
Anything else: smoking!Draco and/or Harry would be nice, but not necessary.

Prompter: valinorean
Prompt: Quidditch fic! Your choice of plot. I just want to see a Quidditch game wherein they get turned on by accidental groping, which leads to not-so-accidental groping.
Special Request(s): I would like to see one of the boys (pref. Harry) in the closet/in denial and getting confused why he gets turned on
Squicks: the usual suspects (scat, watersport, gore in sex) and girly men (mpreg, crossdressing)
Maximum Rating: hopefully NC-17
Anything else: post-war. either 8th year or ewe

Prompter: valinorean
Prompt: Draco hates virgin boys. They're so fussy! They think the first time should be special, they want to go slow with lots of foreplay and preparation, and they want to cuddle afterwards. Enter virgin!Harry who is reluctant to lose his virginity to Draco, who has a reputation for making first times really bad and quite painful. But there's something about Harry that makes Draco want to make Harry's first time really really special.
Special Request(s): Prefer 8th year or EWE :)
Squicks: the usual suspects (scat, watersport, gore in sex) and girly men (mpreg, crossdressing)
Maximum Rating: NC-17
Anything else: A bit of fluff, but nothing too sappy. Bonus points for awkward moments during Harry's first time.

Prompt # 54
Prompter: jeannie81
Prompt: Harry walks into a club to find himself a Dom. He finds Draco instead.
Special Request(s): Draco's pretty new at being a Dom, but they find their own way together.
Squicks: Scat, heavy BSDM (light/medium is fine though), bloodplay, wandplay
Maximum Rating: NC-17
Anything else: Please no Auror professions and no Ron/Hermione side-pairing (feel free to pair each to someone else though).

Prompt # 55
Prompter: jeannie81
Prompt: Draco's finally finished a revolutionary potion that will allow males to become pregnant. All he needs now is a volunteer to test it for him. Enter Harry, who will test it under the condition that Draco be the one to impregnate him.
Special Request(s): Draco's parents and Remus playing a role (maybe a bit of Remus/Severus?)
Squicks: Scat, heavy BSDM (light is fine though), bloodplay, wandplay
Maximum Rating: NC-17
Anything else: Please no Auror professions and no Ron/Hermione side-pairing (feel free to pair each to someone else though).

Prompt # 56
Prompter: poolnaiad
Prompt: Draco's animagus form is a British Show Racer and Harry gets pecked into standing up for himself against the Weasley wizarding world's epilouge expectations
Special Request(s): none
Squicks: mpreg, 'understanding' Ginny
Maximum Rating: none
Anything else: nope

Prompt # 57
Prompter: retha_helena
Prompt: Draco and Harry were looking for someone (related to both Draco and Harry) who was lost in the mountains of Tibet. Began with heated fights, and ended with heated kiss. (I'm a hard Tintin fan who read Tintin in Tibet recently, help me :P)
Special Request(s): hmm... oh! Their first kiss was because of a yeti.
Squicks: any, any, any hints of Bottom!Draco, bestiality
Maximum Rating: NC17
Anything else: Anyone here a fan of Tintin? :D

Prompt # 58
Prompter: seerstella
Prompt: Non-Magic. Harry was a ship crew who had fetishes of various toys. He met Draco, the arrogant bastard as the passenger in the ship. In a night, they were drunk (or something) and Draco used all the toys on Harry. The next day, Draco left (the ship had arrived in their destination). Harry didn't care about him anymore, until he realized that he was pregnant.
Special Request(s): Happy ending, with Harry eventually found Draco! And a scene when he wanted to enter Draco's hotel (yes, our blondie owned a hotel) as a woman since he was pregnant and nobody would believe him as a man. >:D
Squicks: er... maybe bestiality, bottom!Draco (*sighs*), and rimming (I'm okay with fisting, though)
Maximum Rating: NC17
Anything else: No. Thanks before!

Prompt # 59
Prompter: fyernaice
Prompt: After the war, Draco and Harry are stranded alone, and cannot return to Hogwarts magically. The two embark on a journey (road trip) home. Along the journey the two are dependent upon each other. They earn money by taking on various odd jobs (with Harry expecting Draco to complain, but Draco (still his snarky self) never complains about any of the jobs and completes them rather well. Through conversations and observations, Harry learns about the side of Draco no one knows. With musically inclined Draco, and one of the things they do for money is to take part in a competition where Draco performs on a musical instrument (would appreciate the instrument to be an acoustic guitar, and Draco with a husky singing voice). All of these lead to Harry becoming smitten with Draco which surprises him because he has never been attracted to males. Of course, they have sex (perhaps due to inebriation?). Though, they have come to care for each other, neither realizes the other's feelings, and thinks the other wants to forget it happens (preferable, if Harry is the one who speaks about forgetting the sex happened because he thinks that is what Draco wants). They return to Hogwarts and try to pretend it didn't happen (at least on the surface). A few weeks after their return, Harry learns he is pregnant, and has to come up with his Gryffindor courage to tell Draco. Draco commits to Harry (propose marriage?), but Harry thinks it's only because of the child. However, for the child's sake, Harry accepts Draco's commitment. He truly believes Draco is in it for the child alone because Draco is very caring and attentive to Harry's and the unborn child's needs (which makes Harry falls deeper in love with Draco), and yearns for Draco to fall for him. The Gryffindors, though supportive of Harry, are surprised about a "caring Draco," and keep implying that he will screw up, and hurt Harry if he is not careful. Harry becomes injured, and there is a chance that the baby could die, Harry is scared not only of losing the baby, but of losing Draco. Harry still refuses to confess his feelings to Draco, and when things take a turn for the worse, Draco, unaware that Harry is conscious, whispers to Harry that he doesn't want to lose Harry or their child, and that he loves them. Happy ending please, hopefully with Harry becoming pregnant for a second time, and is not sure of Draco's reaction, but when Draco learns of the second pregnancy is ecstatic.
Special Request(s): 8th year Hogwarts. Tall!Draco, short!Harry (shorter than Draco by at least 5 inches).The two could have become stranded because of a class field trip gone wrong, or happened the summer before returning for 8th year. Harry's POV (Even though Draco falls in love with Harry too, I don't want any part of the fic to be from Draco's POV, his feelings may be expressed with his face, especially his eyes, but not his thoughts. Draco's Sectumsempra scar must be present with a regretful Harry. I Love sexually inexperienced!Harry (especially with males, Draco must be the first male Harry is attracted to), and even virgin!Draco (at least with males, I don't want Draco being attracted to other males aside from Harry). I love male pregnancy, there just isn't enough out there of pregnant Harry. I prefer long stories (the longer, the better), and the story to be focused on Harry and Draco, with the least amount of focus on other characters. Gentle Draco for Harry/Draco's first intimate union. Intelligent Draco, with Draco performing even better than Hermione (in 8th year). Half of the fic should be the road trip, and the other half with the return to Hogwarts (please let it be equally proportioned).
Squicks:Top!Harry, Bottom!Draco. I don't even want it mentioned that Draco bottoms, or even considering it. Saintly Weasleys. Threesomes (unless it's two top!Dracos with Harry). Draco being shunned from the Slytherins.I hate fics with Draco hurting or leaving Harry, and not standing up for himself and Harry (at least after the war).
Maximum Rating:NC-17, but this is not a must

Prompt # 60
Prompter: freakingcrups
Prompt: Draco is a made vampire who needs blood. The night he is turned, Harry Potter tries to help him. Draco bites him and does something specific (without even realizing) and now Harry is his mate. He can only be satisfied with Harry's blood for the rest of his life.
Special Request(s): Do with it, whatever you want!
Squicks: Watersports, scat.
Maximum Rating: NC-17

Prompt # 61
Prompter: bgd_thrifty
Prompt: Harry is a woman. She just wishes that other people would see her that way too.
Special Request(s): Harry keeping the name 'Harry James Potter'. No 'bottom surgery' (author decides why not).
Squicks: canon character bashing, fetishisation
Maximum Rating: NC-17
Anything else: Basically, I'd really like to see a fic in which the idea of Harry being trans* is explored thoroughly (and respectfully). Emotions, physical problems... you name it. Lots of research, please, and I'll adore anyone who picks this up.

Prompt # 62
Prompter: bgd_thrifty
Prompt: After a Quidditch accident, Harry is left with brain trauma and injuries, rendering him unable to function in the manner he is accustomed to. Enter Draco Malfoy, his healer, and the unprofessional relationship that blossoms between them.
Special Request(s): Partial paralysis of the face (and issues relating to eating stemming from this), a pet canary. Difficult sex (due to injuries).
Squicks: canon character bashing
Maximum Rating: NC-17
Anything else: Hemiplegia is where I initially got the idea from. Feel free to go in that direction or use it to inform your ideas of Harry's condition.

Prompt # 63
Prompter: bgd_thrifty
Prompt: Some people (whoever the author pleases) walk in on Draco and Harry having sex and are surprised by how unsexy it is. Draco and Harry beg to differ.
Special Request(s): chubby Harry (completely at your discretion)
Squicks: canon character bashing
Maximum Rating: (more like minimum, amirite?) NC-17
Anything else: I'd love for this to be an antidote for the perfect sex scene. I want to see really awkward bad sex for those watching that's perfect nonetheless for those involved.

Prompter: renleek
Prompt: “I would kill for you…”
Special Request(s): I want a very destructive obsessive love that will lead to tragedy. I’d like Draco to be the one to go to terrible lengths to prove his love/loyalty to Harry (perhaps because he’s lost everything that mattered to him after the war so redirected his focus on Harry?) and Harry to be addicted to Draco’s obsession of him (perhaps because he knows it’s unhealthy and his feelings of guilt after the war turned into a twisted sort of self-hate/love).
Squicks: Feminized men.
Maximum Rating: NC-17. (Would adore either fic or art!)
Anything else: Lots of mindfuck, and jealousy that can drive one to madness and commit terrors (like Draco hurting or murdering anyone who gets too close to Harry). It’s up to you if they lose their friends over this but I’d like this whole “you and me against everything” to be taken to frightening new levels for both of them.

Prompter: fyernaice
Prompt: After the war, the wizarding world has completed a 180 turn where the Slytherins are facing all the prejudice and injustice. Harry has become an outcast because he has voiced his disagreement with these events. All assets and holdings has been seized from Slytherin families, it seems even the Weasleys has no problem with taking and using money from these families. Although Harry has spoken out against this injustice, he is passive in playing any role in actually helping the Slytherins (dark wizards). One day, Harry sees Draco doing some kind of wrong, and decides to follow him under disillusion charm. When Draco gets to his location, it is a shabby shelter. Inside are all children and teens. It seems that Draco has taken all the outcast children under his wings and does what needs to be done (non-sexual) to ensure they survive including stealing, volunteering as a test subject for new spells and potion, and even selling his body parts. Draco even starves himself to make sure all the children have enough to eat. When Harry tries to help, Draco is reluctant because he has trusted people before and they end up attempting to abuse the children (Harry learns this from one of the children).
Special Request:: Draco taller than Harry. Virgins Harry and Draco. Both are no older than 19 yrs. Harry POV. Confident, strong, intelligent leader Draco. Draco is called Peter Pan by the kids. All the kids look up and trust only Draco. Absolutely no mentioning of Draco bottoming or Draco penetrated in any form (past present or future). Draco's Sectumsempra scars must make an appearance. Love long fics with a lot of interaction between Harry/Draco. Snarky Draco.
Squicks: Don't like when Harry or Draco is or has been attracted to other males. Threesomes. Anything else goes as long as Draco tops!
Maximum Rating: NC17
Anything else: Do whatever with the prompt, but the "Special Requests," and "Squicks." portions are a must.

Prompter: badcook
Prompt: Draco's a mute. Somewhat... He wasn't born with it. He can speak. He just decides not to. Mostly, he communicates through Legilimency; To avoid revealing too much, he's really good at Occlumency and only divulges what he wants others to know. In comes extremely-bad-at-Legilimency-Harry. I'd like to see how Harry tries to get to know Draco, however the methods.(Silly or clumsy ones make my day) Hogwarts-era.
Special Request(s): Fluff, lots and lots of fluff. And mean Draco as in 'imma-ignore-this-idiot-mean', somewhat exasperatedDraco but he secretly loves it
Squicks: Character death, too much angst (minor is fine :)
Maximum Rating: NC-17
Anything else: Art would be good. Long fiction would be awesome. c:

Prompt # 67
Prompter: fyernaice
Prompt: It's tradition for wizards to be mated to another male in order to explore their sexuality during their youths. At adulthood, they usually go their separate way and marry; occasionally, the paired mates become life partners. The mates are magically assigned at an early age according compatibility. Typically Gryffindor is paired with Slytherins, and the Gryffindor is usually the submissive; to this end, Gryffindors do not discuss this arrangement, and only the paired mates know of their partnership. Harry wasn't in the wizarding world at the appropriate age and did not receive the notice of his appointed mate, but finds out about the mating tradition and is determined to find out who his partner is, which turns out to be Draco Malfoy. Draco did know Harry is his mate, but thought that Harry had rejected him, and lashed out at Harry throughout Hogwarts years. When Harry learns that Ron like other Gryffindors was submissive in the pair he doesn't understand how that is possible, how they could let another man penetrate them, but when Draco finally gets him into the bedroom, he learns how easy it is to surrender himself completely to Draco
Special Request(s): 8th year, post war. Virgin Harry and Draco. Harry and Draco chose to be life partners. Assertive, confident snarky Draco. Draco with his short slick back hair (pretty please)
Squicks: Draco penetrated in any form (past present or future). Draco or Harry being attracted to other males. Threesomes
Maximum Rating: NC17
Anything else: As long all the criteria in the "Special Requests," and "Squicks," sections are followed, I would be greatly appreciative of whatever you come up with, and please absolutely no mentioning of a bottoming Draco

Prompt # 68
Prompter: chantefable
Prompt: Draco Malfoy is an Unspeakable and Harry Potter is, well, himself, famous and well-loved saviour of the wizarding world. Also, Auror.
In his spare time, however, Harry is a serial killer. Not even close to being caught. (Maybe he is in charge of his own case. Maybe he is just that genius. He could be killing Muggle criminals or magical evildoers, no matter. What I want is Harry focussed on justice, and being very practical about his killing. No mania or exaltation or dark cackling laughter. I want him to approach this as Harry is usually portrayed approaching Ministry paperwork.)
Finally, the Ministry decides to take the investigation to another level and assigns an Unspeakable to see to the matter independently. (That's Draco.) And then there's stalkerish dancing around each other, the Unspeakable and Mystery Killer admiring each other's intellect and physical strength. And then when Draco comes too close to finding out the truth, Harry kidnaps him and blindfolds him and they have lots of meaningful conversations about justice. And then they have sex.
Special Request(s): none
Squicks: non-consensual sex
Maximum Rating: NC-17
Anything else: can be EWE or Epilogue compliant, or some sort of Noir AU. Otherwise – surprise me. Does Draco find out it's Harry? Does he solve the case? Does Harry frame Draco? Do they frame someone else together? Do the murders stop? etc., etc...

Prompter: winterstorrm
Prompt: H/D have a spell induced one night stand, and in the morning, Draco can't remember who the man was, all he has is flashes of sensation and images of a tattoo that belongs to the mystery man. He sets about finding who it was - i.e. H/D Cinderella.
Special Request(s): No character bashing.
Squicks: Watersports, scat, incest, character death (H/D), non-con
Maximum Rating: NC-17
Anything else:

Prompt # 70
Prompter: fyernaice
Prompt: "SCARLET." The Wizengamot has determined a way to remove the Dark Mark, and gives the opportunity for those whom were marked to have it removed. Unlike all the other repenting Death Eaters, including Blaise and Pansy, Draco Malfoy refused to have his removed. Cue 8th Yr, the students return and the 8th years are allowed to dress casually, and Draco displays his mark unabashedly. Everyone (except the Slytherins) thinks he is a bastard for doing so, and still supports Voldemort.
Special Request(s): Strong confident Draco who does not back down from students who tries to challenge/hurt/hex him. Virgin Harry and Draco. Harry POV. Draco in wash-out blue jeans and white t-shirt (please). Draco taller than Harry.
Squicks: Draco or Harry attracted to other males (Past present or future), Draco being penetrated in any form (Past present or future), saintly Weasleys/Gryffindors, Draco ostracized from the Slytherins.
Maximum Rating: NC17
Anything else: I wouldn't turn down a nice medium to long fic. I was thinking along the lines of "The Scarlet Letter," with Draco keeping his Mark to show he is not hiding from his sins/crimes and accepts his responsibilities in the war. Please pay attention to the, "Special Requests," and "Squicks," options (follow those and you can't go wrong for me).

Prompt # 71
Prompter: dracolyn
Prompt: I want Draco to be reeeally smitten with Harry, who is either a bit reserved or totally oblivious. Bonus points if Draco is known to be a bit of a player.
Special Request(s): Draco has to work hard, but gets Harry in the end
Squicks: Harry (or Draco) behaving/looking like a girl, heavy/graphic torture, BDSM og S&M, top!Harry, character-bashing
Maximum Rating: NC-17
Anything else: I wouldn't mind it to be AU or non-magical

Prompt # 72
Prompter: tweetiescueetie
Prompt: Zombies. I'd like to see Harry and Draco having to pair up after the war to battle Voldemort's zombie-hordes. Voldemort may or may not be dead, author's choice, but the two heroes have been separated from the rest of the magical folks (whatever happened to Ron, Hermione, Blaise, Pansy, Gregory, Draco's parents, etc is up to you) and have been making their way with a few Muggles through the south of Britain when they get wind of a possible way to eliminate/turn the zombies back to humans. The problem is, all the evidence points towards Hogwarts. Harry wants to go, Draco doesn't - and Draco's unrequited crush on Harry puts quite a strain on their friendship (Harry is aware of it, he just doesn't know how to react to it).
Special Request(s): Muggle woman with bitten-by-zombies child and if you can somehow weave in some Sirius/Severus, I'd be forever grateful!
Squicks: Non-con, bestiality, bodily-fluids-not-usually-associated-with-sex, etc. Keep it clean, please. mpreg. "baby" being used for anyone else than a toddler, please.
Maximum Rating: Hit me with your best shot. ;-)
Anything else: Limited use of magic - they have to walk or otherwise make their way to Hogwarts and can't just Apparate/ride brooms. I want badass Harry and Draco, no feminized men, please.

Prompt # 73
Prompter: tweetiescueetie
Prompt: One is an Auror/Unspeakable, the other a criminal mastermind (who's who is up to you). A chase. A capture.
Special Request(s): Handcuffs that are linked via a magical force field, allowing them to move a little away from each other, but they still have to keep relatively close.
Squicks: I don't mind blood, but please keep other bodily fluids out of it. I'm also allergic to m-preg and the word "baby" being used for anything else than a toddler. And please no rape/non-con. Feminized men aren't my cup of tea either..
Maximum Rating: Whatever you bring will be fine, but I'm not all too much for one sex-scene after another.
Anything else: Hermione in an unusual role. Ron as the Auror's/Unspeakable's partner. Lots of snark wouldn't be totally off either.

Prompt # 74
Prompter: tweetiescueetie
Prompt: Bankrobbing!Harry-and-Draco. AU in the wild, wild west.
Special Request(s): A gunfight. A fight in a bathhouse.
Squicks: I don't mind blood, but please keep other bodily fluids out of it. I'm also allergic to m-preg and the word "baby" being used for anything else than a toddler. And please no rape/non-con. Feminine men are also not my cup of tea.
Maximum Rating: Whatever you bring will be fine, but I'm not all too much for one sex-scene after another.
Anything else: Crack-fic-with-angst wouldn't be totally off. Lots of snark. Hermione in an unusual role.

Prompt # 75
Prompter: fyernaice
Prompt: 8th year and Harry is getting fed up of everyone acting reserved, depressed and keeps treating him like an injured child/invalid. So when in waltz Draco Malfoy with his higher than life attitude, Harry can't help finding it refreshing and being drawn in by the Slytherin. All the House Elves are also fed up the behavior and basically worships Draco for his attitude, and snarls, hex anyone who goes against Draco (The house Elves tries to set up Draco with Harry?).
Special Request(s): EXTREMELY Snarky Draco, whom wins every argument especially against Granger. Harry's POV. One scene where they go to Grimmauld Place and Draco argues/insults Mrs. Black portrait into submission, and Harry becomes smitten with Draco. Virgin Harry and Draco (please). Draco taller than Harry (pretty please). Happy ending.
Squicks: Draco or Harry being attracted to other males other than each other (Past present or future), Bottom Draco (past present or future), Threesomes. Draco hurting (other than being snarky) or leaving Harry. Saintly Weasleys/Griffindors.
Maximum Rating: NC17
Anything else: Please follow the "Special Requests," and "Squirks," and I would be happy with that. I won't turn down a good length fic (please)

Prompt # 76
Prompter: freakingcrups
Prompt: Harry Potter is gay and he never thought it would be useful for work (Auror), but according to his boss, it is. The prophet has reported that Draco is gay and with the suspicion of the blond being involved in illegal activity, Harry's boss wants him to seduce Malfoy and get answers out of him. Except...Harry gets involved a little too deep.
Special Request(s): -
Squicks: watersports, non con, scat.
Maximum Rating: NC-17
Anything else: :)

Prompt # 77
Prompter: lomonaaeren
Prompt: Draco is extremely possessive and protective of Harry, and Harry starts having issues with it, because it's the way that his more stalkerish fans act. The tension builds up to the point that Harry finally snaps.
Special Request(s): I could see this working with either an established relationship or one where Draco is pursuing Harry but they're not together yet, so feel free to do either. If possible, though, please do treat the issue seriously and not simply as a joke that Harry needs to forget about.
Squicks: Mpreg, chan, scat.
Maximum Rating: NC-17
Anything else: Go for conversation, sex, yelling, whatever you think might resolve this. I would love to get both their perspectives on it, though.

Prompt # 78
Prompter: lomonaaeren
Prompt: Harry is gay and doesn't want to be, because he doesn't want to see it dragged through the papers as yet another "different" thing about him. He takes a potion that suppresses his libido and allows him to feign interest in women. Draco finds out.
Special Request(s): Author's choice whether or not Harry is with someone else when the fic begins, but please, no bashing of former love interests, including Ginny and/or Cho. I would absolutely approve anyone else he's dating or dated blowing up at Harry, though! Lying to people like that is a pretty shitty move.
Squicks: Mpreg, chan, scat.
Maximum Rating: NC-17.
Anything else: Either humor or a serious fic is welcome, but please avoid crack if you can.

Prompter: tigersilver
Prompt: I'd like an 8,000 word romance. Just that: dating, frotting, snogging, delicious UST, banter. Twenty-somethings, please, and capable of acting on their own without worrying about their mate's opinions. No bashing, no D/s, no mpreg, no complications. No guilt allowed, not of any sort, and no heavy angsting. No major character death either (obviously). If the author could include references to Muggle film and music that would be delightful. Or food. Food is always good. What does one do in a 'normal' romance anyway? WWH/DD?
Special Request(s): As above. Tighty whities, strained y-fronts and interesting bulges would be lovely. Plus a well-equipped Draco would be most pleasant.
Squicks: Femme boyz, BSDM.
Maximum Rating: NC-17
Anything else: Author, this prompt looks to be very vanilla and maybe even a little boring. See what you can do to liven it up a little, will you? Spririt of the law, not the letter. Thanking you:>

Prompt # 80
Prompter: fyernaice
Prompt: 8th Year and miraculously Draco and Hermione have become close (perhaps through being paired on a class project?). One day Draco and Hermione are acting very chummy, when Harry and Ron see this Ron exclaims that that bastard is touching Hermione, and Harry thinking that Bitch has her hands all over Draco, then does a double take and begins questioning why he thought that.
Special Request(s): Though this should depict friendship between Draco and Hermione, I want there to be a lot of interactions between Draco and Harry, and the least bit of focus with Hermione and Ron characters. Draco still with his snarky attitude, which Hermione seems to accept, and Harry can't figure out why anyone can give the self-righteous git any time of day. Virgin Harry and Draco (please). Toppy as hell, filthy-talking Draco (pretty please). Harry POV. Happy ending.
Squicks: Draco or Harry attracted to other males (past present or future), threesomes, sweet passive Draco. Bottom Draco (past present or future). Draco being separated from his Slytherins. Saintly Weasleys/Gryffindors.
Maximum Rating: NC17
Anything else: Fic please. As long you follow the "Special Requests," and "Squicks" guidelines, I would be happy.

Prompter: tigersilver
Prompt: Creature!Draco as Merman, Selkie, Sidhe, or Pooka. Think Emma Bull's 'War For the Oaks', for inspiration. A whole lotta magic and a landslide of ritual, please.
Special Request(s): Muggle Magical Trivia, please. Such as wearing one's coat inside out to be invisible or the like. Happy Ending only.
Squicks: BSDM, D/s
Maximum Rating: NC-17
Anything else:

Prompt # 82
Prompter: renleek
Prompt: Harry and Draco have a tentative relationship, they still argue, fight and (pretend to) hate each other but also snog and grind the hell out of each other in dark corners. Draco desperately wants and tries to coax Harry into taking things further but the problem is Draco's imposing size. He's hung like a stallion and Harry is terrified.
Special Request(s): Would love to have Draco being painfully embarrassed about how aroused and turned on he is by Harry. And Harry being even *more* embarrassed and both not know how to go about it.
Squicks: Feminized men.
Maximum Rating: NC-17 (or as high as you'd like...? Fic or art would be loved!)
Anything else: Clumsy first time. Clumsy but very aggressive Draco in that he wants Harry very very badly, but in the end, I'd actually like Harry to be the one to "brave" his fear and go through with it (and discover how much of a slutty bottom he is enjoying it much more than he thought (can totally see him preparing himself with larger and larger dildos, or something). Author chooses whatever era they wish (EWE could be sexy too) and if there's any plot around this shameless pwp, that would be fantastically awesome (but I will be just as ecstatic with a sexy PWP all the same).

Prompt # 83
Prompter: freakingcrups
Prompt: Potter is teasing Draco and he's doing it on purpose, Draco is sure of it. Every time they get close to penetration sex, Potter suddenly has an 'emergency' and rushes off. Draco decides to show Potter who is in control.
Special Request(s): I'd love there to be romance there. Not just sex. I also love plots involved, but if you only want to make this a PWP, that's okay too.
Squicks: Non con, watersports, scat.
Maximum Rating: NC-17
Anything else: Here, have a NSFW image as inspiration

Prompt # 84
Prompter: badcook
Draco and Harry have been together for a long time now. To spice up their sex life, Harry finds a spell to turn himself into a girl, correct anatomies and all that (well equipped). Draco loves having sex with Harry in his girl form... a little too much, and Harry sets out to remind him that Harry is very much male.
Special Request(s): Draco having sex with girl!Harry at least once. Public sex/Exhibitionism. Demanding!Harry Bottom!Harry (no duh) Sex toys. And Harry in a sexy costume. xD
A well-hung Draco would be nice...
Squicks: Character death. Too much angst.
Maximum Rating: NC-17... or higher :)

Prompt # 85
Prompter: cottonrobin
Prompt: Established relationship. Harry is completely tactless and Draco is jealous.
Special Request(s):
Squicks: watersports, scat
Maximum Rating: NC-17
Anything else: I purposefully made the prompt really open to interpretation :3

Prompter: cottonrobin
Prompt: Harry collected a lot of scars (physically and emotionally) throughout the war and afterwards. He becomes very self-conscious about his body and appearance. Harry must first learn to love himself before he can really love another. Enter Draco, who teaches him how to do that.
Special Request(s): Snarky!Draco
Squicks: watersports, scat
Maximum Rating: NC-17
Anything else: It would be interesting to focus on Harry's psychology as a result of the trauma he experienced in the past, and how it manifests through low self-confidence in his physical appearance. Also, I don't really see Draco being someone who would hold Harry's hand and coddle him, rather, he would sort of be the catalyst that pushes Harry to get over his issues.

Prompt # 87
Prompter: fyernaice
Prompt: Harry and Draco have to take care of a creature for CoMC. Harry becomes pissed off because the creature loves Draco, and hates Harry. The creature is the leader of the group the class is caring for, and seemingly the others follow the leader, and attacks anyone who insults Draco including Granger and Weasley.
Special Request(s): Virgin Harry. Snarky, witty Draco. Harry's POV. Draco taller than Harry. Draco's Sectumsempra scar makes an appearance. A scene where the creature gets injured and Draco loses his cool!
Squicks: Draco or Harry being attracted to other males (past present or future). Bottom Draco (past present or future). Threesome. Saintly Weasleys/Gryffindors.
Maximum Rating:NC17
Anything else: Please follow the "Special Requests," and "Squicks" portions.

Prompt # 88
Prompter: wincest_drarry
Prompt: After the war Harry and Draco have slowly become friends. Draco finds out that no matter how confident Harry looks, he is rather shy inside and has a problem asking for what he truly wants. (Because of the Dursleys, the press, his nature...etc. It's up to your choice. ) Draco decides to do something about it.
Special Request(s): Happy ending, please.♥
Squicks: Major character death, cross-dressing, feminized men, threesomes, BDSM, scat.
Maximum Rating: NC-17

Prompt # 89
Prompter: fyernaice
Prompt: Harry cannot get the look in Draco's eyes when he rescued him from the Fiendfire out of his mind. No one has ever looked at him with such wonder. Harry dreams of it, becomes obsessed with it. He realizes he wants Draco and ends his "tentative" relationship with Ginny. In 8th yr Hogwarts, Harry decides he is going to do whatever it takes to get Draco to look like "that." He tries a plethora of things but they don't work. In the end when he decides that he will never have Draco, he decides to tell him he loves him. Who would have thought that all it took was to tell Draco he loved him to have that "look" returned?
Special Request(s): Virgin Harry and Draco. Draco's Sectumsempra scar. Harry's POV.
Squicks: Draco or Harry being attracted to other males (past present or future). Bottom Draco (past present or future). Saintly Weasleys/Gryffindors. Weak, passive, cowardly Draco. Threesomes
Maximum Rating:NC17
Anything else: Just pay attention to the "Special Requests," and "Squicks" portions.

Prompt # 90
Prompter: sksdwrld
Prompt:An AU: Harry is sent to St. Brutus's school for incurably criminal boys (A Catholic Reformatory) by the Dursleys. There, he meets Draco Malfoy who was thrown out of Hogwarts and has taken the role of hostile young loner. Harry (still unaware of the wizarding world) knows he is different, and tries to protect himself and/or make friends through the use of his unique and special talents. Draco recognizes him for what he is, and takes him under his wing. Together, the two of them cause quite the ruckus, including getting it on in the confessional booth.
Special Request(s): Hot sex in the confessional booth.
Squicks: scat, chan-(no kiddies, but mid to late teens ok. If you fail to mention their year or age in the story line, I will assume of age.)
Maximum Rating:NC-17
Anything else:You could throw Snape in there as a teacher if you like. He'd do well in a priest frock....

Prompter: plumwinkle
Prompt: Blind or Deaf and agoraphobic Harry. Draco sees Harry at some kind of healer appt, and thinks he's acting odd/frantic, so he of course investigates. He Finds Harry is blind and anxious/agoraphobic (its a struggle for Harry to leave his home to even check the mail). The more he watches the more intrigued he is and he can't stay away. So he slowly comes up with a way to worm his way into Harry's life. They fall in love, find a way to deal around Harry's issues (they DON'T magically go away, anxiety is real and frightening and it should be so in this story, as real the blindness/deafness which brings it on. Anyone who has ever had a panic attack knows how truly debilitating they can be, please don't treat it as a quirk or joke). They have a long hard road as Harry fights Draco's interest because he was abandoned by his fiancé AFTER he is hurt because they could not deal with Harry's disabilities. I don't care if this is Ginny or whoever, but I need the abandonment and trust issues to be deep seated and real. Prefer longer story to give time for trust and bonding. How Harry is blinded or deafened is your choice, how Draco confronts him and worms his way in is your choice.
Special Request(s): ANGSTY road to HAPPINESS please. ;) I'd prefer Hermione and Ron to be Draco's champions after they see he's not such an ass now, which Harry resents. They want Harry to be whole again and to work thru his disabilities.
Squicks: Scat (rimming is fine though), Underage / Chan, Major Character Deaths, Unhappy Endings.
Maximum Rating: NC-17 Please ;)
Anything else: Agoraphobic and Anxiety is a must, also please choose blindness or deafness, not both. Though now I think on it, deaf might be more interesting? I've seen blind but not deaf fics. Your choice though.

Prompt # 92
Prompter: fyernaice
Prompt:Draco performing Lady Gaga's "The Edge of Glory" (it could be that he somehow heard the song or be written as Draco's own song?).
Special Request:First Time, 8th Year. Harry's POV. Virgin Harry and Draco. Snarky, sarcastic Draco. Smitten Harry. Very ROCKING carefree Draco. A lot of interaction between Harry and Draco. Hogwarts students gone crazy over Draco. Jealous, fuming Harry.
Squicks: Draco or Harry being attracted to other males (past present or future). Bottom Draco (past present or future). Saintly Weasleys/Gryffindors. Threesomes. Passive, cowardly, weak Draco.
Maximum Rating:NC17
Anything else: I'd be happy with whatever you come up with as long as the "Special Requests," and "Squicks," guidelines.

Prompt # 93
Prompter: renleek
Prompt: Post-Hogwarts. (I'm positive it's been done many times but...) Harry loses his memory (author can create how and for how long), and Draco takes advantage of it (like makes him believe they're not only a couple but also trying for a baby?).
Special Request(s): Would like a desperate pining Draco who wants to make a family with Harry badly, so that he can be a permanent fixture in Harry's life.
Squicks: Feminine men (would love both of them to be confident manly men).
Maximum Rating: NC-17.
Anything else: Er... mpreg really would be lovely.

Prompter: renleek
Prompt: Stranded in the unforgiving magical wilderness (with no wand or maybe a broken one?).
Special Request(s): Deluge of UST. Would like for both to show their abilities in being resourceful and Harry to be surprised by how Draco's actually very capable and to be secretly floored by his impressive (survival) skills. I was hoping perhaps Draco could take charge in ensuring their survival.
Squicks: Feminine men. Penetrating Draco in anyway (which means no fingering, rimming Draco, etc), please.
Maximum Rating: NC-17.
Anything else: Any era (but considering the prompt, probably more fitting of post-Hogwarts?). I took example from a previous prompter to leave the prompt as open as possible because I'd really *really* like to see a nice long plotty fic from this. Though it might seem like I'm asking for minimal magic use, I'd actually be ecstatic if author could find ways to go around it and for them to be creative, innovative. Oh and if you're so inclined, an unexpected pregnancy (that causes some tension) would be the icing on the cake...

Prompt # 95
Prompter: lomonaaeren
Prompt: Harry and Draco are confined together somewhere (maybe because Draco needs Harry as his bodyguard for some reason), but Harry can still communicate with his friends. Draco notices Harry's getting more and more snappish and uptight, and gleefully increases this by insulting him and needling him. Then, one afternoon, Draco overhears Ron telling Harry that he really needs to get fucked before he expires of his own temper. Harry, of course, yells at Ron, but Draco thinks he himself might be just the man for the job.
Special Request(s): Dub-con, please, if you go that route, and not non-con (Harry does want it, but may resist). Bondage would be great, if you could work it in. The more spitting and yelling and intensity, the better.
Squicks: Mpreg, chan, scat. Also, for this prompt, please no role-playing scenario where Harry and Draco are already secretly together and Draco's only pretending to annoy Harry or fuck him for the first time; I'd like to see this as a real experience.
Maximum Rating: NC-17
Anything else: PWP or a story with plot, it's all good.

Prompt # 96
Prompter: renleek
Prompt: Disabled!impotent!Draco. Harry can’t forget that [one passionate night?] with Malfoy during the war but when he finds him again, he is shocked to find Draco in a wheelchair (or bed-ridden, however you want it to fit in), the man has lost all sensation and function of the lower half of his body. Draco didn’t want Harry to find him like this and Harry is desperate to give himself like he did that time.
Special Request(s): Though Draco is impotent, I’d really like author to explore how he comes to term with feeling “less than a man”. I’d like to see lots of struggle and (sexual) frustrations and tension before Harry can truly help him overcome his inferiority complex. Major points if the development could be centered around sex (from fetishizing of certain body parts to acceptance maybe(?), etc).
Squicks: Feminized men.
Maximum Rating: NC-17. (Fic or art is perfect!)
Anything else: In the beginning, I’d like Draco pouring his soul into pleasuring Harry with his fingers and mouth and desperately needing for Harry to “feel” him but wanting to give Harry that same pleasure he did that time, he has a man have sex with Harry in front of him and instructs the man the way he would be making love to Harry (this could be a catalyst for recovery?). Though it is a premise involving lots of angst, I’d like there to be a happy ending (if that is not possible, feel free to follow your own instincts).

Prompt # 97
Prompter: bgd_thrifty
Prompt: Harry has trauma from his time with the Dursleys that manifests itself in his eating habits.
Special Request(s): I've read a few fics where Harry has issues with people eating off his plate and things like that. I'd just like a more extreme version/a story that focusses on it more. Please interpret howsoever you wish.
Squicks: not a squick per se, but no restrictive/compensatory eating disorders, please. Gryffindor bashing.
Maximum Rating: NC-17
Anything else: I'd really like to see how this affects characters other than Harry - how do they cope? Do they enable him? And how does Harry deal with eating at restaurants? People leaving food on their plates?

Prompt # 98
Prompter: cottonrobin
Prompt: Mpreg. Draco and Harry are desperate to start a family. There is a celebration and happiness all around when Harry finally conceives. However, late into the pregnancy Harry develops complications and Draco is forced into making the toughest decision of his life: to save the baby or Harry. (He chooses Harry). Afterward, Harry becomes severely depressed and withdrawn from everyone, especially Draco.
Special Request(s): ANGST! but a happy ending
Squicks: watersports, scat
Maximum Rating: nc-17
Anything else: nah

Prompt # 99
Prompter: fyernaice
Prompt: For Severus, when Harry cast the Sectumsempra curse, it was a blessing in disguise. It provided him with the perfect opportunity to "protect his Godson". Severus manipulates the situation, and fakes Draco's death, he Obliviates him, and transport him to another location. Everyone believes that Draco died that day, and it haunts Harry. After the war, Harry is disgusted with himself because he considers himself a murderer, the one who killed a boy. He cannot bear being touched by anyone and flees from everyone. Of course he is shocked to find none other than Draco Malfoy.
Special Request: First time. Virgin Harry and Draco. Harry POV. Harry stalking Draco, and pissed off because he thinks that Draco faked his death and ran away like a coward. A Draco who knows he is "different" but doesn't realizes why and cannot bring himself to trust anyone (until Harry), when Harry comes along he feels a connection to him. Although there is a connection there is heavy tension. Hopefully sex, but with Draco's memory returning first. Happy ending. Draco retaining his snarky sarcastic personality. Draco has his nasty Sectumsempra scars (probably the way Harry is positive it is Draco.
Squicks:Draco or Harry being attracted to other males (past present or future). Draco penetrated in any form (past present or future). Saintly Weasleys/Gryffindors. Threesomes, moresomes. Draco hurting or leaving Harry(after the reunion).
Maximum Rating:NC17
Anything else: Besides Draco "dying" due to Sectumsempra, everything else happens (including Dumbledore's and Snape's death) up to the vanquishing of Voldemort. The longer the fic the better, but I'll settle for anything. If nothing else, please follow my "Special Requests," and "Squicks" criteria.

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