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H/D Remix 4.0 top!Draco Save List

hd_remix vol. 4.0 has posted its last entry today.

Top!Draco Save List from hd_remix
all top!Draco or no preference as to who tops

Masterlist of the Fest.


mayfly_78 drew Until That Boy is Mine (R)
remixing lettered's No Other Superstar (NC-17 | 20K words)
Warning for original: top!Harry not with Draco, mention of bottom!Draco

naturegirlrocks drew To More Fables Needed (PG | art)
remixing elfflame's Fables (G | 100 words)


kinky_kneazle wrote Voices in the Leaves (The Peacock and the Apprentice Redux) (G | 3100 words)
remixing megyal's The Beauty of Trees (PG | 8100 words)

bsmog wrote The Precipice Beyond (PG 13 | 5650 words)
remixing badjujuboo's The Brink (bottom!Draco)

kjp_013 wrote Empty Beds: Draco's Story (R | 4000 words)
remixing kinky_kneazle's Empty Bed (G | 600 words)

elfflame wrote Home - the Goldilocks Remix (PG-13 | 2650 words)
remixing alovelycupoftea's Home (R | 1600 words)

radcliffe_bass wrote The Road to Apathy (R | 2000 words)
remixing bgd_thrifty's Apathy Will Get You In The End (PG-13 | 150 words)
Warning: switching

badjujuboo wrote Feeling Everything (from lust to truth) (NC-17 | 7500 words)
remixing naturegirlrocks' Just Keep Kissing Me (PG-13 | art)

envy_venis wrote Awake in the Night (R | 2700)
remixing valinorean's The Lonely Moonlit House (PG-13 | 500 words)

leela_cat wrote Touch But Don't Look (R | 4230 words)
remixing kitty_fic's Look But Don't Touch (NC-17 | 1285 words)

scarletladyy wrote I'll Fight For You (PG-13 | 2100 words)
remixing vaysh's Moonlight (G | 200 words)

bgd_thrifty wrote Lambs (NC-17 | 3900 words)
remixing skriftlig's The Hunt (PG-13 | 2300 words)
Warning: Draco gives Harry a blowjob

cariceus wrote Day Off (PG-13 | 4000 words)
remixing twilight_tones' What's With Today (PG-13 | 4600 words)

nursedarry wrote Give the Git A Kiss (PG-13 | 3000 words)
remixing curiouslyfic's HP/ST:XI fusion: Give the Git a Wand"> (PG-13 | 5300 words)

lettered wrote The Pure and Simple Truth (PG | 70K words)
remixing talekayler's Nunquam Securus (R | 2900 words)

sassy_cissa wrote A Misguided Attempt at a Back-Alley Blow-Job (R | 1900 words)
remixing radcliffe_bass's Of Relationships and Daily Prophets (PG-13 | 4700 words)

kitty_fic wrote Friends And More (NC-17 | 5380 words)
remixing sassy_cissa's More Than Friends (NC-17 | 820 words)
Warning: Draco fingering himself

megyal wrote The More Reckless Side (The How to Court a Slytherin Remix) (PG | 6800 words)
remixing cariceus's The Courting of Draco Malfoy (PG-13 | 9620 words)

valinorean wrote and kayoko created the graphics for My Teacher is a Death Eater (G | 1000 words and art)
remixing bsmog's You Align My Stars (NC-17 | 22,500 words)
Warning for original: Draco gives Harry a blowjob

sesheta_66 wrote Home (NC-17 | 4700 words)
remixing winterstorrm's Empty Nights (NC-17 | 4975 words)
Warning for original: mention of switching

twilight_tones wrote What I Needed (NC-17 | 3600 words)
remixing envy_venis's Retribution (PG-13 | 13,950 words)

skriftlig wrote Transiental (NC-17 | 3500 words)
remixing sesheta_66's Elemental (NC-17 | 16,500 words)

vaysh wrote The Homecoming of Harry Potter (R | 5000 words)
remixing lordhellebore's Perseverance (PG-13 | 11 x 100 words)
Warning: blink-and-miss mention of bottom!Draco

alovelycupoftea wrote A Second Attempt (NC-17 | 1400 words)
remixing leela_cat's Special Edition (R | 9100 words)

If you spot any broken links or links leading to bottom!Draco by mistake,
please do let me know in comments. Thank you!

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