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The Sugar Cum Fairies Christmas Fic Challenge

The Four Horsewomen of TopDraco_BottomHarry_Slash are extremely proud to present:

The Sugar Cum Fairies Christmas Fic Challenge.

After much behind the scenes negotiation, thoughtful planning, and careful crafting, we have jointly created for your entertainment the following rules designed to challenge new and experienced authors alike. **Please** read the directions carefully, and let's have some fun!

There will be prize gift certificates awarded of $10 for 3rd place, $15 for 2nd place, and $20 for the 1st place winner. Details will be discussed with the authors after the challenge. **This is a feature that will definitely change in the future, since for now we are funding the prizes ourselves to help stir up enthusiasm and interest.**

****Please do not submit any fics to the group until after December 1st. We are announcing it a little early to give everyone time over the various holidays to work on it...a bit difficult with those guests peeking over your shoulders, or the kids out of school, eh?

The fics will be due by January 1st, 2006. We had some wonderful fics produced by the group for The All Hallows Eve Fic Challenge...we're hoping to have even more created for this one! With so many of our fomer members returning to us who are authors...and new authors joining the group...and c'mon, you and you-try it, join in the challenge, we don't bite. It'll be fun! That's what we're here for, right? Smut 'n fun.


1) Draco *must* top Harry (yep, we have to say it)

2) *Minimum* of 1,500 words

3) Fics *must* have a HAPPY ENDING!!!

4) Seasonal touches such as snow, sleighs, carolling, holly, tree trimming, etc, *must* be included.

And...here's the kicker...

Authors absolutely, positively, yes we really mean it *MUST* use at least *one* item from *each* of the following categories! You are free to choose which ones, but you *must* use at least one item listed in Categories A, B, C, and D, *or* the alternative listed after the proposed selections.

Category A - SCENARIOS

We have 5 scenarios. You *must* use at least one, and yes, you *may* combine 2 or more if you wish. And remember, please, the fics may contain fluff, angst, etc, as you like, but they *must* have a HAPPY ENDING.

1) Mistletoe Kiss- Either Draco or Harry is kissed by someone else under the mistletoe and the other becomes extremely jealous. Include a scene where the one who was *not* kissed is fantasizing about the other. Please include another very public kiss that is unexpected and surprising to one of them.

2) Secret Santa- Draco and Harry draw each other's names for the Secret Santa gift exchange. They both discover something unexpected or insightful about each other that nobody else knows, and the gifts exchanged must reflect that. We don't want easy, no brainer gifts of snake/lion jewelry...they know what Houses they're in!

3) First Christmas Together- *must be set post-Hogwarts*- Draco and Harry spend their first Christmas together as an "official" couple-they may be newly out of the closet *or* have been out but just started dating each other. They must have a lover's quarrel and a snowball fight that turns into a kiss.

4) Post-War Christmas- They *must* be in their early 20s or older; they may/may not be an established couple as you prefer. Draco and Harry visit a home for war orphans and take a sleigh ride together somewhere; Draco must save Harry from an attack of some kind.

5) Slytherin Christmas- *must* be set in 7th year- Draco and Harry stay at Hogwarts during the holidays. The Slytherins have set up a prank on Harry, but Draco discovers he no longer wishes to hurt him. Harry performs a striptease to "Santa Baby." There is a public declaration of their relationship.

Category B - WORDS

Authors *must* use at least 3 words from this list, as preferred.

festive solitary cordial
exultant marzipan bauble
frosty blessing merry

Category C - QUOTES

Authors *must* use either *one* of the following quotes *OR* they may choose a holiday quote from any literary or movie source as they prefer, providing they footnote the author, title, etc.

From the Christmas chapter of HP/Stone:
"If that's what I think it is-they're really rare and really valuable."

From the Christmas chapter of HP/Chamber:
"I-I don't think I'm going to come after all. You go on without me."

Quote adapted from Charles Dickens' "A Christmas Carol":
"Merlin Bless Us, Every One!"

From "A Visit From St Nicholas" by Clement Clarke Moore (poem):
"Happy Christmas to all, and to all a good night."

From "Scrooged", the movie:
"The bitch hit me with a toaster!"

*OR*, as stated, authors may use a literary or movie quote of their own choosing, providing they footnote the sources as clearly as possible.

Category D - SONGS
*****NO SONGFICS*****

Songs should be mentioned in passing by title to help establish a holiday mood. If necessary for artistic reasons, authors may quote *only* 1-2 lines from:

Last Christmas by George Michael
Blue Christmas by Elvis
Christmas (Baby Please Come Home) by U2
Happy Christmas (War Is Over) by John Lennon/Yoko Ono
The Christmas Song by Nat King Cole
Santa Baby by Eartha Kitt

*OR* authors may choose a song of their own. It should preferably be either a classic holiday tune or popular enough to be well-known. The purpose of this section is to assist in establishing mood...so it will help if your readers have a chance of actually knowing the song! Please footnote your source as well as possible.

The fics should be headed like this:

Title: (1/?)
Challenge responses: which from each category
Warnings or spoilers: if any

****Send your fics, saved in HTML format,, to TopDraco_BottomHarry@yahoogroups.com after December 1st. Be sure to send a copy to Death at skylabx@aol.com so she can post it in the challenge folder as well.

The Four Horsewomen have worked very hard to present their esteemed and valued group members with an interesting, fun, and *challenging* challenge that will hopefully intrigue our experienced authors yet guide our new and perhaps nervous authors through the contest. We are looking forward to seeing what all of you create!

If you have any questions not answered in this announcement, please direct your enquiry to topdracobottomharry-owner@yahoogroups.com, skylabx@aol.com or allylove@sbcglobal.net.

So now...*who* will take up that gauntlet...and write...? Who will help keep our group a growing, vital community of active members who get involved, participate, and will *not* be kept down by *anyone*?

The answers are up to you...
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