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FEST: Roundup Week 3

dracotops_harry Fest ♦
Roundup Week Three


Seal the Deal (PG-13)
Summary: Harry decides to give up his magic in exchange for happiness. Luckily, Draco (with the help of some accomplices) can stop him before things get dangerous.


since feeling is first (NC-17 | 6850 words)
Summary: Draco and Harry are in a relationship. Draco can’t help but think that Harry will leave him for someone better soon. That shouldn’t be a problem, it’s only sex after all. Or at least that’s what Draco tells himself.

Seeking: Draco Malfoy (NC-17 | 3400 words)
Summary: Harry knows Draco wants him, but is too nervous to do anything about it. He decides to place a sex ad to lure him in.

Wishing Candles (a.k.a. The Day My Children Appeared Before Me) (PG-13 | 12,000 words)
Summary: When two children suddenly appear on the Malfoy's doorstep, claim Draco's their Father, and their last names have an added hyphen of Potter, Draco's most coveted wish comes true. Too bad nobody's told Harry about this wish.

Grayscale (PG-13 | 9000 words)
Summary: Draco keeps to himself and doesn't talk. This hasn't been a problem for him in school so far, until for some reason he catches the attention of Harry Potter. Then life takes a (pleasant) turn.

Randy Roommates (R | 1200 words)
Summary: Ron's rest is rudely interrupted by his randy roommates.

Once Upon A Fairy Tale (R | 8500 words)
Summary: Ron Weasley has been missing for three months, vanishing during an investigation into the strange disappearance of a number of children. Draco and Harry take over the case and Draco is left to pick up the pieces when Harry goes missing. Finding an old book of fairy tales on Harry’s desk, Draco gets pulled into a fairy tale world where nothing is as it seems and he tries to discover what has become of Harry and Ron.

Sober, with Love (NC-17 | 32,700 words)
Summary: Harry downed the potion in one, pupils quickly dilating and his mind blissfully, gratefully drifting off.


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If you recced any of these submissions in your journal or in a community, please let us know in comments. We are collecting unflocked recs that have at least a few words of personal comment for Hot Recs to be sent to the daily_snitch.
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