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FIC: Speak (NC-17)

Title: Speak
Author: literaryspell
Prompt: # 50
Summary: Draco is content in his submissive role with Harry happily dominating him… That is, until he isn’t anymore.
Rating: NC-17
Pairing(s): Harry/Draco
Warnings: D/s, rimming, mention of bottom!Draco
Word Count: 2200
Author's Notes: So, darling secretsalex, even though I made you write this prompt, I still didn't take it in the exact direction you requested. I hope you're okay with the end result. I haven't written Draco's POV for some time and felt a little rusty – I'll be going back to Harry after this, that's for certain. All my love to my betas/brit-pickers who kicked this fic in the butt until I had to clean it up properly. <3 Huge thanks to the mods for their patience, dedication, and good humour in the face of my neediness.


Draco looked up from his paperwork when he heard the Floo let something through. It couldn’t be Harry, he knew, because Harry had been in the field that day and wouldn’t have time to come home for lunch. He got up to check and saw a Ministry memo on the living room floor. He rolled his eyes – his supervisor was constantly checking in on him despite the fact that Draco was, without a doubt, the best Unspeakable there was – despite what his colleague Granger might have to say about that.

He snatched up the memo. It read one word only. Six. Draco frowned and turned the memo over, but that was it. Then a slow grin slipped over Draco's features. He checked the clock on the mantle. It was only two in the afternoon.

He had four hours before Harry wanted him. The first time Harry had sent such a memo, it hadn’t been a time of day but a rather detailed description of the position he wanted Draco in when he came home. Draco had almost blushed reading it; Harry was always better with dirty talk – any sort of talk, really. He had fewer inhibitions and didn’t seem to get embarrassed. Draco, contrarily, had a hard time saying what he wanted in simple terms, let alone graphic ones.

It was one of the many reasons their relationship worked. Harry had an uncanny ability to either know or quickly suss out what Draco wanted. More often than Draco would like, Harry had figured it out before him, leaving Draco a mess of confused satiation when Harry applied his knowledge.

For the same reason Harry's talent was beneficial, it could sometimes be problematic. Draco didn’t ask for what he wanted. He relied on Harry to figure it out. So the few times Harry didn't, Draco felt let down. He knew it was unreasonable but he'd never promised reason.

Draco passed the time with a shower, some chores, and trying to finish up his work despite an insistent half-erection. All the while he couldn’t stop thinking of what he'd promised himself the last time he and Harry had had a scene. He wanted to try something new and he knew Harry would too – once he got into it. Harry could be a stubborn bastard and he'd said from the start that he was an exclusive top. Yet, the hypocrite had Draco rim him and liked a finger up there during blowjobs from time to time.

Still, Harry was Draco's Dom. It wouldn’t be easy to get his way this time. Being unable to come out and ask would make it challenging, but Draco had learnt other ways.

He wondered what sort of mood Harry was in. If he tied Draco up, it wouldn’t be easy to turn the tables, but there were ways. If he wanted to beat Draco, who craved the deep thud of Harry's loving violence, Harry would almost certainly need to fuck Draco's arse afterward. Harry was always desperate after he got rough with toys or his hands.

Draco sighed. He might not be able to pull it off this time.

The Floo sounded again before Draco had worked out a plan, and as soon as he heard Harry's footsteps, he knew what sort of mood Harry was in. He stomped through the house and into the study. His face was stern but he couldn’t hide his eagerness. Harry's expressiveness sometimes made Draco feel like he wasn’t giving enough, but he'd long ago accepted that he and Harry were vastly different and that was just fine.

"Did you get the memo?" Harry asked. Draco nodded.

"So… yeah?" Harry needed more reassurance than Draco most of the time. He was still a little unsteady in his role as dominant. Draco knew a part of him struggled with Draco actually needing the things Harry did to him.

Again, Draco nodded, confirming that he was prepared and eager for whatever Harry had in store for him.

At a crook of Harry's finger, Draco went to stand; as soon as his arse left the chair, Harry was on him, grabbing his upper arms and trying to bring him off balance. Harry loved taking Draco down and then catching him before he fell. Fucking saviour complex.

But Draco wasn’t letting up easy today. "That kind of day, hm?" His voice was casual but strained as he fought to stay on his feet.

Harry grinned and swept Draco's foot out from beneath him, sending him off centre. "You were in my head every fucking minute."

"Fuck!" Draco tried to recover, not wanting Harry to have the upper hand even for a moment. He would submit in good time, but he always felt Harry should work for it. Despite his effort, Harry swung him so he stumbled onto the leather loveseat behind him. "You prick," he swore, out of breath from the battle.

"You love it."

Harry knelt on the sofa between Draco's splayed legs and tried to push Draco more fully onto his back. He wasn’t having it; he tried slipping from Harry's grasp, giving his all to his attempt to escape.

"Don't get so cocky." Draco shoved at Harry's shoulders but Harry just held his forearms in an iron grip.

"Too late." Harry let go of one of Draco's arms and grabbed his dick through his Auror robes, smirking. Draco rolled his eyes.

Taking advantage of his freedom, Draco yanked Harry down onto the sofa, half on top of him, and then snuck out from beneath his boyfriend and stood. "Stay," he commanded, holding out a finger like he would to a pet.

"Draco," Harry warned, his smile dimming, though not disappearing, at the affront to his authority.

Draco ignored him and slipped his robes over his head. Harry's smile fled completely then, but not out of unhappiness. He groaned when Draco removed his pants, leaving him nude before his Dom, his cock already hard from their wrestling.

"Want me to undress you, Sir?" he asked, knowing the quickest way to get Harry to do what he wanted was to do what Harry wanted.

Harry stood, silent as he took Draco in, before nodding in permission. He watched Draco's fingers move over the fastenings, ties, and buttons of his robes, trousers, and pants. Draco went to reach for Harry's cock, almost without thinking, but Harry grabbed his arm, stopping him. He took a step back until he was seated again, his shoulders resting against the corner of the sofa. He lounged, stroking his cock with one hand and keeping Draco at arm's length with the other.

"Miss me?" Harry asked, giving Draco a lazy smile.

Draco shrugged. "Quieter without you around," he quipped. "Easier to get work done."

Laughing, Harry said, "And you so prefer to work, don't you, love?" With a sharp jerk he had Draco on his knees in front of him. Instead of asking, he took the back of Draco's neck in hand and brought him face-first against his dick. Draco had no choice but to open his mouth, getting Harry's cock wet quickly so he could take more and suck faster.

The quick, smooth action between banter and blow job was something Draco was used to. Harry was the only lover he'd had who could be at once playful and demanding.

Harry's particular brand of physical, aggressive domination wasn’t something Draco had even known he craved. He was used to Doms making demands. They seemed to enjoy the sound of their own voice, he'd noticed. And so it usually got to be that Draco couldn’t stand their voices at all. But Harry, he was different. Sometimes he'd ask Draco for something: "Take it deeper," or "Fuck back harder." Usually he was more comfortable just guiding Draco, positioning him how he wanted, not letting anything become lost in translation.

Harry grunted and dropped his head against the back of the sofa. His hand remained on Draco's neck, but the touch was light and unobtrusive.

"You have the most amazing mouth," he said, his tone soft.

Draco's couldn’t properly thank Harry so he redoubled his efforts to show his appreciation. He might not be great at communication but he'd never turn down a compliment. Harry's cock was sweetly familiar and Draco knew exactly what Harry liked. He sucked hard as he came off, and kept his lips tight on the way down, pressing down hard on the massive vein atop Harry's cock, the one he'd played with, kissed, and licked more times than he could count.

Harry's hand on his neck tightened and pulled him back, so Draco moved his mouth to Harry's sac tonguing them and taking them into his mouth one at a time. He sucked the soft skin into the mouth and Harry hissed. His breath accelerated and Draco thought he might actually have a chance at enacting his plan.

He spread Harry's legs wider and looked up at him, awaiting approval.

"Shit, yes," Harry said, inching closer to the edge of the loveseat and lifting one leg up, exposing his dark crevice. Draco kissed the crown of his cock before licking a line back down the shaft, over his sac, and down to his arsehole. He teased Harry as much as he dared but began to rim him in earnest, flicking his tongue over the ring and pressing in as deep as he could. Harry's hand moved to the back of his head and held Draco against his hole.

When his jaw ached and Harry's precome had leaked halfway down his cock, Draco raised his head. He straightened and leant over Harry for a kiss, which Harry gave. He was almost wordless with need, his green eyes dark and cheeks flushed with blood. Draco was hard as hell but he was much better at restraint than Harry.

As they were kissing, Draco inched forwards. Their cocks touched and then his slid down until it rested against Harry's crack. He looked up, projecting innocence, at his Dom.

Harry's eyes narrowed and Draco cursed his lack of subtlety. Harry wasn’t stupid, even hazed with lust as he was.

"Trying to tell me something?" Harry said, low and guttural but with a teasing edge.

Draco decided to come clean. "I figured, since you'd never bottomed…"

"Oh, so you thought you'd do me the honour?"

"I thought you might want to try it."

Draco paused, wondering how much he should reveal. Though he and Harry had been together for a while – and fucking for even longer – he still hesitated to lay everything out on the table. Sometimes he hated that part of his personality, but he didn’t know how to be open like Harry. He decided that evening was as good a time as any to take a step in that direction.

"I really want to," he admitted.

Harry's eyebrows lifted. "You do? You've never mentioned that before."

Draco nodded. "I know. And I like the way we… do things. Don't get me wrong. I just… want this too."

Harry looked at him for a long time before nodding. "Yeah, okay. You better fucking make it good, though." He laughed but Draco detected nervousness in it.

"I promise," he said.

He moved in for a kiss and Harry's hand was back on his neck, a favourite resting spot. They kissed slowly, a reaffirmation that they were in this together.

Harry bit at Draco's lip and the kiss became eager and then ferocious.

"Do it, then," he growled against Draco's mouth.

Draco broke the kiss to catch his breath and put his fingers against Harry's hole, but Harry smacked his hand away.

"Just do it, Draco."

Draco frowned. Harry was always so good about preparing him, protecting him from any pain he didn’t want. But Harry was in charge so Draco lined his cock up instead. Harry nodded at him, and Draco pressed forward. Harry was tight but relaxed, and Draco went in easily enough.

He had to stop, dropping his head onto Harry's chest. It had been ages since he'd fucked someone, and Harry was so tight. More than that, though, it was Harry – he was finally fucking Harry.

"Don't stop, you prat. And if you come before I do, I'll get the paddle." Harry's voice was light but tense and Draco knew he wasn’t comfortable.

"Yes, Sir," he whispered, pressing forward. He closed his eyes; with Harry out of sight, he didn’t feel quite so desperate to come. Draco shoved forward until he was all the way inside his Dom. Harry let out a deep breath. He didn’t dare ask if Harry was all right; if he wasn’t, Harry wouldn’t let them continue.

It took Draco some time a create a rhythm, as he was used to absorbing the rhythm set by someone else. Once he got the hang of it, he worked at finding Harry's prostate. That took much longer than it ever did for Harry to find his. Draco recalled Harry striking it on the first thrust – an event that, in the beginning, Draco had used to rationalise their anomalous relationship.

Once Draco did find his prostate, he knew Harry was his. He made low groans and jerked a little every time, helping Draco make sure he could hit that spot more often.

Draco's immediate need to come had diminished in his concentration, and he dared to look up at Harry. His eyes were closed, his brow furrowed, but his mouth was open and his hips moved to meet Draco's.

Draco felt something brush his pelvis and looked down to see Harry wanking.

"Can I?" he asked, putting his hand over Harry's.

Harry released his grip. "Do it hard."

Draco spit in his hand and gripped Harry's cock, jerking him ruthlessly in time with his thrusts. It took a bit of an adjustment to get everything working smoothly. He had to hand it to Harry: he made it look effortless to fuck, wank, and even kiss Draco all at the same time. Once he caught his stride, he knew Harry was enjoying himself.

He also knew he wouldn’t be able to go without getting to do this again. It was more than just a hot, tight hole for his dick, though there was no denying the pleasure involved. It was trust, it was respect, it was Harry. Draco sighed out a stilted breath. Fuck, he supposed it was love.

"Shite, getting close," Harry grunted. He sat forward and pulled Draco in for a kiss, and it was sloppy and hard and tinged with desperation.

Draco's hand tightened on Harry's prick. He needed his Dom to come because he was close to going over the edge, and he didn’t want to get paddled after sex for coming too soon – that was never very fun.

Without warning, Harry let out a low groan and stiffened, his come spilling onto his stomach and over Draco's hand.

The sight of Harry coming always did something to Draco; he got in only a couple more thrusts before the situation became urgent.

"Can I?" he rasped, not knowing what he'd do if Harry said no refused permission.

Harry grinned at him and held his eyes for almost too long, at last saying, "Yes."

Draco gasped as his orgasm tore through him, his hips slapping against Harry's arse as he came. All he could think of was his come in Harry's arse. It was too much to contemplate.

He was still hard when he slipped out of Harry. Harry tugged him up and onto the sofa, arranging him so they were entangled.

"Was it… good?" Draco rolled his eyes at himself. He was always confident about his performance in bed, but Harry, unintentionally, had a way of making Draco question himself. He just wanted to be good enough, to really earn Harry.

Harry nodded once.

"Would you do it again?"

Harry paused to consider his answer. "Well, I can certainly think of a few things you could let me do to you, in order to convince me." He leered at Draco.

Draco didn’t know what he could mean – didn’t they already do everything Harry wanted them to? – but then he realised that if he'd kept this desire from Harry, maybe Harry had more secret needs of his own.

"Maybe we'll take turns convincing one another," he said with a small smile. For Harry, anything.
Tags: [admin] fest-2012, author: literaryspell, contains: d/s, contains: hints of bottom!draco, fic length: short, kink: rimming, rating: nc-17, type: fic

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