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Guessing Poll and Anonymous Masterlist

The fest is over, Reveals will go up on Friday. Thank you, everybody who wrote, created art or podfic, read, oggled, squeed, commented and recced. You are all the best! ♥

Guessing Poll
Anonymous Masterlist
of the 2012 dracotops_harry Fest

All fest participants are listed in this entry's tags.

Poll #1837342 Draco tops Harry Fest 2012: Guessing Poll
This poll is closed.

Who wrote A Faint Stir of Madness (NC-17 | 10,000 words)?

Who wrote ALPHA MALE (let him run) (NC-17 | 9000 words)?

Who wrote As Much As I Want You (NC-17 | 6500 words)?

Who wrote Cede (NC-17 | 2500 words)?

Who wrote Chasing Dreams (NC-17 | 8000 words)?

Who wrote Greyscale (PG-13 | 9000 words)?

Who wrote In Trance (NC-17 | 18,000 words)?

Who wrote Kisses Are For Lovers (NC-17 | 22,000 words)?

Who wrote Normal is the Watchword (PG-13 | ca. 30,000 words)?

Who wrote Old Enemies (PG-13 | 8500 words)?

Who wrote Once Upon A Fairy Tale (R | 8500 words)?

Who wrote Peter Pan the Outcast (R | 11,000 words)?

Who wrote Randy Roommates (R | 1200 words)?

Who drew Scars (PG-13)?

Who drew Seal the Deal (PG-13)?

Who wrote Seeking: Draco Malfoy (NC-17 | 3400 words)?

Who wrote since feeling is first (NC-17 | 6850 words)?

Who wrote Sober, with Love (NC-17 | 32,700 words)?

Who wrote Spanner in the Works (NC-17 | 3450 words)?

Who wrote Speak (NC-17 | 2200 words)?

Who wrote The Case of the Problematic Pheasant (NC-17 | 20,000 words)?

Who wrote The Crying Souls (NC-17 | 15,200 words)?

Who wrote The Inner Lands (R | 31,300 words)?

Who wrote The Path Chosen (NC-17 | 32,500 words)?

Who drew The Portrait (G)?

Who wrote Together (NC-17 | 3670 words)?

Who wrote Your Destiny, My Destination (NC-17 | 20,000 words)?

Who wrote You've Left Your Mark On Me (NC-17 | 4400 words)?

Tags: [admin] fest-2012, [admin] guessing poll, artist: jkivela, artist: sugareey, artist: wincest_drarry, author: 9fn432, author: ashiiblack, author: bgd_thrifty, author: calrissian18, author: cariceus, author: clearbluewater3, author: emi_chirescue, author: enchanted_jae, author: fantasyfiend09, author: frayach, author: fyernaice, author: hpstrangelove, author: kitty_fic, author: kjmom1, author: lamerezouille, author: literaryspell, author: lomonaaeren, author: megyal, author: naturegirlrocks, author: pixiegerms, author: pretty_panther, author: rebeccaann08, author: retha_helena, author: thrilladdict, author: tigersilver, author: valinorean, author: writcraft, type: art

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