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HP Kinkfest 2010/2012 top!Draco/bottom!Harry save-list

Hi, there. This is my first post at dracotops_harry. :D
I really really love this community (YAY for top!Draco/bottom!Harry fans) and seeing that I have collected quite some lists (though I still can't manage to read all the fest fics and there may be some fics left out), I decided to post them here. :)
If you think some fics from the fest should be added to the list, or if you find anything wrong please let me know, drop a comment or PM me. Thank you in advance. :D

Top!Draco Save List from 
All the fics included are either top!Draco or without penetrative sex.
Masterlist: 2010 | 2011 | 2012


Come For Me by frayach; Draco/Harry; NC-17

Open to Suggestion by writcraft; Draco/Harry; NC-17; implied switching

Counterpoise by faithwood; Draco/Harry; NC-17; implied switching

To Lose Control by lady_invidia; Draco/Harry; NC-17

Humiliating the Gryffindor by imera; Draco/Harry; NC-17; implied switching

Exactly Where I Like You by kjmom1; Draco/Harry, OMCs/Harry; NC-17

Nothing to be Ashamed of Except Shame Itself by frayach; Draco/Harry; NC-17; brief references to bottom!draco/others

Feeling Inspired? There's a Charm for That. by steamyaffair; Draco/Harry; NC-17

It's Nothing More Than A Cock Obsession... Right? by slasher92; Draco/Harry, slight Ron/Harry (one-sided); no penetrative sex but fairly implied

Dark Loving by freakingcrups; Draco/Harry; NC-17


Dear vaysh made a lovely list of the year 2011, you can find it: HERE.  

ginger by tinarebekka; Draco/Harry; NC-17; implied switching

A Question of Trust by tinarebekka; Draco/Harry; NC-17; switching; brief harry-tops-draco scene at the beginning

Heated Steel by sirona_gs; Draco/Harry; NC-17; implied switching; mentions of bottom!draco

In the Woods  by katarina_mp; Draco/Harry; Cho/Hermione; NC-17

End of Term by prillalar; Draco/Harry; NC-17

If you spot any fics mentioned above contain bottom!Draco scene, please let me know! Drop a comment or PM me. Thank you. :)
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