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H/D Mpreg 2012 | wizsprogs 2011 | H/D Mpreg Exchange top!Draco/bottom!Harry save-list

I still can't manage to read all the fest fics and there may be some fics left out, if you think some fics from the fest should be added to the list, or if you find anything wrong please let me know, drop a comment or PM me. Thank you in advance. :D

Top!Draco fics from  harrydracompreg 2012.
All the fics included are either top!Draco or without penetrative sex.
Masterlist: 2012


You drive me ; fiddery; G

Cherished; vividescent; G; no mentions of who's the pregnant one

Karma is a b****; floradelaney; PG-13

A Fresh Start; little_dumpling; PG-13; magically conceived; image heavy


The Smallest Thingsdragon_charmer; PG; +Mpreg!Draco

My Child, Who are You?; blumvale; PG-13

Unbelievable; ;blossomdreams; PG; mentions of switching (from the warnings given)

Broken Expectations; ;narryaworry; G

Love is Whole, No Matter How Many Times Divided; yerawizardamber; PG; implied switching

When the sun shines once moreimera; R; +Mpreg!Draco; spoiler (highlight to view) *miscarriage(Harry)*

And Malfoy Makes ... Three?; aome; R

To Get A Happy Ending; drarryxlover; PG-13

Baby, Baby; enchanted_jae; R; lime (DH, in that order); +Mpreg!Draco

Only In My Dreams ; tryslora; R; hints of het!sex

A Safe Bet; goseaward; NC-17; switching, graphic bottom!Draco scene in the latter half

Endurance bgd_thrifty; R

Wantedfreakingcrups; R

In the Forest They Found Fate; crazyparakiss; NC-17

Take What’s Left of Me; frayach; NC-17; switching, +Mpreg!Draco; graphic bottom!Draco scene at the very end(more than once)

Exposure; charmed310; R; implied switching

The Raven; aleshia10; PG-13

The Unexpected Marriage Clause; hpfangirl71; NC-17

ASP; tigersilver & moonlitdark; NC-17

I'll Be There (Wherever You Go); undrsomestairs; NC-17; Hmm...intercrural sex at the very beginning

Teddy’s Turmoil ; drarryxlover; G

Top!Draco fics from hd_inspired Mpreg Exchange 2007.

 made a great list of fics sorted under who conceived. Check it out: HERE

And I'd like to add some information to this wonderful list.

Like Father, Like Son; enchanted_jae; PG-13

The Road to Fatherhood; sassy_cissa; NC-17; Switching (graphic bottom!Draco scene in part 1);

With You All The Way ; charmed310; R

Under His Skin gin_biscuit; NC-17

To Create A Life ; ravenpan; PG

Collisions; winnett; PG

Something Lily; kermit_thefrog; PG; implied switching

Sex and Consequencesalisanne; NC-17; implied switching (mentions of Draco receiving rimjob and Bottom!draco); Mpreg!Draco (both boys got pregnant)

Sunrise; melmoe1; PG

Her; dm_p; NC-17

Sperm Cow ; empathic_siren; R

Top!Draco fics from wizsprogs 2011.
All the fics included are either top!Draco or without penetrative sex.
Masterlist: 2011

In the Daisies  by narryaworry; Draco/Harry; G

Draco and the Muggle Blender by 9fn432; Draco/Harry; PG-13

Keep Talking by winterstorrm; Draco/Harry; PG

Still by winterstorrm; Draco/Harry; PG-13

Forever and a Day by singlemomsummer; Draco/Harry; PG

Hidden Memories by freakingcrups; Draco/Harry; PG-13 

If you spot any fics mentioned above contain bottom!Draco scene, please let me know! Drop a comment or PM me. Thank you. :)
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