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H/D Holidays 2011: top!Draco save list

corona_0304 and me banded together to bring you more top!Draco save-lists from H/D and other fests. Here now - half a year late - the:

hd_holidays 2011
top!Draco/bottom!Harry save-list

All entries are either top!Draco or there is no penetrative sex.


glayish, Head Stronger Than Heart, PG

scarletscarlet, I will mark which must be mine, G

_hibiscus, Behind Closed Doors, NC-17

astridfire, Photo Shoot, PG-13

damned_queen, Rainy Days, PG-13

incandescent, Much Later, PG-13

saintgilbert, Visiting Hours, PG

vividescent, Against the Wall, PG-13

ladynovember, Instant Warm-up, G

amythystluna, The Field Experiment, NC-17

savagesnakes, Into You, R

sugareey, We are Who We Are, PG-13

naturegirlrocks, Christmas Eve... let's stay home tomorrow as well..., R

pinkelephant42, Welcoming, PG

moonlitdark, The Nights Were Fine, PG-13

arn24601, How Draco Malfoy Eats a Candy Cane, NC-17
Warning: Draco giving a blowjob.

mayfly_78, Defying Expectations, PG-13

star_sailor13, The Tortoise and the Hare, PG

katerina_black, but better than rain or rippling streams, R

misterwalnut, Snakewater, PG

pink_mint, Reparation, NC-17


fireflavored, Party of Two, NC-17 | 13,600 words
Warning: switching

fr333bird, Snowstorms and Interventions, PG-13 | 9095 words

bsmog, Every fifteen seconds, NC-17 | 20,540 words

badjujuboo, Small Spaces and Pantsless Potters, NC-17 | 7200 words

insuladraconis, Come Now, and Let Me Dream it Truth, NC-17 | 13,000 words

khasael, Harry Potter and the Problematic Partnership, R | 25,000 words

snarkyscorp, On Practised Accident, NC-17 | 4500 words
Warning: switching

wendypops, The Joke of Tomorrow, R | 25,000 words

scarletladyy, Somewhere He Belongs, R | 1800 words

sapphirequill, Searching Diagon Alley, hard R | 10,000 words

lomonaaeren, Were It Not That I Have Bad Dreams, NC-17 | 17,500 words
Warning: fic is solidly top!Draco with one quick visual of bottom!Draco

pessen03, Everything He Wanted, R | 1835 words

rurounihime, The Swaggering Plimpies (or, This One Time, At Quidditch Camp…), NC-17 | 29,500 words
Warning: mention of bottom!Draco

slytherinishh, The Importance of Blood, R | 10750 words

winterstorrm, In Between R | 33,500 words

rillalicious, The Cottage with the Purple Door, NC-17 | 10,500 words
Warning: blink-and-miss bottom!Draco, Harry rimming Draco

valinorean, The Squad, PG-13 | 20,000 words

romaine24, Yuan Fen, R | 14,440 words

kinky_kneazle, More of Hellebore Than of Hell (A Dickensian Tale), NC-17 | 11,900 words

faithwood, At Your Service, NC-17 | 96,000 words
Warning: one full-fledged bottom!Draco scene at the end of chapter 7, about three quarters into the story. But don't miss this awesome story because of it. There is also Draco fingering Harry.

tray_la_la, Letters of Persistence, NC-17 | 2000 words

slytherincesss, On Licence, NC-17 | 57,000 words
Warning: past Draco/Pansy, Draco/Astoria is the primary romantic focus of the story

mahaliem, A Devotion to Others NC-17 | 22,700 words

cerberusia, Riches and Wonders NC-17 | 9000 words
Warning: switching

potteresque_ire, Twelve Years of Christmas, NC-17 | 13,500 words
Warning: mention of top!Harry (not with Draco)

noeon, The Magic of the Holidays, or, How I Survived the Gringotts Holiday Helpdesk R | 14,000 words

dysonrules, Take the Air, NC-17 | 50,000 words
Warning: Draco giving a blowjob

ennyousai, Snowfall, G | 1700 words

songquake, A Day in the Life of Draco Malfoy, Image Manager, R | 5700 words

morgana_fire, In the Name of Science, R | 25,000 words

marguerite_26, The Risk of Exposure, NC-17, 6800 words

mizbean, Winner's Choice, NC-17, 1750 words
Warning: ending could be read as top!Harry

What with the amount of fics, I can't imagine we got everything right. So please, should you see any mistakes or entries that are bottom!Draco/top!Harry, do comment on this post. Thank you!

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