dracotops_mods (dracotops_mods) wrote in dracotops_harry,

We are happy to announce our new co-mod!

We have a new co-mod! :D :D :D

Some of you may know corona_0304 from her awesome top!Draco/bottom!Harry lists, one of the biggest collections of top!Draco/bottom!Harry fic we know of.

Recently, corona_0304 started helping out with the top!Draco save-lists for the community, and we could convince her to join dracotops_harry's mod team. Yay!! She will be starting a "Reccer of the Month" sign-up shortly, plus be the one in charge of the top!Draco/bottom!Harry save lists.

Welcome, corona_0304!
It's a joy to have you on board!

♥ ♥ ♥
memphisgreen, winnett and vaysh
Tags: [admin] announcement, [admin] community info

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