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Top!Draco Bottom!Harry stories of Glompfest

Since new mod Corona_0304 is really hardworking, not many chances are left for reccing.

After quick checking, the following are stories with obvious bottom!Harry implication / descriptions / sex scenes (in no definite order)

Take Us Apart and Put Us Back Together Right
Author: clearbluewater3

Ticking Time
Author: calrissian18

Date Blindness
Author: dysonrules

Storm in a Teacup (Harry fingering Draco, thanks to mosquito1013)
Author: faithwood

The Prisoner of Malfoy Manor
Author: hazel_wand

‘For nearly all of his life, from when they were children’
Author: tigersilver

Coffee Talks
Author: queenie_mab

Blue’s Island (implied bottom!Draco)
Author: emansil_12

Seeing is Believing
Author: noxiusveritas

Harry Potter and the Debt of Life.
Author: fantasyfiend09

Author: khasael

Ere He’d Been Won Away
Author: noxiusveritas

Dresses ‘r’ Us
Author: maschapluis

Enjoy and thanks for all the effort of writing such wonderful stories!

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