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HD Smooch top!Draco Save List

Top!Draco Save List from hd_smoochfest
All the fics included are either top!Draco or without penetrative sex.
Masterlist: 2009 | 2010 | 2011 | 2012



The Best Laid Plans of Lucius Malfoyerised_dreams; NC-17

The Magical Objectbadkatpat; NC-17

Twenty Years Latertealeaf523; NC-17

This Delicious Solitudeomi_ohmy; R

Growing Painsbgd_thrifty; NC-17

Trust Exercisestigersilver; NC-17

Hoodedkarystal; NC-17; implied switching

Mr. Malfoy Minds the Babyveritas03; NC-17; implied switching

Courage to Trusthanyou_sensei; NC-17; switching, Not-too-graphic mentions of Harry-tops-Draco scene

Integrating the Shadow mab; NC-17; blink-and-you'll-miss-it implications of switching

There's a Taylor Swift Song for Thisyerawizardamber; PG-13; no sex


Gossip Xdanikos_realms; NC-17

Empty Nightswinterstorrm; NC-17; implied switching

Give It Away Nowsksdwrld; NC-17; mentions of bottom!Draco/Other

All That’s Left You kjp_013; NC-17

Taking Inventorytaradiane; NC-17; implied switching (It mentioned that draco was more used to bottoming)

The Things That Made Us Who We Werenimielle; NC-17; implied switching (Draco's first time topping)

Be not defeated by the rainhereticalvision; NC-17

Times Like Thesemeglw0228; NC-17; implied switchingcrossdressing!Draco

Sambucus Nigra Virgadrarryxlover; NC-17


Love Dancesilenceberry; NC-17

Contactsmaja_li; NC-17

A Sweet Escapegolden_snitch12; NC-17; mentions of imaginary bottom!Draco 

Of Polyjuice and Fairy Dustmab; NC-17

Party Poppets or ‘How Not to Fall in Love (and why you should do it anyway)’ sashaminx; NC-17; mentions of OMC/bottom!Draco

Action Figuresdysonrules; NC-17

A Pirate's Life for Mekillerangels13; NC-17

Of Mouslings and Mendornfelder; NC-17

Healing Toucharineat and digitallace; NC-17

Beyond the Veilleo_draconis; NC-17

Charmingtigersilver; NC-17; implied switching

For All The Marblesveritas03; NC-17


Nine and Twentymaja_li; NC-17; implied switching

The Peril of Bunnies and Flowersdysonrules

Next Best Thing cassie_black12; NC-17

What The Frog Sawalisanne; NC-17

A Brighter Shade of Greymab; NC-17

Hard On The Knees weasleywench; NC-17

Grab the Dragon by its Tailtari_sue; PG-13 (There's a sequel to it, The Wall, which features top!Draco)

If you spot any fics mentioned above contain bottom!Draco scene, please let me know! Drop a comment or PM me. Thank you. :)
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