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Have read a good top!Draco/bottom!Harry story? Wanna share it? Become the Monthly Reccer!

The top!Draco/bottom!Harry Recs
2012/12/06 Last edited.

How does it work?
The idea is basically like crack_broom, with recs only for top!Draco/bottom!Harry stories. If you want to rec your favourite top!Draco/bottom!Harry fics and arts, comment on this post, indicating that you would like to be a reccer. Once it is your turn to be the top!Draco/bottom!Harry Reccer of the Month you will be notified at least one week in advance of your assigned month with a reply to your comment. Then you will have three days to respond and agree to be the Reccer, which means posting a minimum of one fic/art rec per week during your assigned month. And please, make it only ONE rec per post (unless you're reccing arts). If you can't make it, no problem: you are simply shoved back the reccing queue until next month.

Sign up on this post.
Reccers are assigned on a first-come, first-serve basis.

Check Archived Recs:
Since this is our first time to do monthly recs, we would say go rec anything you like. Though we strongly suggest that you leave the fics or arts which have been recced within the last year(you can find them under the “rec” tag). Once the monthly recs start, as for the later reccers, please check whether a fic/art you'd like to rec has already been recced. Only rec stories and arts that have not been recced before. You can find the monthly recs' masterlist here: Monthly Recs Masterlist.

Can I rec switching!fics? What about fics which have neither smut nor mentions of top/bottom:
Yes, rec any fic you love as long as it’s top!Draco/predominantly top!Draco (that’s to say, Harry’s the one penetrated anally MOSTLY, to say the least). Fics without smut are welcome too, however, if Draco is portrayed as the submissive one in their relationship and he’s willing to be taken by a dominant partner, it would be lovely if you make a note that Draco is the more submissive one in this relationship.

Reccing Template:

Subject line: [Monthly Recs – fic/art]: [title] by [author/artist]

Use the tags "monthly recs", the month, the rating, the author/artist, the type of your recs and the theme tag “contains: your theme” (the last one is not a must, it depends on whether your recs contain theme(s), such as “d/s”, “de-aging”, “veela” and so on). If a tag is not available, please let us know and we will create it.

tags: "type: art, artist: wincest_drarry, rating: g, may, monthly recs"
tags: "type: fic, author: vaysh11, rating: nc-17, december, monthly recs"

If you have any questions or suggestions, please respond to this post or PM corona_0304.

The following Reccers have signed up:

September: nightlo; >>September's recs<<
October: fyernaice; >>October's recs<<
November: evening12; >>November's recs<<
December: corona_0304; >>December's recs<<

January: vaysh; >>January's recs<<
February: N/A. We have a free reccing month! Yay! ; >>February's recs<<
March: seerstella; >>March's recs<<

*Shamelessly steal a fairy large number of words from vaysh’s post at hp_creature, thank you for all the help, hon!*

What are you waiting for? Come and have some fun with us! ;)
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