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September Monthly Recs - fics: Not Impressed and Harry's Garden by Tigersilver

Title: Part 1: Not Impressed; Part 2: Harry's Garden
Author/Artist: Tigersilver
Length/Word Count:20437+6874
Switching?:Yes (Thanks to fyernaice, forgotten since I read this long ago)
Note:Alternate Ending: Harry/Ginny, and hints of bottom Draco
Why everyone should read/look at this:Two endings, one happy and the other one not so happy…yet this Draco loves Harry so much that you still feel happy for him even in the other ending…and you will fall in love with the garden
Tags: author: tigersilver, contains: hints of bottom!draco, contains: switching, fic length: chapter, fic length: long, genre: angst, genre: fluff, genre: romance, kink: outdoor sex, month: september, monthly recs, rating: nc-17, type: fic

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