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October Montly Rec- Fic: Romeo, Romeo By Kaoru2.50

Title: Romeo, Romeo

Author/Artist Kaoru2.50

Length: Long: 58K+

Ratings: T

Switching?:No sex, but Draco definitely comes off as the dominant one.

Notes:It was refreshing that neither Draco nor Harry played the role of Juliet. I especially love the "price" Draco accepts for helping Harry. It is a very amusing and beautiful fic

Why everyone should read/look at this?: Harry reluctanly tries out for "Romeo and Juliet." Despite him being a horrible actor, he is cast in the play. Harry knows he is terrible and seeks the help of the best actor in the group, Draco. During Drarry's budding "friendship" a prank war is taking place with Hermione leading the Gryffs.

Thank you Corona for your patience.
Tags: author: kaoru2.50, contains: first-time, fic length: long, genre: humour, month: october, monthly recs, rating: pg-13, type: fic

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