fyernaice (fyernaice) wrote in dracotops_harry,

October Monthly Rec- Art: Something in the Brewing By red_rahi

Title: Something in the Brewing
Link: http://rahly-furverted.livejournal.com/25234.html
Author/Artist red_rahi
Length: Short: Comic Strip
Ratings: Artist's Rating: R, Mine: NC-17 (To be safe)
Switching?: No.
Notes: It's amusing how much I like the artist's rendition of the characters, especially Harry; who reminds me of DC Comic's Clark Kent (a character that I loathe).
Why everyone should read this?: A Potion accident results in Al going into a coma, and the most convenient Potion's expert is Draco Malfoy, who is not shy about taking charge of the situation and Harry Potter.
Tags: artist: red_rahl, contains: first-time, month: october, monthly recs, rating: nc-17, type: art

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