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top!Draco fics from Halloween Creature Fest 2012 Week#1

OK, Halloween is drawing near, do you guys enjoy this year's Halloween Creature Fest? Here are some top!Draco (or no mentions of top/bottom) fics from the first week. :D

| Halloween Creature Fest 2012 |


The Hunt | NC-17 | 8,800
Draco refused to make the same mistakes as his father, no matter the cost. Luckily, the cost doesn’t seem so bad when the perfect mate is practically thrown into his path.
Notes: Though the fic mentioned that Draco may be the more submissive creature in this relationship, it wasn’t necessarily the case. Draco was kind of the more dominate one here. And nothing went beyond frotting.

Gifts | NC-17 | 4,700
Complete AU. Harry is given the only gift he wants while giving Draco the only gift that he can.

Truth is, I Bruise Too Easily | R | 6,500
Draco's hunting in the middle of the winter when he meets the boy. And then suddenly Draco's falling and he doesn't know how to stop.

Overtime, Nights, and Weekends | NC-17 | 3,000
Harry’s assignment to make nice with the vampire community gets off to an awkward start.


Into the wild | PG-17 | PS5
What can I say..centaurs, but very gorgeous ones*goes back drooling*.
Notes: Somewhat submissive!Draco

The Purchase | PG | Indian ink
A bill is passed that strips all non-humans of their rights, turning them into property which the Ministry can then sell to the highest bidder. Draco has some sort of creature blood that makes him qualify as non-human. He is bound and gagged and treated as if he is merchandise and/or a pet, put on display for bidders to examine prior to auction, touched and fondled and humiliated. Harry purchases him.
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