Vaysh Swiftstorm (vaysh) wrote in dracotops_harry,
Vaysh Swiftstorm

Draco tops Harry at the H/D Career Fair 5 - complete

Top!Draco art and fic from Week 5 hd_fan_fair's H/D Career Fair. The fest ends on Halloween. :)

Ruck Me, Maul Me, Make Me Scrum R | 7000 words
Note: Draco is somewhat submissive entirely oblivious. Draco gives Harry a blowjob.

ART Guns and Handcuffs G

A Study in Green PG-13 | 8000 words

Bezique - Part 1 and Bezique - Part 2 R | 120,000 words
Warnings: no graphic sex scenes, switching; quote: 'Mr Malfoy, don't be selfish. My prostate has equal rights in this partnership.'

ART King of New York G

Previous save-lists from H/D Career Fair:

Week 1 | Week 2 | Week 3 | Week 4

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