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top!Draco fics from Halloween Creature Fest 2012 Week#2&3

The last entry from this year's Creatures Fest is posted today. So here are some top!Draco (or no mentions of top/bottom) fics from the last week and this week. :D 

| Halloween Creature Fest 2012 | 


Voldemort's revenge. His death triggered a curse that affects everyone who uses magic. Wizards are slowly beginning to take on creature characteristics, and every spell cast advances the curse for the caster. 

Encounters | R | 1,700
Harry knows that there is another werewolf in Hogwarts but who is it and what does it want?

Bite Me | R | 3,800
Harry is captured by the vampires. But for some reason, they do not hand him over to the Dark Lord.

Before we devour each other... | R | Digital
We all know werewolves and vampires don't mix, so why are these two so attracted to each other?

I Would Die for You (My Love) | R | Wacom tablet, GIMP
Harry was turned at the end of the war. Draco doesn't want to live without Harry and chooses another different route. Everything looks better when the sun goes down...
Notes: nothing too explicit

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