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November Monthly Recs – Podfic: Christmas Spirit by vickyducky, read by jenepod

Title: Christmas Spirit
Link: Here
Author/Artist: jenepod (podficcer), vickyducky (author)
Length/Word Count: 0:12:23 in length (time)
Rating: PG
Switching?/Notes: This might be early for a holiday podfic for some of you, but please stop by again when you are in the mood for some holiday joy. No sexy times but because Draco is looking out for Harry, I counted this as a Draco "tops" Harry.
Why everyone should read/look at this: Podfics are something that I've recently started to enjoy. They are such a difference experience from reading a fic. There is something simply great about hearing someone telling you a story. The pauses the take, the speed in which they read, everything becomes part of the experience. Not only is this podficcer pretty great but the story is really sweet. Also, take a second to appreciate the covert art next time you go and look for a podfic. These artists are often overlooked and even simply art covers add a little something to the experience.

Tags: genre: fluff, month: november, monthly recs, podficcer: jenepod, rating: pg, type: podfic

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