September 9th, 2010

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Results of the Revival Poll

The Revival Poll for dracotops_harry has been closed.
All who participated and voted in the poll, thank you so much. ♥

Results are ...

  • 90% of the voters want a top!Draco fest in this comm! YAAAAYYYY!!!!!!
    By majority vote the fest will be a prompt fest with anonymous posting and a Big Reveal at the end. The fest will take place - if all works out - around February/March 2011.

  • 70% of the voters would like to see weekly posts, asking for thematic top!Draco recs. We will definitely get those reccing posts going.
    anna_perenna, if you are still interested in coming up with themes and doing those posts, please let us know, either in comments or by mail.

  • 57% of the voters like the idea of having regular top!Draco recs. As also nobody thinks that there are enough top!Draco recs, we will definitely install some form of Reccer of the Month. ;) la_mariane, lovesmymovement, aerisaturner, tsuzukeru, vaysh and ldydark1, please wait for a sign-up post.

  • About 40% of the voters like the Book Club idea. A majority wanted to discuss one fic per month.
    If you are interested in organising the Book Club (vr_mind, perhaps? ;)), please let us know, either in comments or by mail.

  • About 40% of the voters like the idea of top!Draco prompts to write fic or create art for. A majority thinks that bi-monthly prompts are enough.
    If you are interested in posting bi-monthly prompts, please let us know, either in comments or by mail.

  • A majority of voters wants a new layout for the comm, with a Draco-tops-Harry banner.
    Artists lovesmymovement and pink_mint, we will be contacting you shortly about your banner ideas. ♥

You can reach us at

Your mods,
memphisgreen and vaysh
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POLL: About that top!Draco fest

♥ ♥ ♥ There will be a top!Draco prompt fest happening in dracotops_harry early next year. ♥ ♥ ♥

Now, we were wondering what kind of top!Draco fest you'd love to see.
ETA: Commenters have rightly pointed out that this is a Draco/Harry comm. *hugs Drarry hard* This poll is just to find out about what kind of a top!Draco fest people want. If there is huge interest in a fest for all permutations of top!Draco (slash, het, gen, all pairings), there may be another comm created for it. Nothing is fixed, this fest is really just coming together. So just let us know what you would want to see in a top!Draco fest. ♥

Thus: Yet another poll:

Poll #1616770 Draco tops ?

Do you want the top!Draco fest to be Draco/Harry only?

yes, only D/H
no, all top!Draco pairings should be allowed
I comment

Do your want the top!Draco fest to be slash only?

yes, only slash
no, slash, het and gen should be allowed
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Other ideas? Thoughts? Please discuss in comments or send a mail to!