September 13th, 2010

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Draco Tops Harry Fest! coming this Spring

Hello everyone, I'm winnett, a new mod for this fabulous community.

Deep into last winter, in a secret, back room meeting, vaysh, memphisgreen and I discussed our love for Top!Draco and Bottom!Harry and how there didn't seem to be enough fic and art out there for us to fangirl over. While sipping our fifth glass of port, we came up with a crazy idea of a Top!Draco/Bottom!Harry fest and stewed upon the idea as we pickled our brains.

Now, with your input, the idea has stewed to perfection. There will be a Draco Tops Harry fest! And it will be next spring.


Dec 3 through 17, 2010: Prompt Collection
Dec 21 to Jan 2, 2011: Sign-ups & Prompt Claiming (first come, first served)
February 21, 2011: Submissions due
March 30 or earlier: Posting ends (depending on how many submissions we get)
April 3: Reveal goes up

Come December, we will need you to help us, because it will be a prompt fest.

We want you to give us your best, your sweetest, your filthiest, your hottest, your most fun prompts on how our favorite boys get entangled in their favorite things… the sheets! Be creative! Use pictures, songs, GIFS! Anything! Only remember, this is Top!Draco and Bottom!Harry. That is the only requirement for the prompts.

So D/H fans, starting thinking of your favorite scenarios, best scenes, funniest crack and most tender moments that you want to see immortalized in the Draco Tops Harry fest.

See you in December. It's only ten more weeks!

Your Draco Tops Harry mods.