November 8th, 2010

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The Rules for the Dracotops_Harry Fest

The Rules for
the first dracotops_harry Fest

The dracotops_harry Fest is an anon, prompt-based slash fest. It is a fest exclusively for Drarry, thus all stories and art must have Draco/Harry as the primary romantic or erotic pairing. Pre-slash should be marked clearly in the header information.

As the title of the fest suggests (*hint*), only top!Draco fic and art is allowed. This means that if your fic/art is R-rated or NC-17, Draco has to be the one doing the arse fucking, and Harry the one receiving it up his bottom. Whatever else is happening in the story or art is entirely up to you (and your prompt, naturally ;)). Draco giving Harry a blowjob is accepted, also Harry bottoming from the top is allowed. If a fic /art features bottom!Draco, however, we will return it to you for revision, or ultimately reject it from the fest. Please no switching! There's lots of other fests and communities for bottom!Draco and switching fic/art – this one is for top!Draco/bottom!Harry only. Please respect the theme of the dracotops_harry fest and community!

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Your excited mods
memphisgreen, vaysh and winnett
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WE HAZ FEST BANNER!!!!!!!!!!!!

It is with love and the biggest thank-you to the wonderful veridari that we proudly and totally flailing with excitement announce ...


Art and banner by the awesomeness that is veridari.

Fest Schedule and Fest Rules

Get your pens out, your fingers cracking and
those steaming top!Draco and bottom!Harry fantasies plot bunnies on paper and screen!

Prompting for the dracotops_harry Fest starts December 3!

Please help us promote the dracotops_harry Fest. Here's the handy code to copy and paste in your LJ, your comm, wherever you can think of. ♥