November 21st, 2010

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A must read!

Title: Open Surrender
Rating: NC-17
Pairing: Draco/Harry
Warnings: Explicit sex, rimming
Author's notes: Written as a Merry_smutmas gift for ou_topos.
Thanks go out to Charm and Sarvihaara for the betas.

Word Count:3305

Why I liked this:

It's one of the hottest pwp's I have ever read. It has rimming and a sexy demanding Draco who sneaks into Harry's room at night. I also love the build up of tension as you think they could get caught by Harry's friends since the curtains are open and no silencing spells are up. This is the kind of story were you need a change of underwear or a freezing cold shower.

Here is a small part of the story.

Harry stretched in his sleep and sighed at the feel of the cool night air kissing his sleep-warmed skin. A soft pair of lips descended on his belly and he smiled. What a wonderful dream. He felt silky strands of hair brushing against his navel and he arched up involuntarily to get more of that sweet mouth. He gasped out loud when a hot tongue flickered against his hipbone only to hear muffled laughter followed by a very soft shushing sound.
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Fic Recs please

Can anyone recommend me any dark or evil(yes to me there is a difference to me ) Harry stories with him with Draco of course Draco has to be top which is a given. any would do I am in the mood for some. oh and Harry as a Slytherin is a plus be it when he first got into school or changed his house. and if the fic you like have mpreg I do not mind either. just want something long or medium to read with a happy ending for the two of them.

Thank you in advance

ETA: Ok, I really need ANY recs my Sandisk blade broke and all my stories are on there I am freaking out since not only are my stories are on there other things are as well but right now I am trying to get them all back or find a way and I am asking anyone to send me their bottom Harry fics with or without what I asked for but I do know I have mostly Dark Harry or Evil Harry stories among them and mpreg so I still am asking for that as well as any pairings of bottom Harry stories. please help.