December 27th, 2010

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Dracotops_Harry Fest: Header Templates for Submissions

Submissions for the dracotops_harry Fest are due February 21!
That gives you exactly eight weeks for writing and creating art. ♥

Where to send your submission?
Submissions can be send to at any time. Please include the word 'submission', your user name and your prompt number in the subject line of your email.
For example: submission, memphisgreen, prompt #499

Can I include my beta's name?
Feel free to include the full name(s) of your beta(s) in the Author's Notes.

What should I warn for in "Warnings"?
Include warnings at your own discretion and with care. There is no need to warn for slash and homosexuality. ;) Please do warn for sexual activity that can be read as implying bottom!Draco and/or top!Harry. If in doubt, ask the mods.

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A post calling for beta readers for the dracotops_harry Fest will be up once claiming has ended. Please remember that all submissions must be beta-read.

Enjoy your holidays, everbody!