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November Monthly Recs – Fic: Glove Me Tender by enchanted_jae

Title: Glove Me Tender
Link: Here
Author/Artist: enchanted_jae
Length/Word Count: 950 words
Rating: R
Switching?/Notes: Umm, very very very light bondage and glove fetish.
Why everyone should read/look at this: I've always been a fan of enchanted_jae's fics. Her drabbles are always filled with goodness and this fic is no exception. I adore the set up for the sexy times. It's quite easy to imagine the life that Draco and Harry have built for themselves even though the story starts with an established relationship. With the prompt of "glove" I am impressed that someone would create this lovely work, it's at once hot and sweet.
Tags: author: enchanted_jae, fic length: one shot, kink: bondage, month: november, monthly recs, rating: r, type: fic

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