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November Monthly Recs – Art: Missing by naadi

Hi everyone. This is my last recc for the month. I've loved being your monthly reccer and I hope you've found some new fanworks to enjoy or revisisted past favourites. If you've enjoyed something that I've recced, let us know and even better leave a little something for the creator. With this, I leave you with a lovely work of art.

Title: Missing
Link: Here
Artist: naadi
Medium: Photoshop
Rating: PG-13
Switching?/Notes: non-explicit nudity
Why everyone should read/look at this: I love the details of this piece. There is so much to look at. Not only does this art look lovely but it tells a gorgeous story. Because this is a multi-panel work, I can't really decide which one is my favourite but there is something quite emotional about the last panel. The expression on Draco's face is so touching, please go and take a look.
Tags: genre: hurt/comfort, month: november, monthly recs, rating: pg-13, type: art

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