April 26th, 2014


FIC: Breaking the Line (NC-17)

Title: Breaking The Line
Author: kedavranox
Prompt: # 81
Summary: Draco was a Dom for hire. Harry was his best client. But Harry disappeared and now Draco’s retired. Draco’s doing fine (he’s even attending parties!) but who should show up to the latest BDSM shindig, but Harry Potter himself? Can Draco play with his ex-client without breaking the line?
Rating: NC-17
Warning(s): (highlight for details): *D/s Dynamic, Past abusive relationship (not H/D), PTSD, knife/bloodplay*
Word Count: ~20k
Author's Notes: Writing this fic was like trying to swallow a bowling ball. Thanks ever so to L for the word wars, for reading my words when I poked you and for the general support. Thanks also to T for dealing with my crazy, and making this fic a lot better (and with a lot less typos.)
I veered a lot from the prompt. Blame Draco

( Breaking The Line )


FIC: The Kind Of Almost Maybe Sex (NC-17)

Title: The Kind Of Almost Maybe Sex
Author: tarklovishki
Prompt: # 13
Summary: Harry thinks he had sex with someone but he doesn't know with who, so he embarks on a mission to find out who it was, with surprising results.
Rating: NC-17
Warning(s): None.
Word Count: 13,220.
Author's Notes: Thank you to zeitgeistic for the awesome beta!

( The Kind Of Almost Maybe Sex )