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December Monthly Recs – art: Argument + Love Me or Hate Me + Drarry On by luoo

Hi everyone, I'm this month's reccer! *waves* Today I'm bringing you some lovely pieces of arts. ;)

Title Argument + Love Me or Hate Me + Drarry On
Link: Argument on DeviantART | Love Me or Hate Me on DeviantART | Drarry On on Deviant ART NSFW
Artist: Luo (luosong on DeviantART)
Rating: the first two rated PG-13, NC-17 for the last one
Switching?: No.
Why everyone should look at this: Purely because they're gorgeous. *g* Let's look at the first pic, I think we're quite familiar with the pinning-against-the wall scenes, since they occur in quite some fics. Though words do leave more space for imagination, pics indeed bring us a visual feast. ;) As for Love Me or Hate Me, it's done in such an artistic way, just like some movie poster. *How I wish there were a movie like this, starring DM & HP, lol* And the last one!!! It's HOT, I've warned you. I'll leave it to you to find out how hot it is yourself. *wicked smile*
Tags: artist: luoo, month: december, monthly recs, rating: nc-17, rating: pg-13, type: art

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