April 13th, 2020


DTH FEST: [ART] No one could look as good as you.

Title: No one could look as good as you
Artist: [personal profile] digthewriter | [tumblr.com profile] digtheshipper
Prompt: # 128
Summary: Harry wants to be pretty sometimes.
Rating: PG
Medium: Digital
Artist's Notes: Title is from Pretty Woman. Prompt by itsherlocked (ao3). So I finished this while watching Series One of The Witcher so any similarities are totally coincidental.


DTH FEST: [FIC] Licking a Path to You.

Title: Licking a Path to You
Author: [archiveofourown.org profile] MarchnoGirl
Prompt: # 129
Summary: Draco Malfoy has one goal in life: to discover the identity of the secret chef of his favourite restaurant, Sweet Prophecies. After all, he can't marry someone he doesn't know.
So what if he's slightly distracted by one Harry Potter and their "just sex" agreement?
Rating: Explicit
Word Count: ~18,000
Author's Notes: The entire mood of Draco in this fic is feed me wine and apple pie and I'll be happy, while Harry likes licking (it sounds dirty, and it is). Also, Draco and Harry are fuck-buddies, so... yep, there's lots of fucking around (with feelingsss)!
I want to thank: the mods of DTH; Pearshapedheterophobe who prompted this; my wonderful, incredible, amazing, lovely, (all the great adjectives in the world) betas phoenix4dragon and nerdherderette; my ever-present bb in fandom fictional and rockmarina. This is my huge hug for you all. 💙

(Licking a Path to You)