April 2nd, 2021


DTH 2021 [FIC]: Seducing Mr Potter

Title: Seducing Mr Potter
Author: [personal profile] maraudersaffair
Prompt: # 46
Summary: Little Scorpius struggles to control his magic. To help him, Draco hires magical specialist Harry. It's been a few years since they've seen each other and Draco is shocked by how much he wants to shag Potter.
Rating: Explicit
Warning(s): discussion about disabilities
Word Count: 8000
Author's Notes: Thanks to my beta, L! The prompter asked for an adorable Scorpius. I hope I delivered. <3

(Seducing Mr Potter)

DTH 2021 [FIC]: Hung

Title: Hung
Author: leontinabowie
Prompt: # 33
Summary: Harry accidentally catches his partner changing in the nude in their shared office, unbeknownst to Draco. Harry then finds himself in a predicament of always looking at Draco's body when they are together, desperately attempting to see even a morsel of what he saw in their office. After a while, Draco notices.
Rating: Explicit
Warning(s): Oral sex, rimming, anal sex, hung!Draco, size queen!Harry
Word Count: 3200
Author's Notes: The world needs more hung!Draco and size queen!Harry


DTH 2021 [FIC]: No place to hide

Title: No Place to Hide
Author: [archiveofourown.org profile] Aneiria
Prompt: # 50
Summary: Harry Potter has the perfect life: great friends, a coveted job with the Aurors, and no confusing relationship despite his alpha designation. There is only one problem: Harry Potter is bored to tears.
Rating: E
Warning(s): omegaverse, a/b/o, scenes of animal cruelty, smut, biting, knotting, alpha Draco, alpha Harry, enemies to lovers
Word Count: 11.7k
Author's Notes: Huge thanks to Debo for the beta and all-round support and encouragement!

(No Place to Hide)