April 3rd, 2021


DTH 2021 [FIC]: Beloved Thursdays

Title: Beloved Thursdays
Author: [archiveofourown.org profile] wanderingeyre
Prompt: # 3
Summary: What Draco had never planned for was a raging Potter, toe to toe with him in Potter’s office, looking furious and beautiful with his dark skin flushed and green eyes snapping fire. Draco was caught in the moment and stopped yelling. Potter kept up his tirade until he realized Draco was silent and aching. Potter had closed what little space was left between them, fisted his hands in Draco’s long hair, and crushed their mouths together.
Rating: E
Word Count: 2400
Author's Notes: This is part of the Draco Tops Harry 2021 collection. The original prompt was: Unspeakable Malfoy has a standing appointment with Head Auror Potter. Everyone assumes it's case related, when Draco is simply bending Harry over his own desk.

(Beloved Thursdays)

DTH 2021 [FIC]: Things Unknown but Longed for Still

Title: Things Unknown but Longed for Still
Author: [archiveofourown.org profile] Cassiara
Prompt: #17 by Natsukileerkolover. 'Hermione and Ron is sick of seeing Harry depressed because he can't find a single person to date that isn't into him because of his fame. So they set him up with a new wizard dating site where personal pictures and names aren't allowed.'
Summary: Harry feels trapped by the unwanted fame he received after the war. Everyone has an expectation of who he is before they meet him, and they all want a piece of the famous Harry Potter. Feeling unable to connect to anyone and imprisoned in the life of someone he doesn’t recognise as himself, Harry turns to Ron and Hermione who set him up on an anonymous dating site and helps him find a place to escape. Free from all the expectations placed on him Harry starts to heal, and the anonymous man he meets on the dating site shows him love might not be as impossible as he’d feared.
Rating: Explicit
Warning(s): Explicit sexual content, mental health issues, angst
Word Count: ~30k
Author's Notes:I always look forward to reading fics in the DTH fest, and I have so much fun writing for it! Thank you so much to the mods for hosting it this year too! My beta, Pineau_noir, has massively improved the quality of this fic, and I'm sososo grateful!

(Things Unknown but Longed for Still)