April 4th, 2021


DTH 2021 [FIC]: Makes Me Stronger

Title: Makes Me Stronger
Author: lomonaaeren
Prompt: 92
Summary: Rita Skeeter’s Harry James Potter: An Unnatural History is a best-seller, mostly due to the fact that Skeeter’s collaborated with a photographer who’s infused the pictures in the book with Harry’s actual memories. As Harry struggles to survive the storm consuming his eighth year at Hogwarts, Draco Malfoy becomes an unexpected ally.
Rating: NC-17
Warnings: Discussion of canonical child abuse, violence, angst, revenge, revenge porn, humiliation, past deceptive relationship.
Word Count: ~29,000
Author’s Notes: This fic is for advanced-potion-making’s request for the Draco Tops Harry fest and uses their special requests of friends to lovers and eighth year at Hogwarts. Hope you enjoy! Thank you to my betas, L. and K.

(Makes Me Stronger)

DTH 2021 [ART]: Packed Lunch

Title: Packed Lunch
Artist: eggcheeseham
Prompt: # 51
Summary: “Honestly, Potter, is that all you’ve brought for lunch today? No wonder you’re so thin. Here... take mine.”
Rating:General Audiences
Warning(s): none
Medium: Digital art
Artist's Notes: I used the prompt as the summary since idk how else to describe this piece lol
I'm super excited to participate in this fest again! kosibee had a super cute prompt which vibed with me ehe~
I felt this prompt was better fitted for a comic, and since I never made a comic before I thought it'd be great practice. I didn't have the time nor energy to make a fully rendered illustration piece (a bit burnt out from portfolio prep)
It's not very pretty or refined but its my first attempt after all ^^ hope you like it!!

(Packed Lunch)

DTH 2021 [FIC]: glow

Title: glow
Author: [archiveofourown.org profile] crimsonheadache
Prompt: 57
Summary: Draco loves spoiling his favorite good boy.
Rating: E
Warning(s): anal sex, sexual content, trans draco, sex toys
Word Count: ~2400
Author's Notes: Prompt: trans man draco experimenting with a variety of strap ons to top harry Thanks for the very sexy prompt, Moon! I hope you like it! 😇