April 6th, 2021


DTH 2021 [FIC]: Be safe, be true, and I'll think of you

Title: Be safe, be true, and I'll think of you
Author: alrespirar
Prompt: # 16
Summary: Seeing Potter again shouldn't feel so easy. Five years later Draco is still holding onto memories of morning afters and sunsets in the Tuscan countryside. He wonders if Potter remembers too.
Rating: NC-17
Warning(s): Sexual content, social drinking and mentions of cigarette use.
Word Count: 14.1k
Author's Notes: Thank you to the mods for hosting this fest. What better way than to return after a five year hiatus with fest fic. Thank you to my beta Cat for your support, hype and guidance. I appreciate you so much. (More on ao3)

(Be safe, be true, and I'll think of you)

DTH 2021 [FIC]: The Bodyguard

Title: The Bodyguard
Author: maraudersaffair
Prompt: # 48
Summary: Draco is the most famous man in Britain. Harry is his bodyguard. Harry likes watching Draco and he likes fucking with Harry. They both are desperate for each other, but Draco refuses to accept it until one day he thinks Harry has run off to get married to someone else.
Rating: Explicit
Warning(s): jealousy, voyeurism
Word Count: 3800
Author's Notes: Dig: I hurried up and wrote this for you! Thanks for all your work as a mod. I'm glad I got to write bodyguard!Harry *drools*.

(The Bodyguard)