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December Monthly Recs – art: Tango + kissORkiss + untitled1 + untitled2 + breath + Flare by Jackt

Title: Tango + kissORkiss + untitled1 + untitled2 + breath + Flare
Link: Tango | kissORkiss | untitled1 | untitled2 | breathFlare 
Author/Artist: Jackt
Rating: R for safety (The latter two contain nudity)
Switching?/Notes: No.
Why everyone should read/look at this: Actually, it's not the arts that I'm reccing, I'm reccing this artist. :) As for the former 4 pics, they do have something in common. "Intimacy" was the first word that flashed through my mind. The artist has a gift for catching the body language and the facial expression. The last two pieces of arts are Harry solo, uh, I mean, Harry alone. ;) They're breath-taking, I have never thought feather will match Harry in such a wonderful way. FYI, the last one, Flare, is illustrated for lomonaaeren's H/D fiction of the same title.

p.s. If you can't access the page, please let me know. 
Tags: month: december, monthly recs, rating: r, type: art

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